Shawn Collins Doesn’t Really Write a Book

If you went to Affiliate Summit West, you must have noticed the tote bag they give you when you register. Well, you had to have noticed it as your arms tired from carrying a 30 pound bag of shit.

Not to get off topic, but what the fuck are they thinking putting all this crap in the bag? There is so much fucking waste that goes on and it provides no value. You think someone is going to sign up to your stupid network because you gave them a non-functioning orange clock or a rubber ball with your name on it?

(I would have more jokes here about the shwag but I threw the bag out. I didn’t want to go over 50lb weight limit for checked bags on my flight home. Take that, environment!)

I threw that fucking rubber ball at John Chow’s iron-flattop and it bounced off and hit Shoemoney in the crotch. That’s all its fucking good for.

Branding = dead. (At least in this industry … your reputation is what matters.)

Anyways, within that tote bag was Shawn Collins book. This book is called Internet Marketing from the Real Experts. If you haven’t skimmed through this book on the shitter by now, let me give you my short book report:

Internet Marketing for Real Experts is a collection of republished articles from Feedfront magazine. Not only does Shawn Collins not really write even a minority of the book, all this book really contains is other peoples content.

That will be all, teacher.

During ASW I caught Shawn Collins at the Rio. The conversation was just random bullshit about how I am the best blog ever, until I called him out on his book. I was in a daze from drinking of course, so I will try to reproduce the conversation as best as possible.

Me: “So dude, you didn’t really write this book.”
Shawn: “Yes I did, my name is on the cover!”
Me: “I know, but it’s just republished garbage from Feedfront.”
Shawn: “Yeah, but I’m in the book.”
Me: “But you didn’t write it. You’re more of an editor.”
Shawn: “It doesn’t matter. Do you know how impressed clients get when you bring in a book with your name on it? No one ever reads the book, but they see the cover and my name is on it.”
Me: ” … ”
Shawn: “Clients eat that shit up. Usually it’s way over their heads so they don’t read it. All that matters is that I’m the author and I have a book.”
Me: “Genius, Collins. Genius.”

So what’s the lesson here? Leverage other peoples shit and republish content with your own spin on it. It works on the web and apparently, works in print. Now Collins has a book selling like hot-cakes on Amazon so he can walk around slapping potential clients with the softcover. Learn from this.

  • I was talking about my book, “Successful Affiliate Marketing for Merchants” from years ago that was over the heads of clients and got me lots of consulting work.

    And I didn’t say this was “my” book – I’m credited as an editor on the cover, because my partner Missy Ward and I edited the articles (and wrote some of them).

    • oh my bad, i didn’t know you wrote something before. i was in a daze brah. I guess we were having 2 different conversations.

  • Isn’t that what affiliate marketing is all about?? copying other people lps, content, ads, adcopies, banners, articles…

  • jack canfield and mark victor hansen’s chicken soup for the soul series made them millionaires many times over and i think they just wrote a 1-2 pg foreward for the thing.

    it’s not just abt grinding, but working smart too.

  • I was telling everybody at Tender on Tuesday this same thing.

  • Ghost writers = lol

    • All of the writers are listed in the book in the table of contents, and their byline is with each item they wrote, plus a short bio for them at the end.

      No ghost writers – I write everything that’s under my own name.

  • Kenna

    “Successful Affiliate Marketing For Merchants” was one of the first books I read about our industry. It was probably one of the only books at that time that actually explained affiliate marketing not in ebook form. Shawn is the man, and I give him credit for releasing something like this in print form, even if it’s partly a collection of other peoples articles.

  • Jason

    Shawn how many Acai Berries did you sling in 2009?

    • Zero – never touched that stuff. I’m mostly about rev share deals.

  • newjersey

    i drank that nasty energy drink and put that book in my suitcase before chucking the bag. oh i also kept the gay smiley ball which proceeded to go rolling down the aisle on my plane ride home.

    next time the bag should have more hangover remedies, food, resv and acai pills, uhm, and other, better crap.

    • Dude that energy drink WAS nasty. I know it’s supposed to be healthy, but it tasted like ass. No bueno.

  • What a douchebag.

  • I think it’s fine – Google has made billions organizing everyone else’s thoughts & profiting. Little different case, but I’m too lazy to find a direct analogy.

  • Rofl Collins is such a pimp.