Must Read News and Posts for June

Or “I Read the Internet Marketing Blogosphere So You Don’t Have To” Let’s do the damn thang:

Affiliate Marketing

Love infographics and love internet marketing? Add 2 and 2 together and you might like this post. This one explains the mobile eco-system.

The rascals over at Convert2Media drop a good tip for improving CTR on certain types of advertisements.

Also Ryan and Ruck, or Ryanuck for short, launched a new blog called IM Grind. Some very solid posts so far in a short time frame. Definitely subscribe.

Keep up with NegBox’s war on Google. Same shit happened to me and they are absolute dicks about getting an account back if you cannot control the page you advertise (you’re an affiliate promoting someone else’s shit). They are fucking weasels and I’m sure a lot of people can behind the cause! FREEDOM!!!

David at PPVPlaybook has a few good posts. One about promoting CPS and another on being too loyal to your affiliate network. Split-test EVERY THANG.

Also LOL @ #5 on this “Your Aff Manager Might Suck if…”.

Mr Green has a fancypants Google hack for finding creatives. In another post, Nickycakes is called a dick.

Great guest post on BlueHatSeo regarding media buy basics.

Fight banner blindness with a few tips from ImediaConnection.

IMKazu has a post regarding POF advertising and there’s like math and shit.

Z6 Shares 10 tools you should be using. +1 for the free clickmap script.

This post is lacking irony so far, so here’s a link to Dennis Yu giving business advice. Funny, there’s nothing in here about treating your employees like dirt, not paying them, getting investigated by law firms, so on and so forth.

Let’s keep the lolz going with this Dupre’s post on how to profit off death. The kicker is “Well, I haven’t used this method for a long, long time, so I’ll be honest…” which amounts to “Hey all you newb asses that still read my blog: here’s something that I haven’t done in years, probably doesn’t work anymore, but shit, do it anyway.”

I gotta give Dupre credit though. His ratio of Great Headline to Useless Content is unparallelled in this industry.

Investing and IPOS and Startups

Got IPO fever? Then help make Mark Pincus rich(er). Semi-related: Valuating companies for investors. Bobby digital.

Betashop is a blog from Jason Goldberg (a Licensed Cheddar Shipper). I’m not going to link to a specific post but his last dozen posts or so chronicle his launch, which include all sorts of traffic stats and numbers. Very cool to watch.

Pay Per Clicks

Really bored and want to read a lot about pay-per-click? PPCBlog does a Greatest Hits Collection.

Need some CTR tips for paid search? PPCHero has you covered.

For the Adwords peeps: Stay updated on changes to the rules and policies. Also, Learn to setup automated rules.

Landing Pages and Copywriting

Unbounce has a good writeup for Social Landing pages. I like the “Pay with a tweet” gimmick they discuss.

Although I read Copyblogger, I don’t usually link to it because the posts are for retarded mommy-bloggers. But this month, there’s two good guides: How to Make a Good Optin Page, and Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising.

Speaking of copywriting, The BoostCTR Blog is a great one to follow.

Givin’ some love to Ian Fernando for this guest post. I like copy-writing posts a lot, and this one is pretty good because it includes some solid links at the end.

WhichTestWon used to be a good blog to read, but now they stuck up a paywall. Fuck that, I WANT EVERYTHING ON THE INTERNET FOR FREE!

Facebook and Other Social Stuff

The KissMetrics Blog has some awesome data about Social Timing for Facebook and Twitter. The second half provides good shit about dropping emails.

Advertising to non-fans is more expensive then fans. Pro-tip: Leverage your groups / apps to re-target people. For one, advertising to a FB property (app / page) over an external link is generally cheaper (this means a property you administer! Not a link to an app install CPA) From there, you could retarget your lists with similar types of offers. People make this mistake… they spend money to build up business pages or groups or whatever, but then forget about serving ads to the page members again. For example, you own brewery and got everyone in your podunk town to Like your page. Why aren’t you serving ads for weekly / daily specials? Or, you create a Page for car lovers. Why not re-serve them with “Chicks who can a spark plug” dating ads?

Using Facebook for SEO? Then you probably want to read these SEO tips for FB Pages. Taykey does something with real time ad targeting. Some stats about Page view data. And finally, not-so-shocking news about Facebook page shutdowns.

Here’s a kind of neat infographic breaking down demographics for Facebook. Did you know that Europe is now the biggest continent on Facebook?

Assorted Goodies

Digital Moses has a good Q&A with Mista Walker from W4 about going “direct.”

Oh lookie, the US Government is dropping some domain names. Can you scoop them up for a link juice money shot?

Amazon starts an ad network. I’m pretty sure they already had an ad network / self-serve thing but this new offering seems to be using its own data to its advantage.

An semi-interesting inforgraphic from Yahoo. Thanks for making the text too small to read assholes.

The best posts this month from Marketing Vox: Want to Target Male Shoppers? A Roundup of display advertising research.

Roosh has a blog not related to internet marketing, but rather, banging chicks. This is a solid life advice post, although if you’re in internet marketing the “get rid of internet part” should be replaced with “get rid of doing useless shit on the internet.” This post is about banging chicks internationally and I’m only linking it for Ricardo.

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