Best of Affiliate Marketing News 2011

So it’s like 2012. Let’s see if anything interesting happened since my last affiliate marketing news roundup post. Thank god for the holiday break though… less shit to sift through overall.

Affiliate Marketing News

The Secret to Getting Rich in 2012 is APIs. Yeah, that’s kind of a bullshit headline, but a good read nonetheless. There are many APIs available… creating a new service is just a matter of mashing these APIs together to provide something fresh and useful.

Probably the most interesting article you’ll find in this post: How to block AdBlock.

FinchSells launches Premium Posts Volume 3, one of the few things worth paying for in the affiliate marketing world.

Finch then writes about a flog with 7 offers on a single page. I see your 7 steps Finch, and raise you the 15-Step Flog.

One last one from Finch. How to really get rich in 2012. Pro-tip- it involves putting your head down and pumping shit out, not dicking around on Wickedfire or worse- writing blog posts!

Speaking of optimizing your time, here are 10 Firefox Addons for Freelancers. May not be relevant to many affiliate marketers, but the WOT Plugin is very useful for Facebook Advertisers.

Everything I know I learned from Eleah.

RedFly (not updated often but a great blog nonetheless) has a thorough post on using Google’s in-Page Analytics.

Here’s a neat breakdown of the Louie CK experiment. If you don’t think Louis CK funny, kill yourself with AIDS.

Really cool post about a “Searcher’s Mindset” and there’s an infographic involved!

Nickycakes writes about the excellent WhatRunsWhere service. What’s this… Cakes updating his blog more than once a year? That’s right, another post to unlock the time-saving power of virtual assistants.

Speaking of ad spying, Zac Johnson ( I apologize in advance for linking you there) has a post about, another neat tool to add to your arsenal.

Mr. Dan Palanchuk has a couple good reads. Some shit you can learn from Mr Green, and 5 Weird Facts about Affiliate Network Offers. Good information in there… go direct whenever possible!

Hilarity from Mr Green as he describes 5 types of affiliate managers.

Great post on PPVPlaybook – Making Chee$e with Trends.

Direct Response has a good breakdown on sweet, juicy cloaking.

White Label Dating launched a mobile platform. I’ve never worked with this network, but there is definitely some opportunity there.

Four ways to unlock the traffic power of Browsers. Good stuff – make a toolbar or plugin that sticks to the user’s browser. Still clueless? Here’s how people are doing it.

Jay Weintraub dissects a good internet marketing scam.

I’m only linking to this because the stock photo being used is HILARIOUS. HAHA Grandpa, you ol’ pimp you.


Smaato releases new metrics on mobile ad network fill rates and response times and such.

Pingdom don’t fuck around. The Mobile Web in Numbers.

Facebook is slowly but surely blending ads into their mobile apps. Judging by how fast Facebook’s mobile traffic is growing, great opportunity lies here in 2012.

Infographic Mania

Because if you read it in an infographic, it must be true.

Good one via IMGrind on the Anatomy of a Killer Facebook Campaign.

The decline of Organic Links via SEOBook. Next up, Google Affiliate Marketing Infographic.

Every CEO (or whatever you are) should understand gamification.

10 Mind Blowing Mobile Inforgraphics that will blow your fuckin’ mind FUCK YEAH!

2011 Round Ups

Yo dawg I heard you like posts so we put some posts in your posts….

Best of Royal Pingdom 2011

40 Facebook Marketing tips from 2011 via Luna Metrics.

Best of KISS Metrics 2011

That’s all folks!
Now get to fucking work and
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in 2012

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