Dear Affiliates – Stop Giving Tyler Cruz Your Money

A Little Background on Tyler Cruz

Here’s a write-up about Tyler Cruz from the biggest authority in the affiliate marketing industry…

The first giant douchebag make money online blogger was obviously shoemoney. Then someone who wanted to be like him, copied everything he did. His name is john chow. Then uberaffiliate copied john chow, and people copied uber, all the way down the line till you get to Same deal. No good content, tons of worthless posts and contests with the hope that some whale affiliate will accidentally click his link to sign up to marketleverage, or whatever flavor of the month worthless network is sending bloggers free stuff this week, and make him $500 per month to pay for his inevitably unused gym membership and a lifetime supply of little debbies and mt dew. Listen, bro, if you’re going to be a sheep and get one of those oh-so-gay caricatures drawn up as your blog logo, at least get one that doesn’t look 3 times as skinny as you are. Really dude, it looks like you ate the guy in your logo. Be realistic.

Seriously… Prevent Tyler Cruz from Eating

For some reason or another I stumbled on Tyler’s blog and saw this post: PublisherChallenge Explained

In essence, Tyler Cruz is now dedicating an entire site to his contests. His whole blog is one giant promotion for networks that real affiliates wouldn’t use, and now he’s wasted someone’s time programming it, and his time thinking about it.

You realize when you go through a referral link you’re cutting out a bit of your revenue. Networks only have so much $$ to work with, and that 5% referral fee is coming out of your paycheck. Now a man like nickycakes you don’t mind giving a cut too, cause most people wouldn’t be making shit if he weren’t helping them. But read Tyler’s blog and tell me one good bit of information posted on the piece of shit.

Now this fat beaver has the audacity to dedicate an entire site for tracking his own referral commissions. I swear to god it’s like Shoemoney and John Chow had a retarded baby and let him loose on the Internets. Fuck it, I don’t think John Chow would stoop this low. And that’s pretty fucking low.

The fucking comments on that post are hilarious. Here are some gems:

I think your retarded… I watched this design contest go on at 99designs It will look nice… But I still think your retarded…

You tried to take your blog’s discussion to another site with It didn’t work. It’s filled with spam from 2008. You tried to take your “review me” concept and referral commission to another site with That didn’t work too well either.

I don’t see any indication that this site is worth the work you’re putting in. Especially when we all know you’re inevitably going to make the same posts on your blog announcing new competitions, updating us with competitions and doing all that crap to help the new site get off the ground. It’ll stay afloat as long as you keep pushing it on your blog but that will be the extent of its success.


With a little help from your friends you’ve realised that referring affiliate marketers is a very, very easy way of making money and now you’re trying to expand on it. Fair play, cos to be fair you don’t really seem to make that much money yourself, your own stats show that most of your money comes from skimming of people who do better than you.

  • Majorbta

    this is the truth

  • More mayo on my sub please.

  • ouch. so shocking.


  • Whoa a serious post. Good stuff, change the world, one superduperuberaffiliateblogger at a time. :)

  • That’s a tasty looking sub!

  • hey-o!

  • nom nom nom

  • Scoutii

    5 Dollar 5 Dollar FOOT LONG !!!

    Yo YO I got some berries, and some colon cleanse, follow that up with some Green Tea extract…go go go….

    When do you think the last time he saw his junk?

  • Ouch, backlinks backlinks me me

  • Oh Snap!

  • Internet Marketing makes it easy to put on weight… Someone start an auto rebill program quick!!!

  • this blog sucks

  • I loled at this post.

  • Lorenzo

    I’m a bit disappointed that there was no rap/freestyle to follow this up.

  • Jeff

    Great article. Keep having a go at these useless bloggers like Tyler Cruz who have nothing worthwhile to say.

  • lol, I just got the admin section back up… “Ryan Eagle Network”?

  • I wish I was as cool as Tyler, he’s my idol. I want his babies.

  • Kudos

    Wow, at last some one has the pants to write about what many people there know: that that fat assed nobody is just a failure. With his legion of newbie ass kissers that think that they can make millions on the internet by following the fat leader he might think he is an “entrepreneur”, but he is a total joke and serious bloggers just laugh at him.

  • 100% Asshat. Completely broke toolbag.

  • Tyler makes money off his site…That’s normally the purpose off a affiliate website…Make money :)

  • Am I the only one that agrees with this post? 5% of your lifetime commissions.

    Lets be honest here and say that the networks take a nice 8% (ish) of your commissions. You’ll never know that because of the fact that they only tell you how much you will make off each lead, sale, etc.

    When you give 5% away to somebody that referred you just for a chance at an Ipod Nano, gift card, etc. – You could probably make more by just asking your account manager for a raise.

    They most likely won’t mind if your raking them in 8% per CPA or CPL for doing nothing.

    Great Post.

  • Dan
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  • This reminds me of the “I Hate Steven Singer” ads that are around Philadelphia. What’s the saying?

    “Any publicity is good publicity”