How to Make A Million A Month with Mobile Games

Did you hear that mobile is all the rage?

Everyone seems to be jumping on the mobile bandwagon. But how will you make your millions? Sure, you can rip off other successful apps (Yes, the App stores need more flashlight apps) or you can make something original and make money off the ads.

But that route is for the birds (not of the Angry variety). If you want to make millions with mobile games, you need to take advantage of one certain demographic: Stupid kids and their tiny fingers.

This demographic is ripe for the picking because a) They play the shit out of games. b) They are extremely gullible. “Hey kid! Better pay up if you don’t want your virtual farm to set on fire.” c) They don’t understand the concept of money and responsibility. Screw it, it’s mom’s credit card.. All of these factors combined provide a great target demographic for your app developing adventures.

There are some big players in the mobile app gaming space. One such game is TapFish, which has millions of downloads. They’re mastered at the craft of taking money from people via their children. Find out the story to their success below:

  • Apparantly McDonalds was justa burger company until they put a toy into a pack and marketed the death in bread to children.
    This is when the brand that silently kills you and your health hit big time.

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  • Damn, now I need to yell at my parents for limiting my gaming time. This is EXACTLY what I wanted to do when I grew up. Stomped out dreams.

  • newjersey

    my friend’s 2 year old signs up for mad affiliate offers on his parent’s ipad and they find out way later. That train puzzle game is killing it. i fucking love it!

  • Wow wait here.. that’s SO not moral! I know that business is business but here it’s just using kid’s gullibility to make the parent pay!

  • LOL man I love how tapfish guy didn’t even laugh when the interviewer called him a drug dealer.

    Children have brain size of squirrel. Let’s make some apps!!

  • Barman! I will write an ebook on this. Stay turned!

    To Your Success
    Steven Wagenheim

  • Steve

    VERY late in mentioning this here, but only recently spotted it myself and thought future readers of your post may be interested as well…

    The TapFish owner featured in the Daily Show segment you embedded here responded to some inaccuracies portrayed (not surprisingly, since it is a comedy show).

    “Top 10 Things the Daily Show with Jon Stewart Got Wrong about Tap Fish!”


    – Steve

  • I think multiplayer mobile games where you can find those around you to play with would catch on like fire.

  • wowtapfishguyisdumb

    lulz, when will these idiots stop voluntarily going on the Daily Show and humiliating themselves by default?

  • I still do not understand how people can live online games. Hate them

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