Dames and Damsels in Affiliate Marketing

The other day I saw an interesting e-mail that ties into my last post, Beware the Scandalous Wenches in Affiliate Marketing.

The YMulti guys forwarded this over, and I thought it was relevant to this issue of dames and damsels in Affiliate marketing.

You may have received this email if you are HealthConverter.com’s list. Below is the e-mail:

Hot Affiliate Manager Here :-P — Hey!

Hey there!

My name is Cheri, and I just wanted to send you all a quick introduction to let you know that I’ve been hired on to work with HealthConverter.com as an Affiliate Assistant. … Which means, I’m basically your worker-drone slave to help you get through this tough marketing process. ;-)

If you’d like to get to know me a little more (because I’m sure some of you are like, “Who the heck is this chick?”), I actually have a personal blog that you can take a look at just to confirm that I am a living, breathing person: http://www.heycheri.com

If you have any questions or need help with anything, I am totally here for you! You can easily reach me via Email, AOL instant messenger, or Skype.

Maybe it’s just me, but it looks like HealthConverter.com is flaunting chicks to get traffic. It looks like they just got a random blogger chick to pose for pictures. I didn’t know HealthConverter.com was a modeling agency now. Maybe she slimmed up on those acai berries? “Stand there and look pretty, Cheri”

First off, what the fuck is an Affiliate Assistant? I mean, they have Affiliate Managers. Why not just make her one? Does assistant get coffee and donuts for affiliates? To me is sounds like Affiliate Manager interning.

Then notice how the “anything” is highlighted. That was legitimately highlighted in the e-mail. The innuendo is thick.

Now, I got nothing against Cheri. I don’t know much about her. Her blog says “get on my level” which I found amusing. She rocks the ‘haters gonna hate‘ gif on the bottom of her about me page. Also a plus.

It just seems to me that HealthConverter is playing the ‘if we hire enough hot chicks with social media exposure, then more affiliates will come’ game. I heard HealthConverter is hiring at least 3 new girls off of this list.

On Women and the Affiliate Marketing Industry

To clear the air, the last post “Beware….”, was not about me. I’m not bitter at anyone. Just trying to give young guys some advice on what to look out for. My game is tight, son. “I got 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one.”

Anyway, I got an instant message from another female in the industry that found my post amusing. She agreed with most of the points, and said that a “few bad apples spoil the bunch.”

That is very true in affiliate marketing. There are many, many, females in affiliate marketing that treat this work like their career (which it is in most cases.) They take it seriously and treat people as if they were in any other industry like medical or construction. (I know a real down to earth chick that has done very well in the male-dominated construction industry.)

No one wants to lose their job, especially over some drama where everyone finds out you’re a slut, boooooooonnggg!

These females work hard and would love a level playing field without any pre-determined notions about women in this industry. They don’t like that these nappy-headed ho’s come in, cause a lot of drama, and give a bad name to all the other females in affiliate marketing.

Cat fight, anyone?

Anyway, just remember that fellas. You’re here to do work, and so are most of your female affiliate managers. There are definitely some salty, devious bitches that will play games with you. Just stay away from the ditzes that help you in no way besides being a dick-tease. (unless you’re a natural-born ladies man) ….

Stick with working with the smart and sassy girls(specifically Oren) in this industry. There are plenty of them.

  • dullspace

    When are you going to post pictures of me and my lethal pecs?

  • Ladies man eh?


    The secret is in the love heart Austin Powers crop circles

    • That’s not real btw. Should point that out ’cause I had to check twice when I was tagged in it

  • newjersey

    holy fuck she is hot. moving traffic nowwww.

  • it was hilarious at ASE how all the bigger networks ONLY had smokin hot people at their booth. They definitely knew their shit though. I bet they all got hit when the feds cracked down on drug reps, affiliate managers is the new ‘too smart to be a model’ job.

  • I love how http://www.healthconverter.com/blog/ scraped a shit ton of my posts on their blog. Like, the majority of their content is mine. Cool bro.

  • Finch is a confirmed ladies man, and now he has the anchor text to prove it.

  • somedude

    Hahaha, super lame. I’m glad I’m a fag and immune to this bs.

  • ladyaffiliate

    Cheri has a nice site.. check out this post


  • Karl

    Funny that you say “nappy headed hos”, because I’ve never met a black female affiliate manager… ever.

    You probably meant “cornfed, midwestern hos”. :-)

  • I think what Barman is trying to say, is that he has a boner, and possibly blue balls. Carry on.

  • Affilthyate

    Gay, that was CPA Empires game, then all these other networks have to bite that shit.

    I’m thinking of hiring legit prostitutes to be the new AM’s for our direct affiliates.

    The industry may have some high 9’s working behind those affiliate manager desks, but I’ll take a low 7 who does anal over a high 9 who’s a dick tease all day.

  • CrushIt

    only black girl in affiliate marketing i know is Celine at CX Digital. Was stunned when I met her at ASE – was picturing a white collered princeton snob. So i was like, “damn girlfried” and she actually got pissed off and was like “my dad didn’t raise me that way.”

    yea, i think healthconverter was def. trying to pull a fast one with cheri. she’s my am and actually know her shit – pretty tight ass blog and is actually pretty technical. if she was a dim wit like some of the azoogle AMs that i’ve been dealing with (who got fired recently) then i’d say that it was just a ploy. but she is actually getting shit done. wtf do i know – maybe she just gets shit done.

    hey btw what happened to the hot AM Amy Vanderveer at azoogle. is she with media whiz now?

  • Hey!
    So crazy — I actually just saw this post today. Haha! And while I’m completely flattered to get so much attention over something as silly as an ice-breaking introductory email, I also see exactly where you’re coming from. Your worries are completely valid, and I can totally understand why some of my affs/pubs would’ve been put off a bit by my intro. I recall some of the reactions being something like, “Is this a joke?!” Or, “Are you real?!


    But for the most part? Reactions to my intro were completely sweet, and a lot of my amazing affiliates have been pushing traffic super hard since I’ve come on board. And the best part is that we are all in constant communication, working hard together to generate that passive income that we’re all so eager to see.

    I read this in your article: “HealthConverter.com is flaunting chicks to get traffic” — and it made me laugh. Because, well … Are we in the marketing business or are we not? Isn’t that the whole point of this mad field that we’re in? To find out what attracts people and shamelessly utilize the tools that we’ve been blessed with? Maybe it’s just me, but I strongly believe that you’d be stupid not to take advantage of your most beneficial assets.

    I mean, I love my job. I get to chat with my pubs all day (some new to the Affiliate Marketing scene and some more experienced) and show them the ropes. I get to make this (often times) dull experience more rewarding for some of the guys & gals who sit behind a desk all day and really could use a little social involvement. And I am constantly learning something new from this “baptism by fire” (reason being that I am working with some of the most amazing affiliates in the business, and they have all been so generous with their tips, advice, etc)!

    And please understand that our guys at Health Converter are incredibly gifted when it comes to advertising/marketing (and this is just me tooting their horns, of course, but if you get to know us a little better, you’d see exactly what I mean). We come from all walks of life, but we all have one major thing in common: We’re hungry. We are obsessed with success. We are achievement-driven, goal-oriented, and in constant competition with ourselves. Perfectionists who accept nothing but the best both from us personally, and from the people who we work with.

    Our team works around the clock for our affiliates and are negotiating some amazing opportunities like bringing big pharm into the affiliate marketing and direct response space — for example, a Cialis offer for a $4.95 trial pack from legal pharmacies with an approximated $50 CPA! Crazy, I know.

    With Health Converter being the largest health and beauty affiliate network, do you really think that they’d just hire some dumb broad to interact directly with their affiliates?

    That’s just insulting.

    The social stigmatisms that come with being a “hot chick” (your words, not mine) are fairly shallow. It goes something like, “If you’re pretty, you don’t have a brain.” Or, “If you model, you must be an idiot.”

    But believe me.
    I am perfectly aware that pretty girls are a dime a dozen, and I’ve spent my entire life attempting to stand out from the pack. In fact, the online resume of my work should be enough to prove this to you (please refer to http://www.heycheri.com/about-me/ for more information). And actually, if you took the time to do your research, you may have even stumbled onto my official introduction for Health Converter at our blog: http://www.healthconverter.com/blog/2010/08/cheri-new-affiliate-manager/.

    I’ve never wanted to be labeled as just a pretty face, but I’d be lying if I said that I never used my looks for leverage. I mean, sure: I’m a tech-geek, a video game lover, and a little social networking obsessed, but on top of that? I enjoy maintaining my physical appearance as well (in fact, I’m partnered with YouTube as a Beauty Guru with over 20,000 subscribers as of this post — that’s a lot of zeroes, my friend).

    I am a firm believer in the idea that “fate” does not exist, and that our future is simply the combined efforts of coincidences that we’ve set up for ourselves. Put out into the world what you want to receive, and you will get it. Nothing good stems from sitting around and waiting for shit to be handed to you on a silver platter — I’m a go-getter through and through, and Health Converter would never have hired me if I was any other way.

    With that being said, my introductory email to my affiliates was all in good fun, and was only meant to break the ice a little. I wanted my publishers to understand that while, yes, we are in a business relationship, that they could also relate to me and feel comfortable with me because I am just as human as they are.

    And come on, man.
    It’s affiliate marketing, not a presidential inaugration.
    I think we’re allowed to get a little rowdy every now and then. ;-P You out of anyone should know that judging by this blog you’ve got going here (which is pretty funny, BTW, albeit a bit hypocritical considering the fact that you’re using my email/pictures to push traffic on your site as well, haha!).

    But hey.
    If you don’t believe me, feel free to meet up with me at the BlogWorld conference this October in Vegas (http://www.blogworldexpo.com/) — you’ll see I’m real and know my stuff.

    Beyond that? Feel free to contact me if you’d like to learn more about Health Converter, our huge list of exclusive offers, or what we can do to help you guys make more money. It’s uh … Kinda my job and stuff? Like, duh? Giggles? Tee hee and uhm, yeah? ;-)

    Sherilynn “Cheri” Macale

    • That was a very self-serving rant. Keep it professional and classy… i see.

      But you should’ve read some other posts on this blog so you know the whole point of ppc.bz is to talk mad shit about this industry

      • ;-)

        • reading your drivel just made me furious

          • Hav3n

            Lets take and objective look at this.

            Knowingly Manipulative (aka flirty).

            …and she knows all of this and uses it to her advantage.

            You’re a marketing tool and a very good one and you realize it.

            Some will call you a whore since there is a fine line between selling yourself for money and using your advantages (of which one of them is your looks) to your advantage fullest to make money.

            If you were a man this wouldn’t be an issue… but if you were a man YOU wouldn’t be an issue because you wouldn’t matter. You’d just be another Affiliate Manager.

            Those (young male) affiliates that kill themselves just to impress you will learn their hard earned lesson and be better for it.

            Those that don’t fall for your {{self marketing | trap }} will see you for what you are and will (perhaps unfairly) dismiss you as a being anything but a floozy.

            I say as long as you can sleep at night.

            Haters gonna hate.

          • @ Hav3n lolercoaster.

            “If you were a man this wouldn’t be an issue… but if you were a man YOU wouldn’t be an issue because you wouldn’t matter. You’d just be another Affiliate Manager.”

            You are either the whore this post is about or some other bitch who probably whore’s herself out to the industry in the same way.

    • dullspace

      how to market dick pill. how to bring to cpa lead for generate comission. please to be phone number ect i call you, offer convert??

    • nice shirt.. does it come in your size?

    • FTC-Hater

      you expect me to read all that? Giggles? Duh? Adwerdz? ;-)

      • I know right? Lol

    • TL;DR

      So is this affiliate game paying more than ricerocket car shows and escort services?

    • Georgie

      Ya, love that passive income, got to do no work for it at all.

  • CrushIt

    lmfao – well i’m about to give you a lot of passive income when a place a media buy on your whitener offer we talked about – i’m gonna fucking show u what passive income is all about while it’s on autopilot for a month and am in panama – need to teach you about redirects cuz that mid is about to go down if u cant handle the volume

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