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Best of November’s Affiliate Marketing News

Holy shit it’s almost December. At this rate, by the time i finish this sentence, it will be just after Christmas.

Now, let’s see if Google Reader has anything good for us during this month of November. Overall, it’s a relatively quiet month compared to my previous “Best of” posts. Probably because everyone has their heads down grinding the fuck out till Christmas Eve.

Industry News

IMToday bought a banner recently so let’s give them a shout out. It’s kind of like Affbuzz, but apparently its handed-edited, unlike Affbuzz, which uses an algorithm of hits and clicks and a sprinkle of pixie dust.

Do you run traffic on Lead Impact? Are you a fucking ninja? NO?! THEN BECOME A LEAD IMPACT NINJA. THIS ISN’T NEWS BUT THE LANDING PAGE IS SO FUNNY ITS WORTH MENTIONING. WHY AM I YELLING?! Ninjas don’t yell…

Take a knee. This is my new favorite website.

OK on to some real news.

Affiliate marketing is still dead or dying, because this post on says so. Joking aside, there are many good points there on why the affiliate ecosystem tends to eat itself. There’s another good post on DR that can help you reduce charge backs.

If you’re feeling voyeuristic, DR also posted up this recorded call that has some good insight into the advertiser side of the online marketing space. Definitely worth a listen.

Do you suck at Google? That’s probably because you’re not a brand. Everything Google has been doing the past few years has been giving preferential treatment to brands, and kicking SEOs / small businesses to the curb. Aaron Wall says so in this fancy infographic.

I’ve been too busy to post about WhatRunsWhere again, but Finch did it so you can just head on over there.

Mr. Green has a new case study on the 310px ads at Plenty of Fish. I ask, is there any traffic left on PoF that isn’t going to Mr. Green’s case studies?

Here’s a good post on image ad blending. Basically, making your ads look like content of the targeted website.

Are you doing Lead Generation? Silly question, but Kiss Metrics has a nice post on improving the effectiveness of your lead gen sites.

Speaking of Leadgen, eConsultancy has a good series on improving your skills. Part 1 and Part 2.

Mobile, Facebook

Ruck has an extensive rant on mobile click fraud. Mobile marketing is dead already.

Mobile is exploding. Yes, still, even though its dead. Check out these pretty charts from Unbounce as they look at some sweet Swedish mobile traffic.

Check out how mobile apps are being monetized. Hint: Its in-app sales. Not convinced? Here’s so more data off Techcrunch.

With all these talk of “the future,” there’s still opportunity in video, whether desktop, pad, or phone.

Copywriting and Sales

I like info marketing blog because it talks a lot about old school copywriting greats. This is a new blog I follow so I won’t link to anything specific, but check that shit out if you’re a fan.

Direct Creative Blog has a good post on working with testimonials, and how you can integrate them properly into a marketing campaign instead of pasting them randomly on a page.

Are you building email lists via mobile? Here are some tips for making that more effective. Time is critical!


Do you like to look busy by scribbling stuff on paper? I know I do ( if you only saw my desk…) Finch has a good post on why this is bad at Filthy Rich Mind.

Also Finch is banking pretty good with those Premium Posts. Maybe it’s time other bloggers to start providing real quality content over the drivel they post daily ( * just kidding John Chow doesn’t know anything worth paying money for.)

And finally, How to have a 36 day. Better yet…. how to work from home without going insane.

Affiliate and Online Marketing Reads from October

It turns out I start writing these posts as drafts, then I forget to finish and post. So technically some of these reads are from September. This very post took like 2 weeks to write. Stop judging me.

What’s good in the affiliate marketing blogosphere? Not a whole lot really, because most blogs are shit. Also i hate the word blogosphere. Almost as much as I hate that new buzzword “mocial” (mobile social media)


Google is getting audited by the IRS. Finally, Google gets fucked over. Sweet merciful justice. Although I’m sure their legal team is ready to ride…

Affiliate and Online Marketing Stuff

While we’re on the topic of saying F4WK J00 to Google, here are some leaked Quality Score Guidelines.

There’s probably no point to reading the rest of this post since Affiliate Marketing IS DEAD! Get out as soon as you can while there are still job openings at Subway! HURRY! RIP 11/1/11 Never Forget.

Wait, maybe it’s not dead. If you look at this survey about affiliate marketing from Econsultancy, then it looks like the space is actually getting busier. Now I’m confused! Who can I trust?

What’s Jesse Willms up to these days? Shock Marketer investigates.

CTRTard has a good bit on payday loans. Does their seediness know no bounds?

How to Bank on the Football trend from

Prosper 1.7 was released. I haven’t messed with it yet, but CTRTard is already on it with some mods.

How big is Facebook’s dick? Sorry Pingdom but I like my title better. Pingdom also takes a look at the popularity of various social networks around the world.

DirectResponse says the Force Factor landing page is pretty good. DR also has an “Insider’s Guide to Media Buying” that is pretty interesting.

But some good news! Z6 to blogging and reveals some life lessons, then reveals a campaign. Nothing fancy, but boobies work!

ThinkwithGoogle has a pretty badass post discussing consumer behavior in real time. The data is awesome.

Do you do e-commerce? Kiss Metrics has a sweet post on killer product pages.

Mobile tap and pay will be some crazy stuff. Pay with your cellphone. Soon they will be embedded in our wrists. I just want something to vibrate inside my body when pixel fires.

As usually Finch has posts that are worth reading. Here’s a handy global market finder. I greatly enjoy this 7 Deadly Sins of Dating ads post.

Oh shit, Stack that money is getting in on the dating action too! What Women Want.

Here a little part of me dies inside because I’m linking to Zac Johnson’s post with more dating landing page tips.

Yo Dawg I hear you like posts about conversions so we put some posts about conversions in your posts about conversions so you can convert while you convert.

Aaron Wall takes it to big G. Then he proves (as if you needed proof) Google hates affiliates. Pro Tip: Stop calling yourself an affiliate and start calling yourself an Agency or some shit.

Have you ever wondered, Why Affiliate Marketing is like Picking up Chicks. Because your success rate is .04%? Because you try to do both from your mom’s basement? But seriously, Mr Green tells you.

Snoop Dogg is an old ass G.

Are you doing everything right but still failing? David at PPV Playbook looks into why this could be. Solid post.

People can’t stop clicking ads on their mobile device (at least in the financial sector). Compete has a report on this, and there are some “free” whitepapers at the end of this post.

Copywriting, Sales, and Design Stuff Stuff

Looking to mindfuck your customers? Here’s some tricks our brains play on us when it comes to sales and psychology.

I’m not going over all the good stuff at Just subscribe and read the great content yourself, you lazy slut.

Ever wanted a shit ton of user testing tools? Smashing Magazine has you covered! Learn how people interact with your pages – you never know what you’ll discover about your users. Here’s a post from Kiss Metrics with a real eye-tracking case study.

Who doesn’t love a good infographic? Kiss Metrics has a sweet infographic with tips on how to sell more with your website.

Need free website graphics? A handy design resource from Copyblogger.

Marketing to Moms? Yahoo has some tips for you. That sweet, sweet, mommy demographic. Oh look, Yahoo has some tips for marketing to digitial dads too.

Want to reach that pesky student demographic outside of Facebook? Compete has a post on that. Here some more info on recent graduates and their student loans.

You don’t market to moms or dads or debt-ridden college grads? What about Hispanics? Please tell me you’re marketing to somebody at least!

Here’s an interesting story from Daily Conversions about consulting. Moral of the story- if you’re knowledgeable don’t sell yourself short because people might not take you seriously. The good ol’ perceived value thing.

Facebook Stuff

DM Confidential posts this press release that dives into which Facebook Posts get the most attention.

Motivation Hacks

Some of this stuff is a little cheesy, but hell, we’re not perfect. Sometimes we need a kick in the “arse.”

Looks like Finch is expanding his writing portfolio by writing a post for Filthy Rich Mind called How to Improve Your Concentration in 4 Easy Steps.

Here’s a great read on fighting micro-burnout from the creator of AppSumo. Sometimes you can lose motivation even when you love what you do.

A buncho crap from Strategic Profits: Self-confidence = power. Self-confidence boosting techniques. Take Inventory of your life. How to get motivated to do anything.

Random Stuff

Check out this great piece of journalism: How Spamming Craiglists gets your company a $1 Billion+ valuation!

14 Social Media Fails. How a single tweet can bring a company to its knees. Or politician. Whatever. Wiener.

More Facebook and Mobile Stuff to Come

I’m planning on creating a little resource for blogs specific to Facebook and Mobile Development and Marketing. That way, I will refer your lazy asses to said resource instead of reading the shit myself and making posts out of it.

Your End of Summer Affiliate Marketing Reading List

Holy shit it’s been so long, if I could print my RSS feed it would be bigger than “War and Peace.” So let’s get into it!

Industry News

Justin Bieber wear’s women’s jeans. How’s that for breaking news?

OK, on to the real stuff…

Always entertaining, AdHustler’s “Observations” during Affiliate Summit East. Affiliate Summit Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3. Some Sun Tzu shit.

Shake-ups at the 202 Offices. Wes is stepping down as CEO. All good because Nana keeps the hustle up with posts like this. I also heard there was a 1.7 version being released or has been released, haven’t tried it yet though.

DirectResponse points out that crime does, in fact, pay.

You can’t even see this interview that Ryan Eagle did on Ricky Ahuja’s blog. Not even I can see it. Maybe you can see this one on Z6. NOope, can’t see that either.

Ruck apparently broke it off with C2M. I don’t know what the drama is all about, but Ruck’s gone guru basically. That’s fine, since he’s one of the people who actually practices what he preaches. There’s been a ton of posts to the IMGrind Blog, so just subscribe because I’m not going to list them all here.

Also, join the IM Grind Internet Marketing Forums if you really want to step your game up.

Speaking of blogs that are good enough to subscribe to, BoostCTR is an absolutely amazing read for learning how to write response-driven copy for online. There’s too much good content there to highlight, so read the whole damn blog you git!

MobAff Blog from the Angry Russian is another one worth subscribing to. If you’re in the mobile marketing space at all, there isn’t that much good content out there compared to SEO or PPC or something. This commie sheds some light on the subject. If you’re not into mobile, MobAff’s first post could change your mind.

I haven’t read through all of Scotch and Sales yet, but looks like another promising blog to follow. All I know is that I enjoy sales while drinking scotch with a finely rolled Cuban cigar.

Paid Search, Social, and Conversions

This Shannon chick from PlentyofFish writes a good post on how to advertise to women. I’m going to write a post on how to advertise to Shannon :: wink ::

Here’s Part2: Advertising to Women.

The people that kill in direct mail are advertising masters. Here’s a nice Q&A from Direct Creative with some great info about copy and response.

Conversion Rate Experts has this neat little “Process” for Conversion Rate Optimization.

Here are 10 Examples of “Call to Action” in the real world, from Unbounce.

Continue your epic journey into conversion optimization by increasing your Clickthru rates. How? Stack that Money has this great case study on various image styles for Facebook Ads.

6 Elements of a Failed Facebook Campaign from MoneyMachines Blog. Very good read!

Here’s a great post from MrGreen with some great copywriting goodies. The follow up post has bacon in it. That’s all that matters.

Volk does a Case Study with a live chat. Should you implement this feature?

Facebook becomes more gambling friendly. But you gotta pay to play! ($30,000!)

Mo Facebook
Women leading the charge in Latin American Growth
Top 20 Facebook Updates. Notice how Buffalo Wild Wings does it.
Facebook launches Topic targeting in the ads. New to me, I’ve only played around with the broad categories they implemented a while ago but not this.
Women Click Facebook Ads more than Men.

I’ll just leave this right here… Script: FBPwn – Cross-platform Facebook profile dumper.

The scumbags at Google Adwords have started reviewing paused ads. BlackHatPPC tells you how to avoid the slap from some random ad you made in 2002.

While you’re at it, BlackHatPPC also drops some black hat ppc tools that you should have.

To add insult to injury, the Adwords team has the balls to post this about Affiliate Marketing. “Hey businesses! Promote your business through affiliate marketing… even though we hate affiliates!” I guess it’s all gravy as long as the affiliate program is Google’s own.

It’s OK though. If you’re a big brand or have an “in” somehow, PPCBlog shows you how to do straight-up Adwords to Adsense Arbitrage.

Oh yeah… if you ever wondered why Google’s support is absolute shit, here’s why: They’d rather have cash then hire more people.

Infographic Mania

Unbounce – Badass Infographic with some conversion optimization and copywriting tips.

IMGrind – Facebook Likes – More Powerful then you think.

Yahoo – The Most Popular Content on Mobile.

Why are those damn users leaving your website?! KISS metrics explains.


Great post from CTRTard on how to install the Maxmind GeoIP extension. I did this a few months back (all by myself, somehow…) and it’s significantly faster then any 3rd party service you source within your website.

Did you ever wonder… “I don’t have enough buttons to use on my landing pages.” Fear no more, because does a guestpost on PPVPlaybook’s blog: Killer CSS Buttons.

A while back I wrote a post about a “from the top” banner slider. Here’s a different spin that’s probably much cleaner than mine, from


10 Tips on How to get Customer Reviews for local businesses.

KISS Metrics also has a post on how to get creative with user testimonials.


The Long Grind Before You Become an Overnight Success. Great read. For most people, it can take years for something to hit. Angry Birds is a perfect example. The company worked on games for many years before they developed their hit.

Fucking Sue Me. Life lessons in risk-taking.

Want to double your affiliate income? Z6 says stop being a basement dweller and socialize with your local affiliate neighbors. Once you do that, Z6 recommends you stop being such a bitch, BE ABOUT IT! “Fortune favors the swift.

Do you suck at programming? Well all you need is some Aviators and you can start getting your BroGrammer Game proper. Shouts to everyone’s fem-nerd for that one.


Check out the biggest file-sharing sites on the web. Could be handy if you know how to convert this traffic.

Email Marketer? This post has a ton of blogs and people you could follow.

Mediatrust has a post about EDU Leadgen compliance and the recent changes to it.

Want to live the vagabond lifestyle? Finch tells you the Top 10 places for an online professional.

Launching a product or service, but still in Beta? A handy post from Smashing Magazine discussing viral landing pages. Some features can definitely be borrowed for affiliate style stuff.

Smashing Magazine turned 5 so they’re giving away a Free ebook. Just some content around good design and what have you- their “Best Of.”

How to Create Your Own Privacy Service. Get a PO Box or UPS Store box. BAM! Instant office!

PPCBlog reviews some services that have been making noise lately. Here’s a MixRank Review. Here’s a BoostCTR review (mentioned earlier.)

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little overview of the past few weeks. I’m getting back into updating this blog on a consistent basis, but it’s easier said than done. There’s definitely some good stuff coming though.

Must Read News and Posts for June

Or “I Read the Internet Marketing Blogosphere So You Don’t Have To” Let’s do the damn thang:

Affiliate Marketing

Love infographics and love internet marketing? Add 2 and 2 together and you might like this post. This one explains the mobile eco-system.

The rascals over at Convert2Media drop a good tip for improving CTR on certain types of advertisements.

Also Ryan and Ruck, or Ryanuck for short, launched a new blog called IM Grind. Some very solid posts so far in a short time frame. Definitely subscribe.

Keep up with NegBox’s war on Google. Same shit happened to me and they are absolute dicks about getting an account back if you cannot control the page you advertise (you’re an affiliate promoting someone else’s shit). They are fucking weasels and I’m sure a lot of people can behind the cause! FREEDOM!!!

David at PPVPlaybook has a few good posts. One about promoting CPS and another on being too loyal to your affiliate network. Split-test EVERY THANG.

Also LOL @ #5 on this “Your Aff Manager Might Suck if…”.

Mr Green has a fancypants Google hack for finding creatives. In another post, Nickycakes is called a dick.

Great guest post on BlueHatSeo regarding media buy basics.

Fight banner blindness with a few tips from ImediaConnection.

IMKazu has a post regarding POF advertising and there’s like math and shit.

Z6 Shares 10 tools you should be using. +1 for the free clickmap script.

This post is lacking irony so far, so here’s a link to Dennis Yu giving business advice. Funny, there’s nothing in here about treating your employees like dirt, not paying them, getting investigated by law firms, so on and so forth.

Let’s keep the lolz going with this Dupre’s post on how to profit off death. The kicker is “Well, I haven’t used this method for a long, long time, so I’ll be honest…” which amounts to “Hey all you newb asses that still read my blog: here’s something that I haven’t done in years, probably doesn’t work anymore, but shit, do it anyway.”

I gotta give Dupre credit though. His ratio of Great Headline to Useless Content is unparallelled in this industry.

Investing and IPOS and Startups

Got IPO fever? Then help make Mark Pincus rich(er). Semi-related: Valuating companies for investors. Bobby digital.

Betashop is a blog from Jason Goldberg (a Licensed Cheddar Shipper). I’m not going to link to a specific post but his last dozen posts or so chronicle his launch, which include all sorts of traffic stats and numbers. Very cool to watch.

Pay Per Clicks

Really bored and want to read a lot about pay-per-click? PPCBlog does a Greatest Hits Collection.

Need some CTR tips for paid search? PPCHero has you covered.

For the Adwords peeps: Stay updated on changes to the rules and policies. Also, Learn to setup automated rules.

Landing Pages and Copywriting

Unbounce has a good writeup for Social Landing pages. I like the “Pay with a tweet” gimmick they discuss.

Although I read Copyblogger, I don’t usually link to it because the posts are for retarded mommy-bloggers. But this month, there’s two good guides: How to Make a Good Optin Page, and Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising.

Speaking of copywriting, The BoostCTR Blog is a great one to follow.

Givin’ some love to Ian Fernando for this guest post. I like copy-writing posts a lot, and this one is pretty good because it includes some solid links at the end.

WhichTestWon used to be a good blog to read, but now they stuck up a paywall. Fuck that, I WANT EVERYTHING ON THE INTERNET FOR FREE!

Facebook and Other Social Stuff

The KissMetrics Blog has some awesome data about Social Timing for Facebook and Twitter. The second half provides good shit about dropping emails.

Advertising to non-fans is more expensive then fans. Pro-tip: Leverage your groups / apps to re-target people. For one, advertising to a FB property (app / page) over an external link is generally cheaper (this means a property you administer! Not a link to an app install CPA) From there, you could retarget your lists with similar types of offers. People make this mistake… they spend money to build up business pages or groups or whatever, but then forget about serving ads to the page members again. For example, you own brewery and got everyone in your podunk town to Like your page. Why aren’t you serving ads for weekly / daily specials? Or, you create a Page for car lovers. Why not re-serve them with “Chicks who can a spark plug” dating ads?

Using Facebook for SEO? Then you probably want to read these SEO tips for FB Pages. Taykey does something with real time ad targeting. Some stats about Page view data. And finally, not-so-shocking news about Facebook page shutdowns.

Here’s a kind of neat infographic breaking down demographics for Facebook. Did you know that Europe is now the biggest continent on Facebook?

Assorted Goodies

Digital Moses has a good Q&A with Mista Walker from W4 about going “direct.”

Oh lookie, the US Government is dropping some domain names. Can you scoop them up for a link juice money shot?

Amazon starts an ad network. I’m pretty sure they already had an ad network / self-serve thing but this new offering seems to be using its own data to its advantage.

An semi-interesting inforgraphic from Yahoo. Thanks for making the text too small to read assholes.

The best posts this month from Marketing Vox: Want to Target Male Shoppers? A Roundup of display advertising research.

Roosh has a blog not related to internet marketing, but rather, banging chicks. This is a solid life advice post, although if you’re in internet marketing the “get rid of internet part” should be replaced with “get rid of doing useless shit on the internet.” This post is about banging chicks internationally and I’m only linking it for Ricardo.

Must-Read Marketing News from May

I’ve definitely slacked a bit last month, so my reader was loaded with crap to sift through to find some good stuff. Anything written about here is probably worth reading if you’re in online marketing. Something for everybody! Yay!

Derek from Click Consultants has a few new posts. Mistakes I’ve Made Part 1 is sound advice – Once you see some success, invest everything you can back in your business. Don’t Do it All talks about outsourcing the mundane, time-wasting tasks in your life.

Don’t do long-term math with campaigns – “Oh this is making $200 profit a day. That’s like $60,000 a year!” That kind of thinking will get you fucked up in the long-run, especially if you adjust your life as if you’re already made that grand total. Most of the time, campaigns and offers will have a far shorter lifespan than you envision (Offer dies. Campaign dies. Traffic source bans you. So on and so forth) So reinvest everything you make to scale up and milk the campaign till it runs dry. Beat that bitch up!

Would you like a random blackhat Facebook tip? Here’s something interesting for you…

Want to buy and sell domains? Check out this Top 10 List from DNExpert

If you’re a domainer with actual traffic, then you might have heard about Frank Shilling’s new venture Internet Shilling is a pure domaining boss, so he launched so people can earn much more money off their parked domains (essentially parking companies have been ripping off domainers more and more as each new year passes.) Rick Schwartz, a legendary blog you should be reading in the domain space, has been talking about it constantly. And by talking, I mean cursing at the parking companies and calling them slave drivers.

Yahoo Advertising Blog has a couple of good posts about marketing to women. This post discusses how to connect with women about health, and how to market to women over 40. Both posts are based on larger research that can be found here.

DMConfidential is a blog worth following simply because it’s industry news and opinion you generally don’t get anywhere else. This post on Jessie Willms is quite telling. This is a post on the edu space. Fraud and compliance. It goes on and on so follow that blog. never fails with quality posts. If you’re not following his blog then get the fuck out of the direct marketing business. Long Copy vs Short Copy. Fuck Indian outsourcers, sir!. Pricing Psychology. One Simple Trick to make more money: Call to action!

I don’t like linking to SEO articles that much, but since this post on LunaMetrics is about Game of Thrones, I’m linking to it anyway.

Here’s a neat website I stumbled on call Marketing Charts. Look at all that juicy, juicy data!!

Money Machine Factory recently started a new blog that’s worth following.

ViperChill reviews a twitter following service which may or may not be good but he is too much of a pussy to use it.

Riley does a case study with a PlentyofFish feature that you wish Facebook had.

Make your website faster. Everybody wins. Unbounce shows you how.

Still an Adwords advertiser? Google recently updated the privacy policy guidelines and PPCHero tells you what you need to know about that.

Mr Green reminisces on the past with this post called If I started today what would i do? Daily Conversions goes a little further by telling you How to Fail at Affiliate Marketing.

Mr. Green also has a guest post regarding mobile affiliate marketing from Neverblue.

Finchy always has great posts. He has another blog or two now, but I’m getting tired of linking to his shit. So here are some posts actually related to affiliate marketing: How to Target Foreign Markets. How to approach straight sale on Facebook.

Oh yeah ladies! WHIP THEM TITTIES OUT!

Want to know the optimal link color? #0044CC. Now you know. Thank me later?

Negbox has a few good reads. Here’s an review. This post has a very interesting spreadsheet on cultural differences between countries.

InsideFacebook is a great blog to follow if you use Facebook for makering the money. Here’s how to find approved developers (or ad networks!) and here’s a post about AdParlor launching their API for ad agencies.

In the Local Lead Gen game? Here’s a very thorough post from on setting up PPC campaigns for local businesses. It is Adwords 101 basically, but still good. If Local SEO is up your alley, check out this post regarding local ranking factors.

While we’re on the subject, I love SEOBook and you should be following the blog because all Aaron Wall does is call Google out on their bullshit. I sense an MMA cage fight between Wall and Matt Cutts….

April Affiliate Marketing News and Headlines

Clearly the top story of today is that Obama killed Osama. I thought it was straight gangster that Obama said in his press conference: “I made it a priority as soon as I took office..,” told no one that this operation was going down till it paid off, and basically took all the credit since Bush gave up.

I’m not a Democrat or Republican because politics are a joke, but I do have much respect for Obama and what he’s done. While he’s been far from perfect, he is getting shit done, which is really just cleaning up the mess that the Bush-era left behind. I find it appalling that some people out there just hate Obama with all their hearts no matter what he does.

Attempt to save the middle class from exploding health care costs (ie; profits)? Fuck you!
Slowly turn around job growth? Fuck you!
Shit on Donald Trump? Fuck you!
Kill Osama bin Laden? Fuck you!

For five fucking minutes, can you just appreciate that he finished the job that Bush couldn’t accomplish and forget that he’s black?

/end rant.

OK Now Industry News

The FTC shit on a lot of advertisers lately for their testimonial and billing practices. If you want to protect yourself in this cutthroat game, check out this webinar replay with A4D and some lawyers. continues with some tips on making compliant pages that convert.

OKCupid never fails with the goods, and this 10 Charts about Sex post is great. Did you know men pushing 60 gradually get into rougher and more freaky sex? Well now you know and you probably wish you didn’t learn such a disgusting fact. Other intersting facts include: People who use Twitter masturbate all day. Jewish people lie about jacking it. And the higher your tuition the more likely you are to be a slut. The last one i thought would be the other way around….

Do females pull better than men? Why, yes, yes they do. Sex sells even when they’re wearing a disgusting outfit.

Eleah from Adsimilis rants about some affiliates on Mr Green. Frisky!

Mr Green also has a post that breaks out a media buying campaign in detail. Worth the read!

HeavyT has upped his posting lately and keeps outing his own campaigns. Noob!

Want to know the magic font face and size for writing copy? Hint: It’s one thats the easiest to read. Duh! There’s more detail on the topic here.

Ben from PlentyofFish drops bombs for his advertisers on the PoF platform. Dude where’s my volume? and Part 2.

Finch drops some knowledge on personality traits then writes about monetizing the scraps or something.

Want to know how to implement iFrames for Facebook? Lucky you, here’s a tutorial. Part 2 shows you how to track said pages. Pro-tip: Pages are a great way to get cheap clicks on Facebook ads- the niche just has to be passionate about the subject to click- “Click here if you hate Obama!

While we’re on the subject of Facebook, MarketingVox reports that FB launched a new community for advertisers. Should be useful…. not! Why don’t they make themselves useful and improve the ad interface? Give us some fucking dayparting already!

PPC Hero has a post on improving Facebook marketing which is pretty decent, but it also links to a few other posts that drop knowledge on out-of-the-box Facebook keyword targeting.

Got a mobile app that needs more conversions? Unbounce shows you how its done.

Microsoft AdCenter is rolling out Quality Score for its platform. Here what they look for, straight from the horses’ mouth.

Google launches Think Insights, which is a bunch of data and case studies for marketers. Could be useful.

That is all.

Top News and Other Stuff Worth Reading

It’s that time of the month where I skim through tons of feeds in Google Reader to find the shit worth reading so you don’t have to. There’s a couple weeks worth of backlog here, and there are quality posts to check out in the sea of worthless drivel that typically makes up the blogs in the affiliate marketing space.

Clearly the top news this week is that Shoemoney has challenged to a match of fisticuffs, but other stuff happened as well.

Roissy discusses the evils of the FDA (no, not Fuck Dat Ass) and it trying to stop you from accessing your own genome data. The FDA is the organization that wants to take away your right to buy supplements or grow your own food so that big corporations can profit from you. Note: Roissy’s blog is not marketing related but it’s a great one to read if you like banging chicks.

How to use Excel to Visualize Ad Tests for Better Confidence by and here is the downloadable file for it.

Unbounce always with the great content. Two good reads: Landing page design Showcase and “How I Created a Viral Ebook” using readily available services.

How has the Google Panda Update affected top sites? I don’t care about SEO, but you might. has a great case study on Facebook CPC vs CPM. Stack Dat also had another post about dating statistics, which basically leads to this page: Dating and Relationship Facts which has a lot of great info not only for marketing but for real life (like get rid of the stank breath if you’re trying to game your affiliate manager.) is updated constantly so get on it, but a few posts stuck out:
Appatyze launches which is a place to buy ads for app traffic.
Facebook approves more ad providers and then adds a few more.

Ruck stops polishing his guns for 5 minutes to write some posts: Using to spy on media and then some motivation and mood stuff.

Josh Todd has a tip on targetting demographics for PPV

Conversion Rate Experts has a good post on getting people to scroll below the fold. Useful for just about any traffic source as long as you’re doing landing pages. also explores some white-label daily deal options. If you’re a local mastermind then this could be for you.

Finch, as always, writes good content regularly. Here’s a post about dealing with competition and here’s a post about gaming user attributes.

If you’re not subscribed to then something is wrong with you. Rich is constantly posting and the content is valuable. SEM Tips from an Insider, affiliate managers are, indeed, bitches, and leaked content from the A4D Meetup by a boss media buyer.

Legal News

FTC has cracked down on online marketers. Granted, some shit has gotten out of hand (again) but it’s kind of bullshit they’re going after small businesses instead of the big banks on Wall Street that gutted America. Anyway, here’s what it might mean for you: Direct Response breaks down the FTC Rules for continuity marketers.

The Privacy Bill is also making the rounds. MarketingVox explores what we hate about the Privacy Bill. I venture to guess that any privacy bill past will kill Facebook forever.

Even more Government drama! The FBI shut down a ton of Poker sites recently – here’s how they did it. (Hint, someone snitched and snitched hard)

And Now a Word To and From Our Sponsors

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I am gradually raising the price each month (by $10) till market forces tell me to stop. You can potentially lock in lower rates but I haven’t figured out OIO Publisher 100% yet.

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Good Reads for February

It’s that time of the month where I suck up a couple hours and go through Google Reader to see if anyone had anything interesting to say on the internet.

If had an award show, it would be hosted by Ricky Gervais and the “Best New Blog” award would go to Unfortunately there is no award show, but still wins my imaginary Best New Blog award.

Let’s start with this post, Why Most Blogs Suck. Rich takes on the lame fucks who write blogs about marketing, expecting to get rich cause they saw John Chow do it or something. Yet they don’t know a lot about marketing. In fact, they don’t know anything.

One pundit blogger noted that they were qualified because they graduated from an Ivy League college. Who gives a shit dude?

Exactly Rich. EXACTLY!!! How are we so alike?! has a ton of great content so subscribe then read the archives. There are many gems, like this post letting Jeremy Johnson, shady upsell kingpin, know his is shit out of luck. In another post, an affiliate rocking out with rebill trio (not just a dynamic duo) gets labeled “Shithead.” Some drama ensues but in the end everyone lives happily ever-after and we go back to scammin’.

It appears Finch has changed up his blog theme to look like ass and changed up his font style to make it nearly unreadable, but nevertheless the content is still good. This post on rules for landing pages that convert is really on point. Let the user “follow the scent” Why’d they click your ad in the fist place? Why will they click through (with intent to complete the sales funnel) landing page once they get there? So on and so forth.

Also there’s a good post on Volk’s blog, but not surprising that Finch wrote it.

This post from calls Google on its bullshit. Now, calling Google’s policies bullshit has been done so much by affiliates most have lost their voice (and hair), but it is quite ironic that Google tells other businesses how to use improve support while Google provides no phone customer support, weak email support, and a forum full of the most useless “help” ever conceived. GJ Google.

If you’re one of the 9 people left advertising on Google, here is a l33t haxx for getting those pesky image ads approved a bit faster.

An interesting read on a Romanian Hackerville from Wired, which highlights these crafty European young bloods gettin’ their scam on 24/7 buyin’ Benzs like it ain’t no thang.

Bulk border production for image ads via imkazu.

Here’s a good read from ViperChill about a unique spin on Facebook fan pages.

This Noob Guide to Online Marketing has been tweeted and retweed fifty thousand times. I haven’t read it because that’s like a lot of shit to read, but if you haven’t seen it yet then hopefully you find some use.

If you do the damn thang with SEO then this post from SEO Scientist might be useful to you for crawling your site and spotting places for improvements.

Stackthatmoney has some conversion rate boosting scripts available. I love to get nerdy!

DMConfidential had a few good reads Billion dollar email submits and the FTC shitting on a text message spammer

That is all.

Good Posts and Some Updates

I haven’t accessed my Google Reader in god knows how long. Weeks now, at this point. 1,000+ items. So let me skim through this shit and find the posts worth reading.

Before we do that though, here are some updates on

  • The Top Commentors has reset for the year so if you want Eagle Status then you should leave some comments on posts.
  • Redesign Coming. Well maybe not any time soon, but I will be selling the ads on the side here in the very near future. Fuck you, pay me.
  • ASW Wrapup – Yeah it’s coming. Don’t wait too hard though, I don’t remember a lot of what happened.

Good Internet Marketing Posts

Note: Will not be posting about wrap-ups of ASW. Frankly, I don’t give much of a fuck what you did, if you ate with John Chow, or rode the Ian Fernando party bus. “Dear Diary…. I need to justify my existence…” blah blah blah whatever. I’m only linking if it’s useful or funny. Fuck you nerds. /end Ricky Gervais

OKCupid never fails with their data-driven posts. Their latest post made me lol with the jab at PlentyofFish. Ben, your rebuttal?

And it objectifies women. This should be right up your alley internet marketers.

Stack that Money usually has some good posts. I enjoyed this one about social networks and this can be relevant to your interests if you do facebook.

Shock Marketer has a good wrapup of the Cashvertising keynote from ASW. I didn’t get to go and I’m sad I did not. Very good list of tips that any marketer needs to check out. And read the fucking book!

Some Facebook Page Strategies from They post a lot so if you’re into FB then you should probably subscribe to their blog. This post may also be very relevant to your interests.

A quality score tip from blackhatppc.

Adhustler’s Affiliate Summit “observations” are usually pretty funny. day 1 then the next 2.

A case study on mobile urls

SEO Theory has two good posts on SEO if that’s your thing – How to best use links and some shit microsites.

Uber, or Goober, comes back from the dead and posts some shit on his blog. Love him or hate him (eh, I’m neutral) this post about starting over is good but this split testing post is quality. Bear in mind those are a lot of variables to be testing, so take care with your statistical significance.

Now watch as 100’s of clueless affiliates rip the page completely without putting any creative spin on it whatsoever.

Finch. Who could forget Finch? When he’s not busy meeting lady boys in Thailand, Finch writes funny posts on his blog. This is a good post for new affiliates because it really is about cash flow till you get to the level of making it rain everywhere. In post, Finch calls blogging stupid and I couldn’t agree more. Fuck you, ass clowns! And any post with a Nick Throlson joke is fine with me.

November Blog Wrap-Up

It’s been about 2 weeks since my last post. Hopefully you made it safe through the holidays. I had many drug-induced, near-death experiences but managed to make it out alive.

For the past two weeks, I guess people still wrote shit on their blogs, so I had a lot of catching up to do after getting back in the office today. Over 800+ items and now I’m going to rant and rave about only a few of them.

Below are some things that might be useful or entertaining to you.

Useful Stuff is my new favorite blog, and one of the few I look forward to actually reading. Your Landing Page Sucks is a beautiful post with 10 examples of good landing pages. There are some incredible tips under each example with the “What I like” and “What I Would Test…” from the author. If you’re not reading Unbounce, then ur doing it wrong.

Another good post from Finch monetizing the majority. Basically – build list and segment your marketing based on country so you can scrape up those last bits of coin.

Mr Green plays “Guess Which Won” with some buttons on his advertisements. A nice case study, but personally I think all of those buttons are shitty. (<3 U Mr Green) Aaron Wall takes on Freetards. Two things: I love this word “Freetards.” Even if you don’t read the article, make sure to bring “freetards” into your daily vocabulary. Second, I love Aaron Wall, specifically his tweets (i feel so gay for saying that word out loud.) I never met the guy but I feel like we’re on the same page regarding a lot of things, like the wealth gap, corporate abuse (conglomerates not paying their fair share of taxes), and general hatred of Google. He is a gentlemen and a scholar.

Tim Ash talks landing page fixes. Short and sweet article. “Remove Choices” is a great tip- the more choices you have the more difficult it is for people to make one. Give them options (if any) they don’t have to think about. It’s your job to send them down a specific path, not “Here’s a bunch of shit, take some time and use some brainpower to make a decision.”

Good case study from Mike Chiasson about promoting Clickbank products. Before you shit a brick, it’s a product for something completely unrelated to ‘make money online guru’ ebooks.

Stack That Money writes about buying sites from Flippa to get into the non-PPC game. I don’t know much about Flippa, but the deals span the gamut of “Wow, I can’t believe this guy is selling this site for almost nothing” to “Is this motherfucker serious?” Flippa’s a place where patience and due diligence are a must.

Stuff I Complain About

What the fuck, Zac Johnson? Should I feel guilty or not? The post doesn’t tell me! It’s very hard to figure out on my own – your shining beacon of light is my only guidance for my moral compass!

Gauher Chaudry writes about “Product Launch Saturation.” :: sigh :: Where to begin? Gauher used to be one of the few “gurus” that I had some respect for, but slowly it disappears.

Gauher, I guess, is complaining about there being too many product launches. Then bitches about JV partnerships. Then does those very same JV partnerships, promoting products about forming JV partnerships and doing product launches. My fucking head is spinning. Fuck this.

Further Reading

Bonus! It’s not even reading!

There was this documentary I stumbled across called “Merchants of Cool.” While the documentary is a little old (early 2000), the content remains pretty powerful. This is doc is mostly about MTV and its marketing strategies to young people. Provides great insight into the “feedback loop” of fickle teenagers and creative advertisers, and how MTV (tries to) creates content that becomes “cool.” (Which was fairly unsuccessful for a while until the Jersey Shore became a hit)

If you market to younger demographics (25 and under), you should watch it (If you can find it. I think I found it via a torrent site but can’t remember which)