Best of November’s Affiliate Marketing News

Holy shit it’s almost December. At this rate, by the time i finish this sentence, it will be just after Christmas.

Now, let’s see if Google Reader has anything good for us during this month of November. Overall, it’s a relatively quiet month compared to my previous “Best of” posts. Probably because everyone has their heads down grinding the fuck out till Christmas Eve.

Industry News

IMToday bought a banner recently so let’s give them a shout out. It’s kind of like Affbuzz, but apparently its handed-edited, unlike Affbuzz, which uses an algorithm of hits and clicks and a sprinkle of pixie dust.

Do you run traffic on Lead Impact? Are you a fucking ninja? NO?! THEN BECOME A LEAD IMPACT NINJA. THIS ISN’T NEWS BUT THE LANDING PAGE IS SO FUNNY ITS WORTH MENTIONING. WHY AM I YELLING?! Ninjas don’t yell…

Take a knee. This is my new favorite website.

OK on to some real news.

Affiliate marketing is still dead or dying, because this post on says so. Joking aside, there are many good points there on why the affiliate ecosystem tends to eat itself. There’s another good post on DR that can help you reduce charge backs.

If you’re feeling voyeuristic, DR also posted up this recorded call that has some good insight into the advertiser side of the online marketing space. Definitely worth a listen.

Do you suck at Google? That’s probably because you’re not a brand. Everything Google has been doing the past few years has been giving preferential treatment to brands, and kicking SEOs / small businesses to the curb. Aaron Wall says so in this fancy infographic.

I’ve been too busy to post about WhatRunsWhere again, but Finch did it so you can just head on over there.

Mr. Green has a new case study on the 310px ads at Plenty of Fish. I ask, is there any traffic left on PoF that isn’t going to Mr. Green’s case studies?

Here’s a good post on image ad blending. Basically, making your ads look like content of the targeted website.

Are you doing Lead Generation? Silly question, but Kiss Metrics has a nice post on improving the effectiveness of your lead gen sites.

Speaking of Leadgen, eConsultancy has a good series on improving your skills. Part 1 and Part 2.

Mobile, Facebook

Ruck has an extensive rant on mobile click fraud. Mobile marketing is dead already.

Mobile is exploding. Yes, still, even though its dead. Check out these pretty charts from Unbounce as they look at some sweet Swedish mobile traffic.

Check out how mobile apps are being monetized. Hint: Its in-app sales. Not convinced? Here’s so more data off Techcrunch.

With all these talk of “the future,” there’s still opportunity in video, whether desktop, pad, or phone.

Copywriting and Sales

I like info marketing blog because it talks a lot about old school copywriting greats. This is a new blog I follow so I won’t link to anything specific, but check that shit out if you’re a fan.

Direct Creative Blog has a good post on working with testimonials, and how you can integrate them properly into a marketing campaign instead of pasting them randomly on a page.

Are you building email lists via mobile? Here are some tips for making that more effective. Time is critical!


Do you like to look busy by scribbling stuff on paper? I know I do ( if you only saw my desk…) Finch has a good post on why this is bad at Filthy Rich Mind.

Also Finch is banking pretty good with those Premium Posts. Maybe it’s time other bloggers to start providing real quality content over the drivel they post daily ( * just kidding John Chow doesn’t know anything worth paying money for.)

And finally, How to have a 36 day. Better yet…. how to work from home without going insane.