Affiliate Summit 2014 – You Should Go to the Vegas ASW in 2015

For…reasons, I didn’t want to post this at the time of writing. Days turn into weeks then weeks turn into months…and here we are. If you learn anything from this post, Affiliate Summit West is a great event for affiliate marketers!

Another year, another drunken trip to Vegas.

If you’re an affiliate and have never been to a conference or trade show – stop what you’re doing and get yourself ready for Affiliate Summit West 2015. Affiliate Summit East is coming up in August in New York and it’s also a good show. But if you only had to pick one to go to, it’s definitely the ASW in Vegas.

These Affiliate Summit shows are broken out into two parts: The actual conference, and everything else.

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Daily Rituals – How Artists Create and Avoid Creating Their Creations

I came across Daily Rituals on Malan Darras’ blog. There used to be a little widget on the right hand side that recommended this book, so I got it. Or maybe he recommended it on twitter? I don’t remember and it doesn’t matter.

The title appealed to me quite a bit because rituals are something I’ve become quite a fan of lately. No, not those good ol’ satanic rituals. By rituals I mean daily habits, routines, and systems that free up the brain for more creative thought and impactful work.

Routine, in the right hands, can be finely calibrated mechanism for taking advantage of limited resources: time, willpower, self-discipline, and optimism

Is this book an A-Z to guide on how to become rich and famous? No.

What you will get is insight into how some of the most famous creators of our time, and from centuries ago, are able to do what they do.
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How to Fail at Everything and Still Win Big – Goals, Systems, Health, and Affirmations

Last year, Charles Ngo (if you’re not reading Dr. Ngo’s blog, then start because it’s the best online marketing blog right now) wrote a review of this book, How to Fail at Everything and Still Win Big by Scott Adams.

I bought the book and started reading it the day after New Years. I was not disappointed. It took me a while to read because I took a lot of notes. Around 20 pages of notes. So many notes. My wrist pains me.

A Side Note on Notes and Journals

I started taking notes on the non-fiction books I read because I started realizing that there is no way I’m going to remember all this shit. I read a lot of books. I’ve only started doing this in the past couple months and it’s been critical to remembering important stuff and allowing me to think through it. It’s much easier to go back and read notes than trying to thumb through an entire book to find a specific sentence or quote. I don’t like highlighting my books (yes, I still read physical books.)

I highly suggest keeping a journal, not just for the note taking. There’s a ton of value in keeping a journal. But alas, that’s for another post.

Scott Adams – A Optimist’s Take on Success

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Hello readers. Notice anything … different?

I’ve come to the decision that if I’m going to spend the time writing, I might as well do it right. Anyone that’s ever written a post worth reading knows the time investment involved (great posts can take hours), so its counter-productive for me to do it on a blog full of Dirt Nasty videos and vulgar profanity. That kind of stuff has a great niche following (the Adult Swim demographic), but doesn’t get any traction with a broader public.

I want to be able to leverage my time working on this blog into something more in the long run, whatever that may be.
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Plenty of Finch – Premium Posts Volume X Review

The infamous Finch sent me over a copy of his latest release, Premium Posts Volume X. What follows is the review. I’m not even going to drop in affiliate links. That’s how I roll…

At first I thought it was the 10th Edition, although there is no 8th or 9th release that I am aware of. But I was mistaken. The X is for X-rated content. Oooo, saucy! Finch should have titled this Premium Post Volume XXX for a more accurate title.

Here’s a brief rundown on the content of the book –
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Dump Your Brain and Dump Your Fat

Hey guys, it’s your ol’ pal Barman! Remember me? No…?

This isn’t a fancy long post or anything, but I felt like bestowing some advice unto my loyal readers (well, what’s left of them anyway… like 3 people?) In fact, it has nothing to do with affiliate marketing. It’s a shortie, but goodie. That’s what she said.

Dump Your Brain

Dear diary,

A lot of people find writing to be very cathartic, and as of late, I must add myself to that group. I don’t mean blogging either – I mean personal writing that is only meant for you as a way to get your thoughts on paper. Writing helps to organize your thoughts, helps you be become more creative, and allows you to solidify your thoughts and goals. The most important benefit, at least to me, is that its much easier to remember ideas. It’s impossible to keep every little idea you come up with in your head. You’ll just forget them over time, and keeping them on random post-it notes isn’t a going to cut it in the long run.

So… how does one actually ‘write’ for one’s self?
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Affiliate Summit West 2013 Wrap-Up

If you haven’t noticed, I don’t really write those internet marketing news wrap-up posts anymore. Ain’t nobody got time for that! And at this point, I am like four months behind so there is no way in hell I’m catching up unless I start charging for it or something.

But what I do have time for is going to Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas and writing a wrap-up post about that. Since Shawn Collins gives me a free Press Pass for this stupid blog, I feel obliged to actually write about the show to do my part promoting it.

I didn’t get to go to Las Vegas last year for Affiliate Summit, so it’s been about 2 years since going to a show. It’s great to see people you haven’t seen in two or three years, and it’s great meeting new people along the way.

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Google Adsense Scraper for $19 per Month

Fresh off the press!

WhatRunsWhere has launched their Ad Vantage product which gives people access to the WRW Google Content Network data for only $19.

WhatRunsWhere has a ton of intelligence data ranging from mobile to Google Content network and other platforms. But this intelligence comes at a price. The full WhatRunsWhere monthly package is over $200 – which is completely justified for most affiliates and agencies, but its definitely not for everyone.

The fine people at WhatRunsWhere saw this gap in the market and decided to offer something for entry level affiliate. For $19 you get access to their huge database of Google Content Network data. Content Network is massive, which means there are plenty of ads for you to “borrow” from. Use this data to launch your own Content Network campaigns or to get inspiration for other ad networks. Either way, $19 is a steal.

So if you’ve always wanted to see whats working but couldn’t justify $200 or more a month, then here is your chance. Get access to the WhatRunsWhere Google Content Network data with the Ad Vantage package – only $19 a month. Damn son, that’s less than like a gram of weed!

End of Summer Marketing News Wrap-Up Spectacular

Just when I thought I was out of the “wrap up” post writing business, they pull me back in!

Curating all of this content is truly a pain in the ass. If you appreciate this great work I’ve been doing for you, then you should vote for me, Barman, here in this silly King of the Bloggers contest. I don’t even think there is a prize… I just think it’s time gets the recognition it deserves. Every one else gets to win contests, and they’re not even legendary like So make yourself useful and vote for me.

Don’t forget that previous wrap-up posts contain “evergreen” information. See July for example. If you wanted to, you could wrap-up my wrap-up posts and sell them on Warrior Forum for $37. It’s like printing money!

It’s October and if you haven’t noticed, I managed to miss doing an August wrap up post. This time around I had 2 months of crap to sift through. It took some work and I’ve tried to be even more strict with whats get posted here. It just takes too long, so info had to be truly useful or captivating.

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WhatRunsWhere Gets a Mobile Ad Spy

Few months ago I did a write-up of WhatRunsWhere, a media buy “spy” tool for advertisers and affiliates. They added a bunch of new features at the time which improved on the already good service.

Well today, we learn – via techcrunch – that WhatRunsWhere gets itself a mobile ad spy tool. With the huge growth of mobile advertising, it’s great that WhatRunsWhere is staying ahead of the curve. As far as I know, there are no other mobile ad spying tools available (There were a few private self-hosted ones floating around). I had an account on MobAdSpy – great data, Rob is a good developer, but a mediocre UI. From what Max tells me, they’re going to integrate it all together. Everyone wins!

WhatRunsWhere still lets you try it for a $1. If you’re looking for media buying ideas for your own or affiliate offers, I can’t recommend WhatRunsWhere enough. And now that they have a mobile database, you can dominate on desktop and smartphones. AWww jeah.

They grow up so fast ::sniff::

It’s nice to see the Wickedfire (dysfunctional) family getting all “start-upy” on us with Techcrunch mentions. LeanMarket got itself a piece last month. How long before SerpIQ gets its buyout by Compete or Quantcast? I met the Knowem creator (although breifly – your business card has been floating around my desk forever – how’s that for a late follow-up?) at the Dirt Nasty party. I’m positive there are some I’m forgetting.

Hell, I think it might be time to do some stories on the people moving out of the affiliate marketing game and creating long-term businesses. If you or someone you know created a real business but got your start on WickedFire, holler in the comments or with an e-mail. Might as well start collecting names now and see if we can do some real journalism on