April Affiliate Marketing News and Headlines

Clearly the top story of today is that Obama killed Osama. I thought it was straight gangster that Obama said in his press conference: “I made it a priority as soon as I took office..,” told no one that this operation was going down till it paid off, and basically took all the credit since Bush gave up.

I’m not a Democrat or Republican because politics are a joke, but I do have much respect for Obama and what he’s done. While he’s been far from perfect, he is getting shit done, which is really just cleaning up the mess that the Bush-era left behind. I find it appalling that some people out there just hate Obama with all their hearts no matter what he does.

Attempt to save the middle class from exploding health care costs (ie; profits)? Fuck you!
Slowly turn around job growth? Fuck you!
Shit on Donald Trump? Fuck you!
Kill Osama bin Laden? Fuck you!

For five fucking minutes, can you just appreciate that he finished the job that Bush couldn’t accomplish and forget that he’s black?

/end rant.

OK Now Industry News

The FTC shit on a lot of advertisers lately for their testimonial and billing practices. If you want to protect yourself in this cutthroat game, check out this webinar replay with A4D and some lawyers. DirectRepsonse.net continues with some tips on making compliant pages that convert.

OKCupid never fails with the goods, and this 10 Charts about Sex post is great. Did you know men pushing 60 gradually get into rougher and more freaky sex? Well now you know and you probably wish you didn’t learn such a disgusting fact. Other intersting facts include: People who use Twitter masturbate all day. Jewish people lie about jacking it. And the higher your tuition the more likely you are to be a slut. The last one i thought would be the other way around….

Do females pull better than men? Why, yes, yes they do. Sex sells even when they’re wearing a disgusting outfit.

Eleah from Adsimilis rants about some affiliates on Mr Green. Frisky!

Mr Green also has a post that breaks out a media buying campaign in detail. Worth the read!

HeavyT has upped his posting lately and keeps outing his own campaigns. Noob!

Want to know the magic font face and size for writing copy? Hint: It’s one thats the easiest to read. Duh! There’s more detail on the topic here.

Ben from PlentyofFish drops bombs for his advertisers on the PoF platform. Dude where’s my volume? and Part 2.

Finch drops some knowledge on personality traits then writes about monetizing the scraps or something.

Want to know how to implement iFrames for Facebook? Lucky you, here’s a tutorial. Part 2 shows you how to track said pages. Pro-tip: Pages are a great way to get cheap clicks on Facebook ads- the niche just has to be passionate about the subject to click- “Click here if you hate Obama!

While we’re on the subject of Facebook, MarketingVox reports that FB launched a new community for advertisers. Should be useful…. not! Why don’t they make themselves useful and improve the ad interface? Give us some fucking dayparting already!

PPC Hero has a post on improving Facebook marketing which is pretty decent, but it also links to a few other posts that drop knowledge on out-of-the-box Facebook keyword targeting.

Got a mobile app that needs more conversions? Unbounce shows you how its done.

Microsoft AdCenter is rolling out Quality Score for its platform. Here what they look for, straight from the horses’ mouth.

Google launches Think Insights, which is a bunch of data and case studies for marketers. Could be useful.

That is all.

  • Phoebe

    i’m not a PPC Affiliate Marketer and read your blog because it’s just REAL.
    Thanks for speaking up about Obama, you say allot of things that most people wont say here :P

    Great Site BTW


  • Cj

    Give obama administration credit for getting osama but I dont see where they’ve done anything else but ram a healthcare program down our throats that most people didnt want. Oh I forgot about skyrocketting gas and food prices.

    • Yup


      I think Bush screwed plenty of things up – but a weak dollar policy is a Bush legacy that Obama is continuing. That, combined with a severely unbalanced budget, is the underlying root of many of the problems we have right now – gas, food costs, and healthcare, economic growth, etc. It may just piss you off when you fill up your car, but it causes places like Egypt to go into revolt.

      And the props for killing a terrorist go to the people on the ground. Nobody else pulled the trigger. Bush didn’t “get” Sadam – a bunch of over-worked soldiers did.

  • Phoebe

    Cj, do u actually think Obama is responsible for what was mounting up for 8 yrs of Bushism, this country had to endure?.
    So we got a Pres in office who wants all Dumb Americans to have acess to healthcare and jobs.
    Obama is not Jesus, and this is the only man who will fit the job as President in the United Snakes of America.

    Americans are never happy with anyone unless there own household is doing well, “fuck the nation”….

  • I am

    Where is the April traffic stats???

  • ElDubs

    Say what you will about Barak da Rock, but watch his intro at the White House Correspondents Dinner, and name you me another el Presidente that has the comedic timing and self-ease as he does. Sarcasm second only to Bartard. #Frisky!

  • Great work!
    Thanks for the shout out. Will keep the content coming.

    Looks like some great articles.

  • Yeah definitely the most interesting news was that Obama killed Osama. That’s like the biggest news since we figured out how to make white bread. =p