Affiliate and Online Marketing News for June 2012

So it looks like I might actually finish a wrap-up post on time for once. It’s only July 4th, whereas most of the time these posts are finished halfway through the month. Happy Freedom Day Americuh FUCK YEARRRRHHHH!

Let’s begin with all things interesting on the internet…

Affiliate, Copywriting, Traffic, and other Online Marketing Goodies

Some chick on Shoemoney posts 11 Things to Make You Look Like a Conference Douche. While I agree industry conferences are filled with some of the lowest of low life degenerates, I think this chick is out of line a little here. You’re an 8 at industry conferences because they’re giant sausage parties. In real life you’re a 5 at best. You get +3 just for being there and having tits. AND I’ll stare at your tits if I want to WHY ARE YOU WEARING THAT LOW CUT SHIRT THEN?!

But seriously, all joking aside ( i respect women in real life), seobitch ( If that’s your real name…) makes some valid points. Mr. No Tipper – That turns ME off, and I am a guy. I fucking HATE this. Broke asses can’t even toss a bartender a $1. Shit is just mind-boggling.

/end rant. Down to business.

I always forgot to holler at Bevo Media’s Blog, run by the ever so sexy Ryan Buke ( Richboro repping ), but NO MORE! How to become a millionaire in affiliate marketing, with pros and cons for each. 1 Simple Trick to saving your Facebook campaign. And finally, how to really research a niche, funk proper.

Still using the same “copy + paste” method in affiliate marketing? No wonder you suck! Read this good post by Mr. Green over at POF – Stop Ignoring Angles! A lot of great advice on how to bring up good campaigns – focus on the copy and angle. Once you’re profitable, then you can fuck around with small stuff like button color.

Frank Schilling has a few words on Google’s future. In other domaining news, Conan launches, the best use of the new .XXX extension since

There is now an “Alliance to Fight Bad Ads” or something. What is this shit I DON’T EVEN

Real Time Bidding is growing like a mothafucka. Every impression on sale!

Why do people leave online reviews? Because it makes them feel cool? Yes, but no. Usually it’s just to be helpful (duh).

Shock Marketer writes about David Ogilvy, advertising legend.

What is this? Something useful from SEOMoz? How to Hack a Domain Name for your Website.

Newbies – Check out the Finch Guide to Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse. Also, Finch is moving back to Thailand. I think it’s just because he misses Justin Dupre.

How to write the perfect blog post. The irony is that the post is an infographic.

Google Ranking Factors in 2012. Hint: Facebook has a lot to do with it? The Content Marketing Grid v2.

HasOffers has some tips for marketing with video.

Whats the best day to launch a Facebook campaign? DM Confidential reports.

8 Quick ways to improve your Adwords CTR (although these tips can apply to almost any ppc traffic source.)

Aaron Wall of SEOBook writes a long, in-depth post berating Google and their bullshit. I. Love. It.

The Amazon Affiliate Program is underrated.

Better than link building. An interesting post on gaining traffic by becoming an authority source. Another article that repeats some of the same things along with some more SEO stuff..

Yo dawg I heard you like infographics, so he’s a giant post from Unbounce on how to make and market infographics. Also, is Google+ not totally worthless?

Hey I just met you, so “click here” maybe? UXMovement tells you Why your links should never say “Click Here.” Then, Radically re-thinking your Call to Action.

5 Awesome psychological studies on pricing, from Kissmetrics. Really good read – I love that kind of psychology selling stuff. FBAdsLab has 13 attention grabbing headlines. And then, how to incorporate benefits into your ad copy for more clicks.

PPCHero looks at effective calls to action. Learn more! And then – how to port your desktop search ads over to mobile.

Some sexy Keyword Modifiers for better ROI.

How to make your images Pin-worthy. OH YEAH BABY PIN ME!

Nueromarketing has some good stuff – Marketing lessons from Nigerian Scammers. Yes, that is a real article. And then, some mental tricks to make your prices seem lower.

9 Ways to shit on the user experience and make them leave your website.

E-Commerce websites are still too damn slow. You’re losing sales, people! Once you get that site faster, here are conversion rate optimization tips from 10 great online retailers.

Great post from LukeW – Evolving E-commerce Checkout. What be the future of digital shopping? is a handy way to list local businesses on various local properties.

Sort of useful info from Yahoo on “what moms want.” Then Microsoft has some shit about back-to-school shopping.

Check out some newer mobile and social media traffic sources.

39 Affiliate APIs. Excellent stuff.

While we’re talking about APIs – is an open source directory of APIs. So very juicy.

Trello is a cool app for organizing and collaborating via boards. Kind of like visual Basecamp.

Do you need icons? BAM!!

And Now More Facebook and Social News

Facebook’s FBX / RTB is big news. Here’s how it really works. Jay Weintraub ponders how the Facebook Exchange might have come to be.

The Complete Guide on how to use that newfangled Facebook WordPress plugin.

There are now 50 Million Facebook users in Brazil. Latin America is blowing up on Facebook in general.

Also, Facebook testing a Want button.

SocialMouths – Analyzing a whole bunch of Facebook engagement data in handy infographic form.

SocialFresh says “Never underestimate a puppy photo.” Interesting data on the effectiveness of puppies. I didn’t even read this article: Content Marketing is Not As Simple As Writing a Ton of Posts, but I’m linking to it because it has Bofu all over the post.

SocialCam has blown up. But are their marketing techniques shady or smart? If they’re making money… the answer is: Smart.

Mobile News and Goodies

Mobile affiliates – driving more clicks but conversions are down. Can’t blame the affiliates when the merchants don’t know what they are doing half the time. Case in point – 45% of consumers WANT to be marketed to on their mobile device.

Also, I heard you liked infographics about mobile so here are 10 of them.

Mira mira!! Turns out, Hispanics and Blacks are very responsive to mobile advertising and are the fastest adapters of mobile shopping.

The Good and Bad in mobile landing pages, from hotels to restaurants to clothing shopping.

Someone is finding out that phone calls are worth more than clicks. Really innovative what Datalot is doing.

Creating a responsive, mobile first WordPress theme from Smashing Magazine. Why should you care about responsive design? Because Google, other search engines, and more importantly – your users, will love it.

Mobile is going to be local – so here are 88 Local APIs.

The Mobile Mindmap from iMobiTrax. Lot of good stuff I ain’t even seen before.

Mobile Stats everywhere
Why mobile will dominate the future of media and advertising. Just wait till your device is controlling all of the electronics in your house.

20 Billion app installs on Google Play. Apple has passed 30 Billion. Billions everywhere. 67% of Google Play revenue comes from outside the United States.

Apple is selling a lot of fucking iPads. Also, more Google Android stats from the Google I/O conference.

This Business Insider chart shows you just how much $$$ is in the app economy. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry now.

MobyAffiliates has some good posts. An Introduction to the Mobile Social Gaming Market. Can’t remember if I posted this before, but World’s Top Mobile Advertising Platforms.

Using real world mobile behavior to get results. Interesting read which brain-farted me some ideas.

Mobile users are more serious shoppers than regular web surfers. How can this be, Leadsmob?! And now, 5 tips for increasing Mobile E-commerce ROI.

The debate still continues: What’s better, a web app, or a native app? Stats are showing that people are actually more loyal to native apps.

Perhaps you have some Phonegap questions or maybe heard some myths?

Really cool app called My Data Manager to show you how much data you use on your mobile device in detail.

Internet Trends for 2012. Not necessarily stuff to monetize on, but a look at the “then-and-now” of technology (then being like 2 years ago ). Looking for a trend to capitalize on? The Olympics will be huge … on mobile!

7 Things learned while making an iPad web app. Great tricks.

Promoting a Mobile App

This here is a collection of posts that are about marketing a mobile app and the cut-throat App Store game.

Figures and stats from the App Store on iOS from the GameBakers. This is a massive post that analyzes some of the myths people have about the store and then lays down a shit ton of data on what actually happens.

160+ iOS review sites. That is a lot of review sites… someone automate this.

MobyAffiliates has a great guide called the Mobile App Marketing Guide. 43 Pages of very helpful goodness.

How to maximize the lifetime value of users in a mobile app.

The low-down on the Chomp Update. This is iOS App Store related… basically the Penguin of the App Store ( I am really starting to hate these algorithm change names.) No worries though, here’s an article on How to Write a Great App description.

Startups, Productivity, APIs, and other Internet Stuff.

A great post from Sir dchuck called 12 Rules for Building Your First Profitable Startup. Very good insight and so many delicious stock photos. And if you’re wondering what happens when a post gets popular, check out the follow up post.

On the flip side – Here is Why Starts Fail, infographic-a-licious.

If I Would Have Known Just One Thing – Answered by thirty people. There is some wisdom in these slides. 7 Do’s and Don’ts for Founders.

Shopify has a great read – Your Passion is Stupid. How to Find Products that Sell. Follow Your Passion is easily the worst advice you could ever give or get. -Mark Cuban

Infographic alert – Who’s an Entrepreneur Now?

A collection of the best growth hacks from Kissmetrics, explained in detail. Here are more growth hacks inspired by Groupon. Great articles, but the term “growth hacks” is almost as gay as “social media expert.”

Stop claiming you’re profitable.

A Ted Talk on Gamification.

2012 Roundup of API Providers. You can check out the companies listed here, then browse their customer / clients lists to find APIs you can mess around with.

Some Aussies build a $1 Billion company …. in the cloud! Core Peer Groups: How I Found a Co-Founder, Built a Prototype, and Raised $5M in Less Than 4 Weeks.

Lot of people unhappy with the Affordable Healthcare Act being upheld. Here are 11 options for health care so you can avoid the tax penalty. But expect more competition – entrepreneurship should go up once the ACA is in full-effect. Also, mobile is changing the future of healthcare.

Good article from NYTimes – The “Busy” Trap. When you’re actually productive busy, here’s how to get more out of your day.

A list of must-read books for startups and entrepreneurs. This can keep you busy for a long time. Daymond John (of Shark Tank fame) also has a book list. To be honest, I fucking hate “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and am sick of people recommending to.

The Seth MacFarlane School of Productivity. He makes cartoons all day and is now a billionaire. I <3 Capitalism. Here’s what the most successful people do before breakfast. Great read and great tips. The Power of Consistency.

The incredible James Altucher writes 25 Ways to Make a Trillion Dollars Part Duex. Plug All of Your Leaks or You Will Die.

How to read 7 Books in 7 Days. Then, some thoughts about finding your purpose. How to Break Habits. Gotta put “The Power of Habit” on my reading list.

Old school video from Napoleon Hill. Old school wisdom that still applies today. Here are some of the smartest things ever said about Getting Things Done.

10 Simple Mind Hacks. I dislike people adding “hack” to everything, but this is a good article.

Interview: Do More in Less Time from a guy who wrote Your Best Just Got Better.

How 30 Days without Social Media Changed My Life. This is something I am going to try at some point.

Need to get creative? Noise helps creativity.

A great article on income inequality in America, and how each “tier” feels about it. Here’s an expect from a multi-millionare…

And the biggest nonsense of all, he says, “is the idea that because the rich are the smartest, and because we’re the job creators, the richer we get, the better it is for everyone. So taxes on the rich should be very, very low because we’re essentially the center of the economic universe, the font of productivity.” Nick pauses. “If there were a shred of truth to the claim that the rich are our nation’s job creators, then given how rich the rich have gotten, America should be drowning in jobs!”

And we end with some Asian Efficiency. Even if you’re not asian, these articles are good. Goal Frameworks explains how to really break out the process of goal setting, and achieving said goals. How to set better outcomes.