Affiliate and Online Marketing Reads from October

It turns out I start writing these posts as drafts, then I forget to finish and post. So technically some of these reads are from September. This very post took like 2 weeks to write. Stop judging me.

What’s good in the affiliate marketing blogosphere? Not a whole lot really, because most blogs are shit. Also i hate the word blogosphere. Almost as much as I hate that new buzzword “mocial” (mobile social media)


Google is getting audited by the IRS. Finally, Google gets fucked over. Sweet merciful justice. Although I’m sure their legal team is ready to ride…

Affiliate and Online Marketing Stuff

While we’re on the topic of saying F4WK J00 to Google, here are some leaked Quality Score Guidelines.

There’s probably no point to reading the rest of this post since Affiliate Marketing IS DEAD! Get out as soon as you can while there are still job openings at Subway! HURRY! RIP 11/1/11 Never Forget.

Wait, maybe it’s not dead. If you look at this survey about affiliate marketing from Econsultancy, then it looks like the space is actually getting busier. Now I’m confused! Who can I trust?

What’s Jesse Willms up to these days? Shock Marketer investigates.

CTRTard has a good bit on payday loans. Does their seediness know no bounds?

How to Bank on the Football trend from

Prosper 1.7 was released. I haven’t messed with it yet, but CTRTard is already on it with some mods.

How big is Facebook’s dick? Sorry Pingdom but I like my title better. Pingdom also takes a look at the popularity of various social networks around the world.

DirectResponse says the Force Factor landing page is pretty good. DR also has an “Insider’s Guide to Media Buying” that is pretty interesting.

But some good news! Z6 to blogging and reveals some life lessons, then reveals a campaign. Nothing fancy, but boobies work!

ThinkwithGoogle has a pretty badass post discussing consumer behavior in real time. The data is awesome.

Do you do e-commerce? Kiss Metrics has a sweet post on killer product pages.

Mobile tap and pay will be some crazy stuff. Pay with your cellphone. Soon they will be embedded in our wrists. I just want something to vibrate inside my body when pixel fires.

As usually Finch has posts that are worth reading. Here’s a handy global market finder. I greatly enjoy this 7 Deadly Sins of Dating ads post.

Oh shit, Stack that money is getting in on the dating action too! What Women Want.

Here a little part of me dies inside because I’m linking to Zac Johnson’s post with more dating landing page tips.

Yo Dawg I hear you like posts about conversions so we put some posts about conversions in your posts about conversions so you can convert while you convert.

Aaron Wall takes it to big G. Then he proves (as if you needed proof) Google hates affiliates. Pro Tip: Stop calling yourself an affiliate and start calling yourself an Agency or some shit.

Have you ever wondered, Why Affiliate Marketing is like Picking up Chicks. Because your success rate is .04%? Because you try to do both from your mom’s basement? But seriously, Mr Green tells you.

Snoop Dogg is an old ass G.

Are you doing everything right but still failing? David at PPV Playbook looks into why this could be. Solid post.

People can’t stop clicking ads on their mobile device (at least in the financial sector). Compete has a report on this, and there are some “free” whitepapers at the end of this post.

Copywriting, Sales, and Design Stuff Stuff

Looking to mindfuck your customers? Here’s some tricks our brains play on us when it comes to sales and psychology.

I’m not going over all the good stuff at Just subscribe and read the great content yourself, you lazy slut.

Ever wanted a shit ton of user testing tools? Smashing Magazine has you covered! Learn how people interact with your pages – you never know what you’ll discover about your users. Here’s a post from Kiss Metrics with a real eye-tracking case study.

Who doesn’t love a good infographic? Kiss Metrics has a sweet infographic with tips on how to sell more with your website.

Need free website graphics? A handy design resource from Copyblogger.

Marketing to Moms? Yahoo has some tips for you. That sweet, sweet, mommy demographic. Oh look, Yahoo has some tips for marketing to digitial dads too.

Want to reach that pesky student demographic outside of Facebook? Compete has a post on that. Here some more info on recent graduates and their student loans.

You don’t market to moms or dads or debt-ridden college grads? What about Hispanics? Please tell me you’re marketing to somebody at least!

Here’s an interesting story from Daily Conversions about consulting. Moral of the story- if you’re knowledgeable don’t sell yourself short because people might not take you seriously. The good ol’ perceived value thing.

Facebook Stuff

DM Confidential posts this press release that dives into which Facebook Posts get the most attention.

Motivation Hacks

Some of this stuff is a little cheesy, but hell, we’re not perfect. Sometimes we need a kick in the “arse.”

Looks like Finch is expanding his writing portfolio by writing a post for Filthy Rich Mind called How to Improve Your Concentration in 4 Easy Steps.

Here’s a great read on fighting micro-burnout from the creator of AppSumo. Sometimes you can lose motivation even when you love what you do.

A buncho crap from Strategic Profits: Self-confidence = power. Self-confidence boosting techniques. Take Inventory of your life. How to get motivated to do anything.

Random Stuff

Check out this great piece of journalism: How Spamming Craiglists gets your company a $1 Billion+ valuation!

14 Social Media Fails. How a single tweet can bring a company to its knees. Or politician. Whatever. Wiener.

More Facebook and Mobile Stuff to Come

I’m planning on creating a little resource for blogs specific to Facebook and Mobile Development and Marketing. That way, I will refer your lazy asses to said resource instead of reading the shit myself and making posts out of it.