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Landing Page Designer

Need some solid landing pages?

How about a solid landing page designer that speaks English?

Landing Power is the fellow who designed the infamous (Order form coming soon!)

(Randomly,) I feel guilty because I really didn’t give enough credit to Landing Power for doing for free, back in the day when this site was less popular. Now that its more popular, I can redeem myself.

His landers are top-quality and they convert like gang-busters. I can only vouch for the quality of his work, and its been a little while since I talked to him, but I hope he is still providing his quality work with good service (please don’t pull a TylerL on me Landing Power!)

His rates are solid and if you’re pushing a lot of traffic, then < $95 on a lander is a sweet deal (especially if it earns you that back in an hour.)

Get you some Landing Power today!