Your End of Summer Affiliate Marketing Reading List

Holy shit it’s been so long, if I could print my RSS feed it would be bigger than “War and Peace.” So let’s get into it!

Industry News

Justin Bieber wear’s women’s jeans. How’s that for breaking news?

OK, on to the real stuff…

Always entertaining, AdHustler’s “Observations” during Affiliate Summit East. Affiliate Summit Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3. Some Sun Tzu shit.

Shake-ups at the 202 Offices. Wes is stepping down as CEO. All good because Nana keeps the hustle up with posts like this. I also heard there was a 1.7 version being released or has been released, haven’t tried it yet though.

DirectResponse points out that crime does, in fact, pay.

You can’t even see this interview that Ryan Eagle did on Ricky Ahuja’s blog. Not even I can see it. Maybe you can see this one on Z6. NOope, can’t see that either.

Ruck apparently broke it off with C2M. I don’t know what the drama is all about, but Ruck’s gone guru basically. That’s fine, since he’s one of the people who actually practices what he preaches. There’s been a ton of posts to the IMGrind Blog, so just subscribe because I’m not going to list them all here.

Also, join the IM Grind Internet Marketing Forums if you really want to step your game up.

Speaking of blogs that are good enough to subscribe to, BoostCTR is an absolutely amazing read for learning how to write response-driven copy for online. There’s too much good content there to highlight, so read the whole damn blog you git!

MobAff Blog from the Angry Russian is another one worth subscribing to. If you’re in the mobile marketing space at all, there isn’t that much good content out there compared to SEO or PPC or something. This commie sheds some light on the subject. If you’re not into mobile, MobAff’s first post could change your mind.

I haven’t read through all of Scotch and Sales yet, but looks like another promising blog to follow. All I know is that I enjoy sales while drinking scotch with a finely rolled Cuban cigar.

Paid Search, Social, and Conversions

This Shannon chick from PlentyofFish writes a good post on how to advertise to women. I’m going to write a post on how to advertise to Shannon :: wink ::

Here’s Part2: Advertising to Women.

The people that kill in direct mail are advertising masters. Here’s a nice Q&A from Direct Creative with some great info about copy and response.

Conversion Rate Experts has this neat little “Process” for Conversion Rate Optimization.

Here are 10 Examples of “Call to Action” in the real world, from Unbounce.

Continue your epic journey into conversion optimization by increasing your Clickthru rates. How? Stack that Money has this great case study on various image styles for Facebook Ads.

6 Elements of a Failed Facebook Campaign from MoneyMachines Blog. Very good read!

Here’s a great post from MrGreen with some great copywriting goodies. The follow up post has bacon in it. That’s all that matters.

Volk does a Case Study with a live chat. Should you implement this feature?

Facebook becomes more gambling friendly. But you gotta pay to play! ($30,000!)

Mo Facebook
Women leading the charge in Latin American Growth
Top 20 Facebook Updates. Notice how Buffalo Wild Wings does it.
Facebook launches Topic targeting in the ads. New to me, I’ve only played around with the broad categories they implemented a while ago but not this.
Women Click Facebook Ads more than Men.

I’ll just leave this right here… Script: FBPwn – Cross-platform Facebook profile dumper.

The scumbags at Google Adwords have started reviewing paused ads. BlackHatPPC tells you how to avoid the slap from some random ad you made in 2002.

While you’re at it, BlackHatPPC also drops some black hat ppc tools that you should have.

To add insult to injury, the Adwords team has the balls to post this about Affiliate Marketing. “Hey businesses! Promote your business through affiliate marketing… even though we hate affiliates!” I guess it’s all gravy as long as the affiliate program is Google’s own.

It’s OK though. If you’re a big brand or have an “in” somehow, PPCBlog shows you how to do straight-up Adwords to Adsense Arbitrage.

Oh yeah… if you ever wondered why Google’s support is absolute shit, here’s why: They’d rather have cash then hire more people.

Infographic Mania

Unbounce – Badass Infographic with some conversion optimization and copywriting tips.

IMGrind – Facebook Likes – More Powerful then you think.

Yahoo – The Most Popular Content on Mobile.

Why are those damn users leaving your website?! KISS metrics explains.


Great post from CTRTard on how to install the Maxmind GeoIP extension. I did this a few months back (all by myself, somehow…) and it’s significantly faster then any 3rd party service you source within your website.

Did you ever wonder… “I don’t have enough buttons to use on my landing pages.” Fear no more, because does a guestpost on PPVPlaybook’s blog: Killer CSS Buttons.

A while back I wrote a post about a “from the top” banner slider. Here’s a different spin that’s probably much cleaner than mine, from


10 Tips on How to get Customer Reviews for local businesses.

KISS Metrics also has a post on how to get creative with user testimonials.


The Long Grind Before You Become an Overnight Success. Great read. For most people, it can take years for something to hit. Angry Birds is a perfect example. The company worked on games for many years before they developed their hit.

Fucking Sue Me. Life lessons in risk-taking.

Want to double your affiliate income? Z6 says stop being a basement dweller and socialize with your local affiliate neighbors. Once you do that, Z6 recommends you stop being such a bitch, BE ABOUT IT! “Fortune favors the swift.

Do you suck at programming? Well all you need is some Aviators and you can start getting your BroGrammer Game proper. Shouts to everyone’s fem-nerd for that one.


Check out the biggest file-sharing sites on the web. Could be handy if you know how to convert this traffic.

Email Marketer? This post has a ton of blogs and people you could follow.

Mediatrust has a post about EDU Leadgen compliance and the recent changes to it.

Want to live the vagabond lifestyle? Finch tells you the Top 10 places for an online professional.

Launching a product or service, but still in Beta? A handy post from Smashing Magazine discussing viral landing pages. Some features can definitely be borrowed for affiliate style stuff.

Smashing Magazine turned 5 so they’re giving away a Free ebook. Just some content around good design and what have you- their “Best Of.”

How to Create Your Own Privacy Service. Get a PO Box or UPS Store box. BAM! Instant office!

PPCBlog reviews some services that have been making noise lately. Here’s a MixRank Review. Here’s a BoostCTR review (mentioned earlier.)

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little overview of the past few weeks. I’m getting back into updating this blog on a consistent basis, but it’s easier said than done. There’s definitely some good stuff coming though.