Affiliate Marketing Shenanigans and Thieves

In an ongoing effort to separate the good shit from the bad shit, it is important to try and expose some of the shenanigans that are marketed towards affiliate marketers,especially newbies. I don’t feel like writing a novel here, so I will try to keep it short and sweet.

This is affiliate marketing drama at its finest.

PPC, CPV, Whatever the Fuck Coach

There is a certain series of Coaching forums you may have seen mentioned on various affiliate marketing circles. There are a few good testimonials, but the general consensus is this: utter shit.

The gripe I have with this Coach series is how the owner works his subscriptions. You sign up, and you’re on Month 1. The program may have been out for like a year…. so if that’s the case you are always a year behind as each month you stay subscribed, a new month opens up. Techniques are generally stale at this point.

I have first hand experience with CPV Coach. I signed up to the forum thinking I might learn a thing or two. Shit was I wrong. There isn’t a thing you can learn on this forum if you have half a brain and do you own marketing and research. I read through the forum when I signed up and thought, “What the fuck, the first affiliate marketing related course I pay for and I got whamboozled. This is shit!”

So I did a few more seconds of research which I should have done beforehand and realized I purchased the wrong course. I actually wanted to hit up PPV Forumla (by Gauher Chaudhry), and I fucked up and bought what can only be described as a cheap, Chinese knock-off.

I emailed Guaher Chaudry about this, and his extract response was –

CPVCoach is a rip off of my PPV Formula 1.0 course.

Anyways I got my money back and decided to forget about the whole incident.

But today, I saw this highly comical post at Clint Lenard – The Truth Shall Set You Free!

Basically the “Coach” guy (I wish I could recall his name cause it is getting annoying calling him Coach guy”) was pissed off that Clint made a post exposing PPC Coach for the sham that it is. Then Coach-douche starts being buddy-buddy with Clint because Clint launched his own Affiliate Newbie Training (here)

You followin’ me camera guy? I know it’s getting confusing.

It turns out that Coach-douche and another worthless affiliate-blog writer have teamed up to try and rip off Clint’s Affiliit.

He partnered up with a guy we’ll refer to as Scaremiah Pooper, for privacy sake. Now Scaremiah has a long history of being an AIM chatter, who spends his days talking to people on AIM, and making outrageous claims. One day he claimed to be making $30,000 – and then 2 weeks later I hear he’s putting up a Million per month? Sweet!

FACT: Scaremiah is a complete newbie when it comes to SEO, and he’s been quoted by several people admitting this. He’s also been quoted as becoming a member on our site and giving props to our SEO information, stating that he’s learned a lot.

How can you go wrong partnering with a guy who post this kind of pretentious bullshit?

The moral of the story is the whole Coach series is run by someone who does not know what they are doing – they simply regurgitate information from someone that knows a lot more. If you base your whole business model ripping people off do not expect long-term success. Stop paying for his programs. That is all.

Arbitrage Conspiracy and Tin Foil Dildos

Conspiracy theories? No, not those kinds

There is another bullshit guru course floating around called Arbitrage Conspiracy. I’ve heard of it but haven’t read it, but if it’s promoted on Warrior Forum it must be good, right?

Well today, an inside source (I keep a few on the payroll) FWD’ed me an email from the Arbitrage Conspiracy people. Apparently they have spent all the money they “earned” ripping off newbies, and are back for round 2. For the record, my source who sent this email is a legitimately great affiliate marketer. He does the guru thing occasionally, but other than that excellent marketer.

On to the body of the e-mail. This whole Arbitrage Conspiracy email is a bunch of “complaints” about the course and their rebuttal. I told you that newbie ATM machine ran dry – now they’re back to clean up the mess.

We’ll just skip to the most important part –

7. Emmanuel and I Learned Everything We Know from Another CPA Marketer

This is unbelievable guys. I actually found out that some of our very own affiliates were saying this nonsense. Emmanuel took three different courses when he started and none of them took him to the next level.

I have never taken a ppc or cpa course. I was given one course as a gift, and it is sitting on a shelf somewhere in canada in shrink wrap. lol I know you probably have more concerns or might need clarification on a few matters.

And maybe you’re wondering about the rumors of the relaunch. ;)

The source who FWD’ed the email to me writes –

These (referring to the Arbitrage Conspiracy email) guys are fuckin insane.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many people have told me this course just plain sucks balls after a tennis match.

Not to mention affiliate networks called me and said they got a slew of new applicants that complained this course sucked and asked them on how to make money.

These guys literally learned everything from Gauher and now throwing it back in his face. They talk shit about a lot of people in this and webinar.

Anyway, these guys think their the shit cuz Stompernet was behind them. haha!

In Conclusion, Everybody Rips off Guaher

So if you want to start your own coaching program or guru newbie training program, the secret to success is to rip off Gauher Chaudhry. Plain and simple. There are few “gurus”(christ that word makes me feel filthy) worth listening to. Gauher is one of them.

If you’re a newbie, cop his shit – not these knock-offs.

Update: It has come to my attention that people might think this is a paid, requested, or a “favor” post for Gauher. Do you see an affiliate link?

I never “talked” to the dude, I just emailed him once about that incident and that was his response. He probably doesn’t even know who I am. Should he know? FUCKING RIGHT YOU BETTER KNOW! You see these guns on the side of the site?! YOU BETTER RECOGNIZE THE PAPER CLIQUE MOTHERFUCKER.

:: smokes joint::

OK I’m cool now. I should have grabbed something to pitch and make a commission or two off of but I am lazy with this site. Rumors are I will sell out thought.

  • Lol awesome post bro! Thanks for the shout.

    So I think I know who you’re talking about in the 2nd part of the post. I was wondering wtf was going on.

    That’s messed up…

  • How am I not in this post?

  • This is some deep shit! :)

  • Rich

    This is great stuff…Thanks Barman..

  • asdf

    the coach is a cocksucker. one of his emails ended with

    if it weren’t for you i wouldn’t be part of such a coaching empire.


  • Will you coach me barman? :-)

  • It’s not a rumor if it’s a truemor.

  • Monkey

    Coach is a douche and all his bullshit memberships do is produce douche bag email submit idiots

  • Justin

    Another great post from you, right on ! Tellin it like it!

    There’s another Gauher rip off course making the rounds today called Adwords Revisited from some clown with a foreign name I can’t spell or pronounce.

    I believe Gauher has more successful students than any other training program out there it’s a real shame that the knock offs of some of his bottom feeder students produce such shoddy stuff.

  • PPC Coach was good when it first opened. There have been some success stories. All-in-all it’s garbage.

    Scaremiah! I LOL’d. Dude seemed slimy from the first word he ever spoke to me. I’ll rank circles around that little hoe!

  • You are hilarious! They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery. Unfortunately there are so many imitations that suck in the IM market.

  • Jeremiah isn’t a bad guy, gotta give him props for trying. There’s obviously a market for his stuff.

  • @Nick – where’s that bro? AIM, trying to snake Newbies? ;-)

  • Everything about the Coach “franchise” is a total ripoff. BS info from PPC and PPV coach. They teach you worthless outdated stuff, probably all copied from Guaher Chaudry :p.

  • Josh Todd

    I was still working at CPAE when arbitrage conspiracy came out, and we had over 700 applications from newbies referred by that course. They all said the exact same thing in their application: “I drive high quality traffic to CPA offers using pay per click engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN.” literal copy & paste from the course lesson on signing up for networks. Most of these ppl could barely operate Windows.

  • Hmmph. These guys wasted hundreds of hours of my time reading their materials. Not to mention the sheer amount of dollars I shelled out thanks to their clever marketing technique that induced my greed gland to buy.

    Fortunately, I’m out of that cycle now.

    Curse those idiots who made my life miserable.

  • Laura

    Plus Gauher is actually a genuinely nice dude. The guys who have ripped him off know who they are, know what they have done and Gauher knows it as well, but Gauher hasn’t gone after the obvious copyright infringements these guys have preformed and he probably won’t. Because HE’S A GREAT GUY! and everyone knows the truth about the whole situation.

  • @Josh You are 100% correct on that statment. I have sorted through 100s of apps that literally had the same thing written in the comments section. A few semi-decent were let in after speaking with them on the phone, then I get the email an hour later… “Where do I pull my affiliate link?” Moving on…

    Keep dishing the real deal Barman! This has made the start of my weekend.

  • @Lance – where do i pull my affiliate link?

  • Fucking awesome post. Fuck coach aka WILL hahaha what a loser. He’s really fat in real life as well. You can hear his fat breathing on the webinars which I still watch even though I’m banned from the site. It’s great having people on the inside :)

  • Jay Kim

    in the words of Barman: Real Talk

  • Barman your turning into a REAL source of information.
    But hey, you’re at the top of affbuzz :)

  • mo

    But hey, give him some credit. He does tell you NOT to spend $99.99 if it means it will be a hardship to you… guh.

  • Pz

    and now offer vault is sending emails offering free webinar starring will haimerl for media buy tips.

  • Couldn’t be more true, when it comes to PPC and CPA Gauher is the man to follow. The rest are rip offs. Gauher was out there years before and is always ahead of the curve.

  • Marco

    Wow! By far the best post I have ever read to date! I’ve been following Gauher for some time now. Always thought he was the real deal just never had the balls to buy his product. Now the damn thing is ending soon! Fuck!!!

    Grow balls grow!!!

  • Hey guys, be nice. Their is a market to make monies off newbies, I may as well be doing it. It’s cheaper than doing pay pay click.

  • The new layout and theme are great. I am looking at Gauher’s stuff. Seems like everyone is trying to open a mastermind site now-a-days cause that’s the newest way to earn millions online.

  • @scaremiah, i mean, Jeremiah,
    One tip: the moment you learn the difference between “their” , “There’re” and “there are”, the world will fear you.

    or maybe not.

  • Ed R

    Gauher is good people. I buy everything he puts out. But his forum presence is limited and most advise is from much more experienced marketers who are either pitching something with every post or people who don’t have the time to explain shit.

    Your best bet, if starting out, is to stay away from Gauher’s stuff and go with a monthly coaching site like recommended by Barman in this post.

    You get someone who wants you to stay on an pay the monthly fee so he/she will explain crap.

  • Why do not people like me?

    By the way new feature at PPCCoach. We are now asking for donations from the paying members from the site to pay the modz.

    Oh boy I love da newbs.

  • Does any body know of any newb-ies? im not running any offers ATM and need more rferrals to make me monies!

  • Gonna have a lot of fun outing you on PPC-coach!

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  • fuck-ppc-coach-n-jeremiah-cooper

    lol! that lil fat fuck was trying to scam people who wanted to learn about fb ads. now he’s fucked in the ass coz none of his campaigns are working.

    fuck ppc-coach for starting lame ass site with this cooper fuck too. ppc-coach is relying all his moderators to do his job, i pity them, i really do.

    i hope all the members see his true colors and stop giving these bozos their hard-earned monies.

  • out me on ppccoach? who cares everyone n here luvs me all day long i talk to them on aim and convince them i am legit

  • Graham

    I agree Gauher is the only way to go his shit is awesome everything else is a KNOCK OFF of his good work
    Arbitrage Conspiracy sucked nuts!!
    latvo scammers

  • Will tried to pay his Moderators by allowing them to take donations from his already-paid members.

    What a true Business man, always looking out for number 1 lmfao

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  • darn no members have donated to me yet think they have all found out i am a fraud and not making mad bank

    aftcoach 4 life

  • Totally hilarious just spent about a half hour going through some post that Protection page is the Bomb
    I knew this theme looked familiar I use to the same one
    now you have me wanted to jack out the footer links.
    Anyway been awhile since I stopped by and glad I did.
    I needed the laughs and inside dope thanks

  • T

    Well i have ppcf 1 and 2,so before any of you chaps have recourse to sigh up, lets layout the the dinning room table, there is a lot of detail and most of which is deep,4training methods are used ,1 theres the main leader content modules with voice over ,2 the training seminar 100+ chosen from within the ranks of the internal forum, 3 webinar content covering in depth the full modules in 1 plus inbound critique by forum members
    4 a live campaign build demonstrating what happening on the ground right now .If you want to sit at this table be prepared to come with an empty tummy cause in order for you to get it, you will have too eat the whole lot -every scrap ; not once but 3 times !
    The most important attributes are mental stamina,and
    definitely persistence .Of course there are copies of PPCF 2, understandable, – ppcf2 is where the real heart of ppc takes place . So don’t just sign up unless
    your committed chaps .

  • Insanity

    oh geez this site is mind blowing. First time here wasn’t gonna visit as its a .bz so I thought hack running it but the guy rocks.

    Anyone gonna go for the 30 day challenge scam where they teach you to make your first $1.00 LOL F’in idiots everywhere you turn….

  • BazookaJoe

    PPC-Coach left me so disappointed that I really hope all Will’s sites fail. And I never say that kind of thing. Even if the guy doesn’t know that much, if he just knew more than me and made sure I got the information and help I needed when I asked for it, I would have been satisfied with that. But I didn’t get even that.

    There are some good forum threads on there that saved the day to a certain extent, but they have nothing to do with Will.

  • Leroy Brown

    You should also add how Wotogepa isn’t paying AFFILIATES OR AFFILIATE MANAGERS. Absolute crock of shit!

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