Review – Neuro Web Design

To be blunt (tehe), I haven’t been reading much lately. I feel like reading is an important part of being a well-rounded human being. Reading teaches you anything you’re interested in and opens up your brain to different avenues of thought that maybe weren’t so clear to you before.

It’s especially true if you’re a business owner or marketer. There are many great business and marketing books that provide wisdom into the complex world of sales, marketing, and human nature. Such books by the masters can spark an idea, or many, that will propel your business forward. Why make mistakes when so many have made those mistakes before you? Learn from greats like Ogilvy and Caples, and explore emerging trends and new science with books like Neuro Web Design.

Anyway, I get bummed out when I go on reading dry spells. A book a week is a fair goal that everyone should aspire to. In previous editions of Barman’s Book Club, I’d review a bunch of books at once. But since I’m 20% through about 5 different books (the Picking up a book and Not Finishing it Syndrome) I figure I’d write individual reviews as I get through them but I promise nothing!

Neuro Web Design Review

Neuro Web Design is a look into how the brain works when we interact with websites. Actually, it’s more about how the brain works and why we’re persuaded to do things (hint: it’s usually sub conscience.) It’s a relatively short book and an easy read (aww yeah pictures!) Also it’s written by a science person, Susan M. Weinschenk, Ph.D.

You’d think this book is more about actual web design, but it’s not. It has a number of examples of good practices used on real sites, but they are few and far between. The examples used though, are pretty good. That’s because this book is really more about the brain, specifically the new brain (conscience thought) and the old brain (sub conscience thought) working together to influence decisions.

If you liked Influence by Cialdini then you’ll enjoy this book. A lot of Cialdini’s work is referenced, along with a bunch of other scientific studies that explore brain activity and decision making.

Neuro Web Design is pretty much a great Intro to Sales Psychology 101 book, if such a class existed. Why do we buy stuff reviewed by people over just stuff? Social validation. Why do we buy something when there’s “Only 12 Copies Left!” Scarcity. Why does copy about “you” sell better than me rambling on about my company’s benefits? Because we’re all self-centered douchebags. All the usual suspects of sales psychology are here, condensed into an easy to ready summary of all of them.

The verdict – Definitely get this one. There’s a lot of stuff great information in this book that will help you tweak your current sales copy and improve the selling power of websites.