Affiliate Marketing News of 2012 So Far

Time to check on the good ol’ blogosphere to see if anything interesting was said since 2012 started.

Affiliate News

Nickycakes has a TV show now… apparently, called Cakes TV. I haven’t watched it, but it doesn’t really look like a TV show… more like a webcam chat. It would definitely be cooler if it was like an actual reality show with hook-ups, backstabbing, and lots of grimey-as-fuck-ness. You know, just like the real affiliate marketing industry.

I lied. I did watch a bit of Episode 2, where Shawn Collins get so heated about my friend tmoney gaming the air-tight Affiliate Summit Badge System. Skip to ~51:30. Fucking basement dwellers!

note: While I was writing this post I listened to the show and it was pretty solid. It’s interesting that a there’s a tv show about aff marketing and the guests actually know what they are talking about.

Ben at POF always has good info at his blog. Just random tidbits of info that can help you out.

Mr. Green and The Angry Russian explain why your affiliate strategy sucks.

Z6 explains some stuff about marketing on holidays (why conversions get all fucked up) then explains drops some knowledge on how to exploit them.

Shock Marketing has an excellent post on Call to Actions.

Reading sucks. You’re doing it now and you hate it. KissMetrics asks if video improves conversion rates. Unbounce examines 10 landing pages that are using video effectively.

Not exactly related, but as a lot of affiliates are one-two man shows, this article deserves a once over – Avoiding IRS Audits

If you mess with Twitter at all, really cool infographic on creating tweets with links in them that you want people to click.

Tanner Vaughn gets pinched by the FTC and lives to tell about it.

Not mentioning Finch in this post because I am going to write up something about a couple of his recent posts.

Mobile and Facebook News

This is pretty brilliant.

Semi-interesting for developers – Mobile Marketing Association releases Privacy Policy template.

Mobile will be big in 2012, and sources say it will be bigger than big in 2013. It will probably be even bigger than that in 2014.

All bullshit aside, the amount of available ad inventory (due to sheer number of devices being sold, along with the amount of time spent online diverging away from desktop to device) will soon be bigger than available inventory on the traditional web. Big brands are slowly moving their money to mobile, but not that many companies know how to make it work. There is stupid opportunity. Not copy-cat some ads and profit opportunity, but real opportunity for creating sustainable businesses.

Let’s not forget that Facebook is going mobile, whether they like it or not, so they are still trying to figure out how to make it pay for them. Currently there are no ads on mobile Facebook, but now that they are a public company, the pressure is on to make profitz.

Open Graph
Facebook also rolled out the Open Graph a few months ago. I believe it’s still in Beta, but if you don’t know what Open Graph is, it basically Facebook’s attempt to bring all their API’s together into something that integrates into all of their Social channels.

The Open Graph is definitely a lot to take in. I had to read their documents a number of times and i had to smoke a number of bowls before it sunk in.

Here are three important things you need to know about Open Graph.
1) You create the Action. You “Like” something on Facebook now. With the Open Graph, you (the Developer) create the Action. So people can “Like” “Read” “Burn” “Fuck” or whatever else you can think of, as long as its relevant to your application.
2) More Reach – Open Graph integrates all of the social channels, so instead of just “Posting Some Shit to Your Wall,” you ping the Open Graph and Facebook will show that action anywhere it can. “Open Graph activity in News Feed and Timeline, app bookmarks and requests
3) Less friction – Before Open Graph, there were a lot of dialogs involved whenever you wanted some action to take place with Facebook’s API. If you have your Open Graph setup correctly, there is less action required from the user because you ping the Open Graph with whatever action they take, and Facebook takes care of the rest. Users had to click “Like” before – a huge undertaking of effort. Now you can ping the graph with an action whenever the fuck you want!

So what does the Open Graph mean for marketers?

The bottom line is this: With mobile growth and Facebook Open Graph, shit is going to get cray.

  • I sort of feel sorry for the badge thieves. They think they’re getting over, just like when they go to the fancy malls to take pictures of themselves in front of a car they’ll never have. Nah, y’all are just pathetic.

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    badge “thieves”? afaik those were just cheap standard paper copies from a cheap copier of one of the badges from last year. that’s like using the same stamp every night in a night club. it seems like those barcode scanners beep whenever they see a barcode … instead of buying a badge i should’ve tried it with a twinkie wrapper.

  • There are differences from show to show, but they’re being changed more now. Those passes have overhead and a price, and when you fake one to sneak in, you’re stealing money out of my pocket.

    If you don’t think a pass is worth the cost, stay home.

    There are plenty of ways to get a legitimate pass if you’re struggling: