Affiliate Marketing News – Spring Cleaning Edition

Oh shit, it’s offically Spring. So let’s do some spring cleaning on the RSS reader to see if anything interesting is going on in the world of online marketing.

Mobile News

Here would be a number of links about the growth of mobile, smartphone sales, tablets, blah blah blah, yadda yadda yadda, but this kind of news is getting redundant. If you haven’t gotten it in your head yet that mobile is experiencing growth many times faster than what happened with the desktop internet, you might have brain damage. Anyway…

RoyalPingdom takes a look at mobile OS distribution. Feature phones still lead, but Android and iOS are catching up very fast.

Upper-middle class chicks bridging the spending gap on mobile.

Did you know you can use an app to detect which ad networks your mobile apps are using? I use another app too, call “Addons Detector” for Android which goes a little deeper. Very fun competitive research!

Opinion: How to track mobile downloads? Part 2. UUID? Cookies? This fellow has some options on it. Networks and tracking platforms should definitely take a look at both articles.

Mobile SEO via Bing. Takeaway – don’t create a mobile version of your website (different URL) if at all possible. Use media queries, client-side or server-side detection. Google is saying the same thing.

Smaato sees impressive growth.

The LeadsMob Blog has good daily, sometimes more, tidbits of mobile commerce and advertising news. So stay up on things and subscribe.

Setting Bejeweled Free. Fly away, little Bejeweled.

Affiliate and Online Marketing News

FBAdsToolBox is a nifty little tool to instantly create a few dozen variations of a single ad image. I gave it a run, and it’s definitely a good product for advertisers that spend their day throwing up ads on Facebook and Plenty of Fish.

FinchSells speaks the truth about Mondays. Most entrepueners love Mondays, especially if you make less with your offers during the weekend slumps. But the point is get your Monday started off right, and you’ll be better preapred for the rest of the week. Start it off by being lazy, and before you know it it’s Friday and you’re saying “Fuck it! I’ll do next Monday.”

Good interview about a Success Story, Dr Manhattan.

I know a lot of people, for reasons unknown to me, seem to be jumping into soiling the sancity of Pinterest with their spam and affiliate links. If that’s the case, maybe you might want to know more about the average Pinterest user. SocialFresh has had a lot of posts recently about Pinterest, so you should probably subscribe if that’s relevant to you. Like this post about a mom’s purchasing decisions being influenced by the site.

Various tips on for local SEO in Google Places. Handy if that is your thing.

While we’re on the topic of SEO, Google is shitting all over it. So here’s what you need to know before Matt Cutts shits all over your livelyhood. But if you want completely useless SEO tips directly from Google, here you go.

Gender-based marketing from Econsultancy – infographic goodness!!!111 Here be some more infographic goodness, examining consumer behaivior.

10 very useful tips from ConversionXL on how people view websites. Here is another post about grabbing attention. #3 grabbed my attention, if you know what i mean.

More copywriting stuff – Verbs beat adjectives by NeuroScienceMarketing.

I love these kinds of posts from Unbounce, where they rip apart a number of landing pages to explain what’s good, and what isn’t.

KissMetrics always has good stuff. Out of ideas for your shitty blog? Here’s an a good strategy for generating topics. Awesome stuff about choosing what graphics and images you use on your website and landers. And here’s 7 more tips on that.

How to track Likes and other Social Media sharing with Google Analytcs.

Yo dawg, heard you need an advertising API?

Long ass post from ViperChill on creating million-dollar web apps.

Shoemoney officially jumps the shark, accidently lands on it, then fucks its dead body. Why the fuck would this even be a post? The only reason this is a post is so he can rank for the term “zuckerberg penis,” which i assume has hefty volume. I know Shoe will sell out for almost anything, but I thought he had some respect for himself and his readers, but no, this is not the case.

CakesTV Episode 4 is out. I haven’t watched it yet, but I am dying to see the awkwardness between Cakes and Steve Howe, because know they exchanged some words in at a past conference.

Good shit from Mr.Green highlighting what works on Plenty of Fishies.

InforMarketingBlog is an entire blog that highlights old ass advertisements from the Mad Men days. Add it to your reader.

Possibily Important Randomness

This is your brain on dru… i mean video games.

Facebook is an addiction, so Royal Pingdom examines why people love Facebook so much.

Using Amazon’s SES Service with PHP to send bulk mail. Most interesting.

Asian Efficiency reviews Eat that Frog. Classic book. Brian Tracy is a legend.

Nontoxin is rarely updated, but the posts are always awesome. Who needs sleep? (You, idiot!) and some cool shit about optical illusions.