End of Summer Marketing News Wrap-Up Spectacular

Just when I thought I was out of the “wrap up” post writing business, they pull me back in!

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It’s October and if you haven’t noticed, I managed to miss doing an August wrap up post. This time around I had 2 months of crap to sift through. It took some work and I’ve tried to be even more strict with whats get posted here. It just takes too long, so info had to be truly useful or captivating.

Let the 4th Quarter begin!

Online and Affiliate Marketing News and Posts

I’m not going to post stats and figures as much anymore because they’re redundant. The internet is growing, people are getting mobile, blah blah blah. Instead, check out this State of the Internet Slide deck. Over 100 slides of data for everything that you could possibly want to know about where the internet is heading.

Yes, I am linking to a post on PoF that Justin Dupre wrote. Deal with it. It’s a good primer / overview of advertising on Plenty of Fish with CPA offers. Following that, POF Ben gives you the ghetto-est Photoshop “trick” ever.

iPyxel has a case study on POF’s mobile performance. If you’re going to mess with mobile on PoF, here’s a post discussing mobile landing pages with PoF mobile traffic.

iPyxel also brings you some Facebook advertising tips that “they” don’t want you to know (but really, they do.)

Bryn has a guest post over at the Neverblue blog – Advice to New Affiliates. RevivedMedia has a handy mindmap on doing the proper research and getting shit done.

A handy way to find top keywords in a category from traffic+conversion.

Juicy copywriting nuggets
How to gain the trust of a skeptical consumer. 101 Proven Headlines ( headlines are the most important meal of the day.) This is an oldie but goodie – The most important writing lesson you’ll ever learn.

Seven tactics for increasing your sales letter response. The infamous “diet farticle” now in print.

Good to Great Copywriting in just 24 hours, or your money back! Finch also writes this post with 5 ways to save your sanity with moonlighting (note: selling your body not required, but recommended.) And finally, how to become a guru in any market.

Also, Finch tweeted this incredible resource with 600 plus places to share your content.

Now Back to Landing Pages and Content Generation
Unbounce always has the goods. How to write a call-to-action that converts, with case studies. Here be 23 posts about landing pages that might be worth a read.

KissMetrics also has great posts. In-depth overview about creating viral content. Yes, easier said than done, but its backed up by data. Yo dawg, if you’re into link building, then this post is for you.

Here be a ton of conversion optimization tools you can try.

Matt Cutts Engine Optimization
The SEO world has been shaken up quite a bit this year. Pandas and Penguins, oh my. Here’s some info on Google’s leaked Search Quality guidelines from SEWatch.com. 125 pages on how to tell if a website is garbage, how to make webmasters cry, and more!

SocialMediaExaminer has a good guide on creating blog content that’s highly valuable for your readers. Here’s a good post explaining how to use Google’s authorship to your advantage. Luke from Peerfly touches on this as well. Indeed, here are six things you should be doing in this New World Order of SEO.

Here is a good guide on traffic generation that isn’t overwhelming. It’s simple – different things work for different niches, and once you figure those things out, automate and move on to the next one.

Quicksprout has a good list of ideas with where to start after the Penguin / Panda update. More for QuickSprout – getting that content nice and fresh. TheLinkBuilders has some advice on whoring your social media profiles for SERP real estate.

Another goodie from LayeredThoughts titled Really Easy SEO strategy for startups.

Something from SEOmoz about social sharing and the Open Graph and what have you.

Let’s Get Really Nerdy
How to launch an Amazon EC2 instance. I don’t know anything about this service mentioned, but here’s how to send SMS with PHP and Curl.

Here be a ton of Javascript and jQuery libraries(Part 2) that you can use on your sites and landing pages.

Using WordPress as a backend for your SaaS platform. Want to make WordPress better with some custom content types? Check out this Pods tutorial.

The 4 Hour website is an article / sales page about coming up with the website for 4 Hour Body. Really cool viral way to sell a $3,999 Landing page design service.

If you’re wanting to learn how to program from the comfort of your own browser, here are 5 great resources you can use.

Infographic mania
How to integrate SMS with customer service. 20% of moms in the US shop with their smartphones. But overall, men are still bigger mobile shoppers than women. Global e-commerce is going to explode – better learn some Chinese. How to improve your AdWords Quality Score.

Outside the box thinking – using mTurk to interview 100 customers in four hours.

And a lil’ bit of Facebook and Google
If you’re advertising on Facebook, here’s a very handy and simple guide to all types of Facebook Advertising. Advertising on Google? Here are a slew of webinars for making use of all of those Google products.

Donor’s Choose has some good tips for marketing content on Facebook. Luke from Peerfly has this interesting case study on Facebook’s Sponsored Posts.

Google is also updating its policies, so check this post out for the latest updates in Google-will-find-a-way-to-fuck-you-over.

Marketing News of the Mobile Variety

Have an app? Here’s how you can integrate A/B testing for your app promotion. It’s an interesting take on the app promotion process. Google AdWords is also providing some split-testing tools for driving apps installs.

Google has some more advice on mobile – Giving mobile user’s what they want and Mobile-friendly websites turn users into customers.

Peep Facebook’s mobile growth in handy infographic form.

Great resources from mobyaffiliates: Increasing mobile app revenue with mobile ad servers. I feel like this has been linked to before, but a comprehensive PDF on building mobile sites and landing pages. This one too, but whatever, it’s good – Mobile affiliate marketing guide.

Urban Airship is providing some highly granular geo-targetting capabilities.

There are a shit ton of government APIs out there. Gov data is becoming more open and available, so get to building! If you need a way to build a mobile app, here’s a round-up of mobile application builder platforms.

Startups, Growth, and Productivity

Productivity and Procrastination
The science of procrastination, animated, is a cute video explaining why we procrastinate (it’s a symptom, not a cause) and a few tips on how to overcome it. This is the first time I ran across brainpickings.org – very good site.

And here we have an article about the science of motivation. Why do we do what we do everyday? Here’s some science on why exercise makes you feel better. Science, fuck yeah!

32 Lessons learned for life and business, a great read from ConversionXL.com

Here be seven procrastination busting tips. You know, once you read enough articles and advice on productivity, you see the same themes emerge over and over. See this post from theenergyproject called battling your online addiction. All of these tips work, so start now!

Every productivity tip I’ve ever came across is mentioned in this post – Top 50 Productivity tips for Entrepreneurs. Apply one of these per day and in 2 months you will be 10x more productive.

Save brainpower by reducing the amount of stupid decisions you have to make: Being Boring is Productive. ZenHabits has a primer on full-screen living. Pure focus is the goal. But most of all – just stop thinking and lean into the pain (believe you can change). Get inspired.

The myth of doing “that one thing,” which boils down to that success isn’t just one event, but a process.

Dr. Charles Ngo (yes, he’s a real doctor, ladies) launched his new blog recently (He’s got a PhD – pretty huge … devotion to marketing.) Lots of great advice on productivity and success. This is a guest post called the 1% Difference to Achieving Success. What Can Fuck Over Your Business? And most recent, How to Setup your marketing Super Team ( its about outsourcing yo.)

Keeping with the theme of motivational Asian bloggers, we go to Asian Efficiency for a few posts. Do the right thing to keep yourself motivated. And forcing decisions to improve productivity, which has similarities with the “Being Boring is Productive” post linked a few paragraphs up.

How to be a productivity dynamo. I like this post because it’s just a good collection of links.

One more thing – don’t get addicted to stress.

Book Recommendations
Want to keep your brain busy for the next year? Here are 50 psychology book recommendations. I’ve read a handful of these books already, so I’ll definitely be checking out many of the recommendations in this post. Here are 18 life-changing books from OKDork that you might like as well. Good post from the same author called “How to get past being a one-hit wonder.

Startups and their Merciless Leaders
ComScore is going to help accelerate Chicago-area startups.

“Growth hacking” is bullshit… God I hate buzzwords like this. Stupid hipsters. How is growth hacking so different from customer acquisition anyway?

How can a scam company raise $76 million in Series B funding?

Huge in-depth guide on how to get media coverage for your start-up or business.

Want to build a start-up community in your area? Here’s what makes it possible. Seriously, forget Silicon Valley, just build your startup where you live.

Great interview with Chris Sacca on This Week in Startups. This guy has a crazy history, a ridiculous story when working at Google, and great advice once he gets back on his feet.

Why do a lot of startups suck? They’re not really solving a problem. There are way too many free tools and resources out there. Everyone should be starting a business. Here’s some startup advice from DuckDuckGo founder Gabriel Weinberg.

Good read (depending on old your are because the author is giving life advice at 25) on lifehacker “Are your goals holding you back?

Great series of interviews from Kalzumeus. This interview has a lot of good discussion (market research specifically) for almost any business – Getting your first consulting client. Haven’t listened to this one yet, but here’s Part II.

35 people give their best advice on public relations. Shopify has 12 “must watch” Ted talks for entrepreneurs.

People Ask James Altucher a lot of questions. Not gonna lie, sometimes his blog is depressing to read, but he always lays out some good advice. In this Part II post, there’s some good stuff at the bottom, especially the “fastest way to make a million.”

Mandatory interview with Elon Musk. Elon is a legend.

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