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Australians Know How to Fucking Rock

Everyone in the affiliate marketing space loves their rap music. Young kids getting mad money just spittin’ lyrics so this industry can relate. Old school posts were songs you could refresh your stats to. And of course there is the Paper Clique.

But ima be honest with you… if there was only one genre of music I was able to listen to for the rest of my life, it would be rock. Because I like to rock the fuck out. Good rock music is art. A sick rock concert (like Tool) could change your life.

My best friends back east turned me on to some Australian rock music that is simply rocking out my dome for the past few weeks. I would like to share some of this amazing music with you.

If there are any Australian peeps (NZ… close enough) that are not currently swimming in their living room reading this, please let me know about any other hidden treasures your upside-down country may be hiding.


Cog is progressive rock and the band’s been around since 1998. Unfortunately they are no longer together. FUCK! Below are two of my favorites. Their albums are like going through a post-apocalyptic landscape while tripping balls in the Year 2300.

How could you not rock out with facial hair like this?

Anarchy OK

The Spine

Butterfly Effect

Not just a mediocre movie- also a bad ass rock band from Brisbane. They are still together, and I would gladly make a trip out to Australia to see a few shows.

Perception Twin


My god this song blows my mind. I’m empty like you…..