July’s Internet Marketing News of the World

In this month’s installment of “Barman reads the news so you don’t have to…,” or as some people call it, “a Glorified AffBuzz,” we take a look at new developments on the internet. Well, not really, just a lot of useful resources for copy writing, affiliates, and people stepping up their entrepreneur and start-up game. Don’t forget to read last month’s “issue” or even the month before that – some of the links are timeless.

General Internet and Affiliate Goodies

Going to Affiliate Summit East? AffPlaybook is having another “Mastermind” and here are the details.

It’s been said that greatest minds of our generation are not curing cancer or solving world problems, but rather focused on getting people to click ads. This post from Finch kind of drives that point home. And finally – Finch goes in-depth about selling e-books vs print books.

Did you know that, unlike sex, free doesn’t sell. Finch explains why.

Profitapolis is back! Yay! Here’s a review of the Millionaire Fastlane, which I recommend everyone read. I agree with the point in the post where it should be required reading in every high school curriculum. We’d have a lot less entitled pieces of shit in our country, and a lot more people focused on real reaching their own success. And finally, How to fight the productivity demons.

Hey NickyCakesTV Numero 7 is out.

This blog post is just like 50 Shades of Grey. Shock Marketer has some David Ogilvy related goodness.

Have ad inventory to sell on your website properties? This article explains How to Find Advertisers to Buy Ads on your website. Not enough? A big ass infographic on how to monetize your website.

Perhaps you are looking for some WordPress themes for affiliates? Cleaning up affiliate feeds with Google Refine. I did not know such a thing as Google Refine existed.

Not using Google+ ? Sadly, you should be. Here are a whole bunch of infographics exploring the many benefits of getting integrated with Google+. So, what has the greater impact? Facebook Likes or Google+ 1’s ?

Landing Pages

More from Unbounce – 50 posts that every lead gen business should read… or at least, skim over. Always a goodie – 25 lead gen landing pages reviewed with tips on what to keep and what to change.

Here are 6 Tips to Make Landing Pages more effective. Hint: Add Oprah. Here are some examples of “portal” style landing pages.

10 Best Practices for Mobile Landing Pages from SE Watch. Usually these kinds of posts are drivel, but this one isn’t too bad in terms of helpfulness.

The evolution of the Basecamp landing page.


9 Psychological tricks that make users convert. Some “Influence” stuff in there.

How moving the Call-to-Action Below the fold increased conversions 3x. Test er-thang!

Here we have 8 Habits of Conversion-focused copywriters. Here’s an infographic about conversion rate optimization from SEOGadget.co.uk.

Great post from Conversion Rate Experts on how they helped topcashback.co.uk become the 5th fastest growing company in the UK. Basically, the nuts and bolts of conversion rate optimization.

So you go the conversion – now what? Post conversion strategies for lead generation.

BoostCTR always has good posts backed by data. The “Curse” of knowledge in PPC ads, via BoostCTR. What’s the End Goal? is a case study in helping a searcher achieve their goals.

RADically re-thinking your Calls to Action. Not sure if I posted this before but it’s a good read.

Link Building and SEO and Such

15 handy link-building tools. More from SE Watch – 5 PPC Keyword Research Tools. Here we have an article about SEO for images.

SEO Theory says SEO is simpler than ever. Your content just sucks! Also, some ‘SEO’ trends that will waste your time and money. LOLSEO. So… shut up about your SEO tactics.

Neil Patel has these 5 Rules Every SEO Should Live by. Got forms? 5 Ways to Improve Your Contact Form Conversion Rate. And finally, how to build authority without cheating.

The war on free clicks aka SEO is dead or dying. Google wants money for its clicks. Don’t act like you didn’t see this coming since its been years in the making.

Google Adwords and Facebook

Google AdWords now takes device type into account when coming up with a Quality Score, says CertifiedKnowledge. Great interview with Brad of CertifiedKnowledge – Affiliate marketing and Google Adwords.

A slide deck about Getting the most out of Google’s Content Network.

Singular vs plural search queries and what it can tell you about your customers.

A behavioral targeting case study.

Facebook has a shitton of ad units so here’s an explanation of those ad units.

Facebook launches mobile ads for apps. Oh my. Also, Subscriptions are now available. Oh my again.

What do desktop users on Facebook do compared to Mobile users? Facebook is close to a billion users. And what’s going on with that Instagram deal?

Advertising on Facebook (or any other social media network)? Here are some ideas for customizing your image creatives. Here are a few posts on what NOT to do with your Facebook ad images- Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. Why do you care about your images? Chicks get clicks, man.

9 Tips on getting those Facebook ads to actually work. A lot of good advice.

BevoMedia Blogs about the Battle for 1 Cent Clicks on Facebook. They do exist.

A nifty PDF report from AdParlor about Facebook Mobile Advertising.

Trends in Commerce

A whole lot of data about US online advertisement spending.

An interesting infographic from Match.com data – the Dating Olympics.

Here be some more infographics from EConsultancy – some good ones about shopping APIs and other things (There are 300+ shopping APIs available). ECon then asks if m-commerce will overtake other payment options. One thing is for sure, shoppers love their smartphones. Maybe you should build an e-commerce site with the Shopify API? Here are 28 examples from Canada, eh!

Physical mobile commerce is about to change with this deal between Starbucks and Square.

Ebay sees a huge surge in mobile shopping.

How to bundle products without reducing value.

It’s car buying season according to AdCenter. Honestly I didn’t know there was a season for car-buying, but hey, good to know.

Design, Development, Services, etc

Common colors and what they mean in website design from UX Movement.

Neat domain tool – Search 5 letter domains and 6 letter domains that may be available.

Need to post a job to every single job site out there? There’s a Zip Recruiter for that.

Want to build cross-browser extensions with JavaScript and jQuery? That’s what CrossRider does. Here is how they got to over 100 Million users.

Want to improve your skillset? Broaden your horizons? Now, you have NO EXCUSE! Yes, a list of websites where you can learn anything, free. Here are some more collegiate resources for free education. Fuck college!

Specifically, if you want to learn Javascript, JSBooks has a giant list of free JavaScript books. Awwww snap! And here – a ton of great HTML5 resources for developers.

Need to process images in PHP? Check the PHP ImageWorkShop Library. The Facebook blog re-visits the HTML5 Canvas element. Here be an HTML5 Canvas Cheat Sheet for your viewing pleasure.

Then, a very good post on how to use Appcache Manifest for faster HTML5 apps and websites.

All Things Mobile

If you’re looking for some really nice app store insights, check out Xyologic, which recently revealed a search engine to improve mobile app discovery. As of writing, it’s a closed Beta – but easy to get in. Check it out!

Mobile marketers should focus on mobile moms and more M words. Check it out – old people get technology too. They’re like, hip to the scene and shit. Young whippersnappers!

Neverblue launches a Game Performance Network, a “full service growth machine for game developers.” Interesting to see how this plays out.

A/B Test your App name to increase downloads on iPhone. If you’re an Android developer, AppFlood looks like a cool way to cross-promote your app. App-o-day looks like a good way to get your paid app out there for iOS.

The Olympics blow up mobile search. Then, Google explains the difference between a mobile website and a responsive design, and which one you need. If you’re going the responsive design route – here’s a huge interactive guide on responsive design.

How to emulate Phonegap / Cordova in your desktop browser. Really cool.

Some decent tips on monetizing mobile apps, before you develop them. Here are some tools to help you with mobile app monetization.

Here’s an interesting study regarding some big mobile ad networks – AdMob accounts for 50% of total share but has the worst engagement of these ad networks. I wonder why this is?

Who’s winning the apps race in mobile shopping?

SEOBook takes a look at the opportunities in mobile SEO.

The growing “mobile-only” audience. And then some data on the “multi-device” audience. What’s the most popular mobile activity? It’s true – SMS keeps growing. With that said, 5 examples of SMS marketing the right way.

More data on who is using all those smart phones.

A ton of data from Adfonic about the $5.3 Billion mobile advertising space. Get the report! Here are some of the highlights.

Goodies from Mobaff (although these appear to be reposts from an earlier date): Hey bro I heard you liked push ads, so here’s a case study on push ads from mobaff. Un-tapped cheap mobile traffic opportunities. Finding mobile strategies that work. Ad planners for international mobile. And finally, some angry thoughts from the Angry Russian on mobile marketing.

400,000 Apps in the Apple App Store have 0 downloads. This is due to people putting out shitty apps (copycat worthless apps) and / or not knowing how to market them. Maybe these people should have read App Store Optimization for Beginners? Check out this post from Invantory titled App Store SEO: The tools we used.

Estimating App Demand from Publicly Available Data. I haven’t read this yet, but it’s like, a scientific research paper or some shit. Yeah! Science bitch!

Techcrunch article on marketing tactics used to get a very niche mobile app past 10 Million downloads.

Mopub is growing and making new hires. Also, Google is putting the smack-down on “spammy apps” which have started to become a huge problem.

What developers can learn from top mobile apps. Kind of fluff but decent ideas.

APIs, Startups, Entrepreneurship, Productivity, and Everything Else

The future of web APIs and a bunch of handy links. Planning an API? Here are the best 30 APIs to take a look at to see what they are doing right. The App Economy is really the API Economy. Basically, most apps make calls to or rely entirely on APIs.

The US Census Department releases an API. Twilio SMS goes international to 150 countries.

Speaking of APIs, if you’re looking for a job that deals with API, api-jobs is for you.

Pretty cool way to reward your customers when they refer people to your service or product.

Always one of my favorite things from Kissmetrics: Learning how startups become successes – this time its Quora.

Bootstrapped, profitable, and proud. Profiling profitable companies that were built from the ground up, without outside funding. Stories of failure and redemption from 18 startup founders. Not every one ends up successful, but interesting to see how people fuck up.

Start up? Read up – Excellent ways to increase user engagement. 54 Quotes from Startup Leaders on how to improve conversions. Bet you didn’t know there’s much we can learn from the porn industry.

Advice I wish I could’ve given myself 5 years ago. 5 things young people don’t know. Is this your first time, Mr. Entrepreneur? Stop Fucking Around then!

Behind the scenes at fab.com. Somehow Fab.com always seems to make it into these posts.

Asian Efficiency has some thoughts on productivity and outcomes. You don’t have to be a fan of Will Smith to like this post on procrastination.

Good read from Wired.com exposes dirty tricks to get that investor money in the mobile app world.

Student debt is hitting the middle-aged pretty hard. What happens in 10-20 years when recent grads start reaching that age?

P90X is a huge now, but it took a lot of hard work to get it where it is today.

How our brains sabotage our goals. Scumbag brain! Finch asks where productivity ends and “staying busy” begins. So, why aren’t you delegating?

Good videos to watch – Entrepreneurial happiness TED Talk. And a great fireside chat with Elon Musk, a true badass of entrepreneurship and innovation.

How to achieve the “Flow” state. Much easier read than trying to get through the long and boring book “Flow.”