jQuery Facebook Style Modal Window

A couple of months ago I hacked together a script that looked like the Facebook modal window. The script has been sitting around for a while so I figured I’d make it public.

bz FBModal on Github

Click here for the Demo and Downloads

It took me a while to clean this script up and write the documentation, so no, I will not help you any issues you have with this script.

Enjoy! Remember to use your powers for good, not and evil lawl.

  • Anonymous

    a screen shot would be nice

    • there are demos all over the demo page you fool

  • mca

    lol you sick basterd, awesome stuff!

  • Useful script! +1

  • Nice work Barman! I’ve been reading your tweets about being a jQuery guru and didn’t believe it. I was wrong. Will be adding this to a current project I’m working on :)

  • PPV Galore here I come.
    Unfortunately, I sense the dark side is strong with me.

  • +1

  • Thanks for sharing!!

  • fag.

  • Excellent creation, Great work.