Andrew Wee Performs Worst Case Study in History

Everyone’s talking about this PPV thing, so it was only a matter of time before one of the greatest thinkers in affiliate marketing gave his say on it. Andrew Wee, blogger and photo-whore extraordinaire, committed to a 2-week case study to see what PPV was really all about.

You can read Wee’s case study here if you’d like.

To get the gist of Wee’s case study, here are his statistics:

Assigned daily budget: $10/day
Total views: 627
Total spend: $7.47
Average daily spend: $0.30

Total number of conversions: 0
Net profit/loss: -$7.47


So basically Wee did a 2 week case study that made no conversions. If it didn’t make conversions, is it really a case study? Isn’t it like dividing by zero? It’s something that you can’t do.

Let me give you some advice from a semi-experienced PPV marketer.

First off, you might want to stick to only one pop a day. With an average of 45 views a day, this is way too much. Anything over 2-3 views a day can lead to analysis paralysis (when you spend too much time thinking about the data rather than doing.) Having too much data is somethings a bad thing, so stick with what you can put on one page of an Excel document.

If you don’t convert on every single view then you’re obviously doing something wrong.

Second, I don’t get how 6,000+ urls can only yield 45 views day. Wee must have been scraping the anus of the SERPS for targets, because it makes no mathematical sense to me. Maybe because he ran on DirectCPV and it sucks ass? Hopefully they don’t jack this winning campaign from Wee.

Third, with a 30 cent a day spend, Wee is really balling harder than most people reading his case study. I recommend that Wee bring that down a lot, because the most newbs won’t have that much to blow. For PPV to really work, you have to spend a decent chunk of $$ to just gather data and split test everything. If you can’t hang with that 30 cent a day spend then you’re not going to get statistical relevance from your campaigns.

All in all, PPV is really where its at and I look forward to more case studies from Wee. With everyone jumping on PPV, the bidding wars are going to get fierce, so you need to know what you’re doing.

When the next blogger asshole posts his “winning PPV campaign and landing page” and 50 newbies do the same exact campaign, sending bids through the roof, you will have the head start because you are following the true pioneers, one which is Wee.

God have mercy.

  • dullspace

    Do Not Get Money Ho

  • The on great thing about this review is it shy’s people away from my traffic sources :P

    • Til you make a comment like that and turn them back onto it :P

  • I honestly thought I was the only one that thought it was the worst case study ever. The comments from his blog made me laugh.

  • Leave Andrew Wee Alone! T_T

  • Diz blog post is real hot yo.

  • Martin

    “It’s the thought that counts.”

  • At the end of the case study, I felt like an idiot for having read along as long as I did.

    Thank you Google Reader for making time so much easier to waste.

  • Thanks for the publicity.
    Have a good weekend.

    • OmegaNine


  • Dullfart

    Who is andrew pee?

  • RogerRabbit

    This is great. Now all the noobies will steal Wee’s campaign and stay off my targets.

    Who the fuck is Andrew Wee anyway?

  • harry1970

    Does he have software to run such a big campaign?

  • “Yes, this is horrible, this idea.” – Samir

  • Lol how does it take 2 weeks to get 600 views? That should take more like 15 seconds.

  • Digga

    “With a 30 cent a day spend, Wee is really balling harder than most people reading his case study. ”

    I LOL’d

  • Dan

    $7.47? pfff

    Got quality scores higher than that…

  • xentech

    Total spend: $7.47

    holy fucking shit lol, i was literally laughing for about 2 minutes when iread that hahah

  • $7.47 ad spend in 14 days? Now that’s ballin’ :D

    How the f*ck can this guy be serious! I’m still loling. Really.

  • Not Sumit

    Hello friends,

    $7.47 is no much money to fat American like Shoemoney, but Asian man like Wee and Justin Dupre feed many mouth for few dollar.

    Good luck hoes.

  • Do you know how much $7.47 is worth where he lives… thats about 17 months rent right there…

    That would buy you about 3 ladyboy hookers here in Thailand. That bit of information came from Nickycakes btw.

  • $.30 a day?! you gotta be kidding me man.

  • I don’t know what is more entertaining, the fact that so many clueless people read “super duper affiliate” blogs from people who clearly don’t have a fucking clue what they are doing.


    That Wee and his loyal blog followers are STILL defending the study saying it wasn’t completely worthless.

  • sgtryan

    LOL weed got owned!

  • Haha this was a funny post here. I don’t know why you are hating on his study. I personally learned a lot from it.

    Granted I am a total newb in aff marketing.

    It clearly showed some of the weakness that everyone is claiming don’t exist in CPV. Not to mention it represented how it might not be the traffic engine everyone throught it was.

    Without his study I probably would’ve ran my first campaign with tons of URLs as well. Well actually my first campaign was in pending before his study…and it did include tons of urls, and got me like 25 views a day lol.

    With DirectCPV their share of the entire CPV market appears to be low. So while bidding on major sites like might get you 100,000 views. Bidding on might get you 1. He clearly stated that this was his first time going into this market and I for one was glad he saved me a bit of trouble by posting his disappointing results.

  • Maybe it is not really worst. The study is not only precise and the information is not totally specific. There is nothing wrong in revising the entire case study but that is not an easy task to do.

  • I like Andrew Wee, but I thought it was really strange of him to post that case study.

  • Haha thats pretty embarrassing. I would love to see what he thinks!