Get Real and Go Read “Getting Real”

So I stumbled upon this book called “Getting Real” the other day. This is one of those, “if I knew then what I know now” moments where I am greatly saddened that I did not have this information before.

Getting Real” is from the 37Signals guys who have developed some incredibly successful products that I know many of you use. The company is a handful of guys and they bust out services that people love (because they’re effective and useful) and they pull in millions a year in revenue.

This book will open your eyes to a lot of mistakes people make during development of web properties and services. As I read the book, I smacked myself for every mistake I found myself doing. Now I have two black eyes and a broken nose.

No huge development teams. No unachievable timeframes. No meetings about meetings. Cut the bullshit and start getting shit live. Learn how to say no to stuff that wastes time.

“Ignore it at your own peril” – Seth Godin.

Not only is the book short, concise and awesome- it’s free 99. I know we tend to put less value on free stuff, but trust me, this book is invaluable.

Who Should Read “Getting Real”?

You are building a web app. You are building a mobile app. You manage developers who build web apps or mobile apps. You sell and outsource website services. You do e-commerce. It doesn’t matter. As long as you develop shit, or work with people who develop shit, stop what you’re doing and read this book now.

Who Should Not Read “Getting Real”

You do not like free information that can make your life significantly easier.

Getting Real – Free Ebook