LeadCola Affiliate Network Keeps 35% of Your Money and AffPaying is Bullshit

For some reason, there’s a lot of bullshit in the affiliate marketing industry. Easy (enough) money just seems to attract the worse people in society. They commit fraud and steal from affiliates – you know, just your all around grime. Affiliates seem to accept a certain level of scumbag-ness, but there are companies that take it to a whole ‘nother level. People are always complaining that the affiliate industry needs to be cleaned up. What better way then exposing fraudsters outright?

One such group of scummy fraudsters is a network known as LeadCola. Our friend .hack has been sitting on this information for quite some time now and decided to finally post it recently to the Wickedfire forum. There’s a good chance you don’t read Wickedfire anymore, but you’ll have to make a return visit to read all about LeadCola’s 35% Scrub rate and other antics.

.hack single-handedly ruins their reputation. They scrub. They lie. They probably engage in underage sex-traffiking. LOOK I DON’T KNOW. Just read the thread.

One person writes…

Leadcola also employs Jared Petersen to start facebook forums and try to extort money from companies they have sent fraudulent data to. He owns the forums and is the admin and doesn’t allow the companies he is doing this to into the forum so they cannot stop the slander nor defend themselves. I have seen this done to FOUR companies besides my own.

Leadcola, in our relationship with them, has done more fraud on our offers than any other network. They are terminated and have changed their name yet month after month I continue receive their pixels through other affiliates or networks wanting to defraud more offers through our network. These people are the blight of the industry and not a thing they do has shocked me. I am glad to see them outed finally for their awful behavior. Hopefully they will disappear forever now!

If you work with LeadCola, well, this is what you fucking get. Their goddamn name is GOD DAMN LEADER OF COLA. What did you fucking expect?

While we’re at it… Let’s call bullshit on AffPaying. Do you want a bad review removed? Pay up and it’s like it never even happened! What a huge fucking circle jerk of the affiliate industry. People write reviews when they’re pissed off at something. Every review looks like some non-english bro wrote it- “Place of affiliate network is good of time!” Why are there only good reviews on Affpaying? Because newbs go do their newb research, then sign up to the best affiliate networks looking networks and Affpaying makes its referral commissions.

It’s clever that they applied the “rip-off report” model to affiliate networks. I’m not trying to knock its success… but affpaying is sketchy at best. Why does LeadCola have a good rating? All of this shit could have been prevented if AffPaying wasn’t paid off to remove bad reviews.

In other breaking news: Inside sources tell me that Pace Lattin has no friends. Not a single one. His own cat shits in his loafers.



  • Aff


    there needs to be more of this seld-regulation in this industry. I cant imagine LeadCulo recovering from this.

  • spyderman4g63

    ^ is the real life?

  • Raphael


  • Sharing back with the gay webmasters. Thanks for your contribution to this campaign of truth and light.

  • Shit got real … !!

  • Tom

    I think it’s time to get rid of the AKMG blog link on the sidebar seeing as how they don’t exist anymore.

  • Jgbnf

    What a shame! Affpaying.com is indeed bogus, I’ve had a negative comment awaiting for moderation for ages for one of their “sponsored” networks.

  • Scott

    Hello everyone….with all that is said….are they any trusted networks?…..i having some issues with a perticliar network that everyone is saying is on the up an up…black is black….ya i ran a shit load of traffic to those leadcola pricks….and to boot i think there in toronto, not to far from where i live….SEEKING TRUSTED CPA NETWORK FROM A REAL MARKETER…..

  • nasreen

    [i]AFFPAYING IS A SCAM.[/i] I have complain about a Network NEVERBLUE on Affpaying,i have provided all the proofs proving that NEVERBLUE cheated on me and its been more than 20 days they have not posted my comment neither they have responded to any of my messages. I have also mail to NEVERBLUE’s Team that if they will not give me my earnings i’ll post comment on Affpaying and they were like they dont care of it,may be even they have paid Affpaying to just post only positive comments for there network. Neverblue Network own me more than $1000,i have worked with them for more than 2 months and they have not paid me a single $ of my earnings. When its been more than 2 months and i din’t got any of my earnings from them i have stopped promoting there offer and again asked AM’s Kelvin and Scott of Neverblue Network to send my earnings but after 4 days when i stopped promoting there offer they have terminated my account. First they told me that they have send my earnings by mail which i dint got it yet and then when again after a long period of time i asked them again they said that there was some problem with my traffic and they are not going to pay me anything. This thing doesn’t have any sense that there was some problem with my traffic and they have allowed me to promote the offer for more than 2 months and when i asked about my earnings they have Terminated my account. I have all the proofs that proves easily that Neverblue Network have cheated on me. I have also made a blog about that and have posted all the proofs in it. http://aboutneverblue.blogspot.in/

  • Cheetah-The Tiger

    As they affiliate industry should be cleaned-up. Even tough its a fuzzy area, still some clean up should happen to avoid the fraud.

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