Who’s Feeding Tyler Cruz and other Affiliate Marketing News

Woah, woah, woah, woah.

Hold. the. fuck. up. Especially you Tyler Cruz.

You may have seen ppc.bz on the auction block a few weeks ago during Affiliate Summit West 2016. Let me just explain everything so even a pudgy Canadian can understand.

The goal of putting this blog on Floppa was to “legally” transfer this blog to professional troll and international man of mystery Mr. BLT for a dollar or two so he could take the reigns and bring justice and shame to various industry sewer rats.

Very quickly the auction got out of hand and there were dozens of bids, and surprisingly, a good number of people wanted this blog – or at the very least, the domain name.

During the auction, I went to ASW16 and numerous people said don’t sell the blog. “It’s internet history!” But not the good history. The bad, horrible history, like slavery or the white man wiping out the Native Americans.

Anyway, there were now bunch of people wanting the domain. The plan of passing ownership backfired. At the same time, I was kind of curious to see how high the auction would really go.

But as the final hour ticked down, I decided to put an end to it and keep the domain. No, $1655 is not the final price. That’s just when I decided to end the auction. Who knows how high it would’ve went. Who owns ppc.bz now? Me. Still. Idiot.

Let me address some comments from the Tyler Cruz post.

Anyone can start a a blog and offer fantastic content during the first year or 3, but as time goes on, it only gets harder.

The truth comes out! Tyler Cruz thinks I’m fantastic! Fabulous!!!

Truth be told, I was considering purchasing it myself

You’d have to pry it from my cold, dead hands.

The new owner does not seem to have posted anything on the site yet, so it will be interesting what he does with it (if anything, he may just swap out the affiliate links as well).

Well, yeah, because it’s me and I still don’t feel like posting anything.

…which makes me wonder if the previous owner was desperate for cash.

So desperate. I was working on a competitor for Votesy that didn’t suck so I needed to put together any money I could.


But seriously, thanks Tyler for being a good sport. As corny as your blog is, at least you’re not scamming people or ripping people off (that I’m aware of.) For years we’ve been busting your balls but you kept doing you. You go girl!

  • It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy knowing this did not change hands!!

  • Was curious about what had happened with the auction too. Good to know nothing will change. lol