The Affiliate Summit West Party You Won’t Get In To – Omnesia


A party so exclusive you’ve only heard whispers of it on the internets. While you’ll be busy playing penny slots and catching glimpses of cheap hookers pass by, the “Who’s Who” of what’s left of the affiliate marketing industry will be at Omnesia on Saturday night.

Now you may be like…”Waahhh, Barman, why can’t I get in?” Well it’s probably because you’re a piece of shit no one respects. Maybe you’re an industry pariah that whose only contribution to the industry is soul-sucking gossip? Maybe you starred in a half-baked porno? I don’t know. I really don’t. I didn’t plan the party and I’m not even sure how I got on the list.

There’s no invite or anything. This is just to rub it in your face.

Prepare your weapons.