Affiliate Marketing News AdTech SF Edition

There is no rhyme or reason to how and when I write these wrap up posts, so lets call this the Ad:Tech SF Edition, because Ad:Tech happened since the last time I posted a wrap up (even though I didn’t go.) I could’ve called it the April Fools edition because of how much foolish shit is going on, but whatever.

Oh hey, there are banner spots available if you want to advertise something.

I’m going to try to make this post more useful then usual with more trends and how-to’s when I find them. I seriously wade through a lot of shit to pick out these tidbits. So much “content” on the web is just written for the sake of having content. Tip after tip after tip of shit that you’ve read 50 times before. My conversion rate of considering something useful is like 1%. 100 headlines, 7 worth clicking open, 1 worth posting.

One major item of shit that I will not be discussing is the Facebook Timelime. Hundreds of lame-ass Facebook Timeline posts have plagued my reader- what to do, what not to do, and how to do it, blah blah blah. Whatever. It’s a fucking picture. Get over yourselves, social media experts.

Also don’t be offended if i don’t include your post here if you’re an affiliate blogger. For one, it’s probably not that earth-shattering, and dos, if you have any popularity then people have probably already read it.

lol. Remember Kony? I guess the luster died down after this happened.

The biggest news of the past few weeks is the Facebook buyout of Instagram. ONE BILLION DOLLARS for a photo sharing service that makes your pictures look like they were taking in 1960. I do find it inspiring that the coder of Instagram taught himself to program without formal training.

I highly recommend you watch this clip from the Daily Show for some insight into the purchase.

Shark Tank meets Mad Men. This is what “The Pitch” is about. If working in an ad agency is exciting to you, then this show is right up your alley. For me, it’s cringe-worthy.

Affiliate Marketing News

Remember those tax laws that passed a few months ago? You know, since most state governments are broke due to gross incompetence, they figured they’d get some of that internet money? Well as it turns out, those laws haven’t raised a single fucking penny for those states. Online retailers said “Fuck You” and killed their affiliate programs. In Colorado, said law has been deemed unconstitutional. There is hope for us yet, internet.

But then again, maybe not.

Leads 202 goes open source. Wait no it doesn’t. It did!

Finch sells, then asks, Is it worth cloaking on Facebook? Then, a good read on being committed to a single thing while avoiding the graceless art of ping pong marketing. And finally, a non-nonsense How to Monetize a website post.

What happens after the click? A lot, apparently. Test Everything!

Good tips from PlentyofFish Ben – Some tips for gaming offers. No, not gaming the offers, but offers related to gaming. Then there is this piece about hideous ad design. Also, there is a really nice marketing cheatsheat highlighted by Ben.

Here’s a post from Certified Knowledge on how to product video content that converts. And if you’re using that video in a squeeze page, read this article.

Examining an $1,000,000 ad fraud scheme from Behind the Enemy Lines.

InsideFacebook provides some CTR data from Facebook based on the day of the week

Social Fresh has a post on Facebook Advertising. I didn’t read it but it’s an infographic. Speaking of which, here’s one about Pinterest.

Hate Google? Here’s an infographic outlining lawsuits against Google. While we’re on the subject of hating Google, check out this awful story of Google completely fucking over a startup called

Let’s continue the infographic orgy.
EConsultancy’s infographic about “tags”. Here’s another Pinterest infographic. And finally, a Twitter marketing infographic.

Comparing online dating and online gaming via pixels.

Protip: Those mothafuckin iPad users convert. Yahoo says so too.

Unbounce critiques 35 different landing pages. I love these types posts from them.

Also, a slide deck of Landing Page Success Stories.

The Law of Shitty Click Thru Rates. People not filling out your sign-up form? Here are 8 reasons why.

Also protip: Campaigns almost never work the first time.

Summers coming up. Are you going to hit on the summer trends?

Those Hispanics online mang….

Mobile News

The rate of growth in mobile can’t be measured in decades or years any more. In fact, months are too long of a time frame. Now, it’s a matter of weeks or days.

Mobile has changed the way we consume information, as shown in this video-info-graphic.

Android is catching up to Apple in impression share, thus iADs (the Apple ad platform) lowers its minimum to $100,000 from $500,000. To be honest I had no idea it was that high in the first place.

Trying to go mobile? Then you probably want to use HTML5. Royal Pingdom has a good round up of HTML5 articles. And if you’re using WordPress, you probably want some responsive themes so you’re not forced to create multiple versions of your website. Copyblogger explains. Also, a nice guide from Starbucks on how they made their design responsive.

Here’s a cool infographic about mobile e-commerce.

Good post from MobyAffiliates about the End of the UDID. Imagine, we can no longer identify a phone by using a unique number…. THE HORROR!

Also another good post from them- Avoiding ad decay on mobile. In fact, a few of these tips apply to many types of display advertising. For example, you can squeeze longevity out of PPV campaigns by giving them a break when you notice CTR / conversions drop from fatigue.

Interesting survey regarding QR code marketing. It’s Asia, but the Japanese are years ahead of us in QR code marketing and mobile stuff. So the data will eventually apply here in the US.

A thorough read called The Art of Launching an App from Smashing Magazine.

Maximizing mobile search, straight from Google. Also, Google takes something from Facebook by adding zip code targeting. Although I’m positive they could have done this a while ago.

And in typical ‘4th Place’ fashion, Bing, everyone’s favorite red-headed stepchild, adds mobile targeting. Beta…

If you are on Android this is how to change your User agent. Interesting, an A-to-Z Guide on sending SMS with PHP.

If you are building an app that includes search, this is a good article to read on best practices for mobile search.

Can you recommend a mobile ad network? mobithinking is updating that neat list of theirs.

LeadsMob takes a look at what people buy with their mobile devices.

In App purchases will be kind of a big deal. Millennial Media reaches 300 Million users.

Mobile Groove takes a look at Millennial Media and other mobile trends. In another article, Finance and Health are highlighted.

Jesus, Google Play makes no money. The Apple counterpart is doing 8x as much. I wonder what the difference is between Admob and iAds though?

Want to build a mobile app but don’t know where to start? Take a look at these mobile APIs and see what you can come up with.

Too dumb to work with an API? It’s cool, you can always come up with an App that looks like it does something and troll what you would call the ‘lowest common denominator.’

And Then Some Random Tidbits

Business lessons from a wise, old man. He’s not actually old in real life, but it internet time he should have a long grey beard.

Always a starter, but never a finisher.

Stop hitting yourself. Stop hitting yourself. Stop hitting yourself… Then, read this article by James Altucher on how to be less stupid. Subscribe to his blog because James write a lot of funny articles. This one about brainstorming is pretty good.

A story of building an actual business. 3 years of progress… get’s a little pitchey though towards the end.

Rand Fishkin has a hot girlfriend.

Now, get your suit game proper. That way you’re fly even if you don’t know what to do on a first date.

And this is only being posted for the picture.