Mobile Monopoly Review

Ah, mobile internets. The future of communication and browsing. It was only a matter of time before a fluff-filled product was launched on the topic.

I have an email specifically for “guru” lists. After a 10-day hiatus from checking it…. let’s just say it has a lot of e-mail I need to clean out. A good majority of these e-mails are about mobile marketing products.

The product in question is “Mobile Monopoly.” There are a legitimate “shit-ton” of mobile-focused guru products that have come out, or are coming out. It will be the only thing anyone talks about from here on out.

Article marketing is dead. Adwords is dead. Myspace is dead. Facebook is dead. PPV is dead. Mejia buying is dead. Everything is dead.

But mobile marketing is alive. It’s the new buzzword. Get you some clicks on your tiny landing pages and get people to sign up for your shit right from your phone.

A reader of saw this product, Mobile Monopoly, and promised a “review” of the product. I actually downloaded the product through illegal means, but don’t want to waste time watching the videos and shit.

Without further adoo-doo, here is the Mobile Marketing Review from Martin Brock. The review is actually ripped from Warrior Forum, where he posted it first, but I’m posting it here should it mysteriously disappear from SteveWagenheimForum.

(Yes, believe it or not, I will actually publish articles and shit from you wonderful readers if you just hit me up. I am generous with the linkbacks.)

Everything below is written by Mr. Martin:

Mobile Monopoly Review

UPDATE (Aug. 20): In an attempt to shed more light on the concerns about this product, I have contacted around 8 well-known people (big/medium gurus) who promoted this – 6 people replied so far.

If one had hoped to receive well-thought out reasons for promoting this product, one would be very disappointed. So far the replies can be summarized like this:

  • It looked like a good introduction to mobile marketing
  • We have a good relation with the author
  • I am deeply sorry for promoting this product! (1 person only)
  • The warrior forum is negative!

The responses are generally generic and with no real attempt to address the valid concerns that I and many other people have raised. No substance has been brought to the table in defense of this product. One person did offer to retract the endorsement, and apologize to his list for sending this out, but did not come through on it. Another has promised to look further into the matter and get back to me.

I actually spent a few hours on this review, so I hope it is ok that I post a new thread about it.

I apologize for the poor grammar/writing – I wrote it very fast.

As I stated in the other thread, I am only reviewing this product because a friend of mine bought two of this guy’s previous products. I paid for this one myself, and I will be refunding it out of sheer principle. I would have refunded the two others as well if I had paid for them.

There are 11 modules and some extra videos in the members’ area.

Mobile Monopoly Module 1 – A lot of mobile stats and data in this one, most of which should not be surprising to most people who regularly follow industry news.

Mobile Monopoly Module 2 – In this module he seems to go on and on about sending traffic to mobile optimized squeeze pages. What if 30 people converts, then I just made $150”, “this can really start to add up”, “Alright so I send them a Clickbank offer, and boom” – that last one is just classic, timeless relationship building advice! (I hope you can detect the irony). He goes on with “I get a huge list that I can market to forever”, “CPA stands for..” and so on..

He keeps talking about his conversion rate, and various numbers, and how much money you can potentially make, and yet fails to explain how to accomplish it – is it by any chance because sending traffic straight to affiliate links is THE most fragile business model in existence? The rest of video 2 contains more pipe dreams and “think of the possibilities” moments, again without any tangible, actionable direction.

Mobile Monopoly Module 3 – Here he explains how the interfaces of the ad platforms work again peppered with regular “just think of the possibilities” moments (sorry if I repeat myself, but monkey see, monkey do, or whatever the appropriate saying is in this context.. I am speed writing here! – this is very basic stuff.

Mobile Monopoly Module 4 – More from the same drawer – and then the big secret is revealed. I don’t even own a cell phone, and even I know that a mobile browser is different from a standard browser. At this point the “just think about how much money you can make” filler is getting more than unbearable.

Mobile Monopoly Module 5 – “Clickbank is amazing, you can make a lot of money with it” that is not an exact quote, but close. He spends a long time explaining the basics, and includes regular mentions of “big money”. He also talks about his squeeze page software – which comes at additional cost (67/month) – but he never provides any tangible proof that the squeeze pages presenting the mobile offers are the true source of his income, or that they have any sort of real effect.

Mobile Monopoly Module 6 – In this one he shows how to get affiliate links from Amazon in order to sell physical products as an affiliate – the most creative part about this module is the title: “let’s get physical”. I noted that his account shows no sales activity. This is generally another uninteresting video that covers very basic stuff.

Mobile Monopoly Module 7 – In this module he explains how to get pay per call offers. Pay per call is really just another way of tracking an affiliate sale, but through a phone number instead of an affiliate URL. Again, the information provided is very basic “how to find an offer” interspersed with even more “easy, easy money” comments, but no real guidance or insight is offered.

Mobile Monopoly Module 8 – In this one, the “just think about the possibilities” moment deals with mobile marketing for local businesses. Sure, you could go out and manage mobile campaigns for local businesses – they may not be tech savvy, but you can be sure they want to know exactly what they get from their advertising dollars. And what do they get? Is there even enough volume to support very specific local offers through mobile advertising? He just mentions this as an idea, one of many, that is not supported by anything tangible in the form of how to do it, or what results he has accomplished (I know what my guess is).

I did see the remaining videos, but found no reason to mention anything further about them.

Oh, except the Iphone app module. That was the first video that actually made me laugh out loud. Again, completely in line with the rest of the product – he talks about possibilities and potential, and how a lot of people make a killing with apps – but again – with no with real direction.

I will just let these links speak for themselves:

So, You Want To Develop iPhone Apps, Eh? You REALLY Want To Read This! Dvorak Uncensored: General interest observations and true web-log.

Is The Rush To Develop iPhone Apps Creating A Bubble? | mocoNews

And a quote from one of the articles:

Supercollider Blog reports on several levels of paid app downloads, the relevant number is that half of all paid iPhone apps get less than 1,000 downloads. The median point is under 1,000. Lets call it 999. That number times $1.95 per paid app gives the ‘most typical app’ the total revenues in its lifetime – the full two years of App Store existence – of $1,948 dollars. This is before Apple takes its cut of 30%, so we are left with $1,363 over two years or $682 per year. This is so ‘successful’ that half of all of the developers of the 164,250 apps – will actually earn LESS THAN THIS. Before you start to cry, remember, there is that Angry Bird game that had 4 million paid downloads and the Bewelled 2 game with 3 million paid downloads. Thats your math there, they are totally skewing the averages, and you are stuck in the ‘long tail’ indeed. Half of all developers will earn less than $682 per year. Do you still think this is a good business idea?

The Overall Verdict on Mobile Monopoly

There is a lot of filler and basic stuff where he spends time on the usual suspects; Clickbank, what is CPA offers, and so on. “Clickbank pays high commissions” and “Amazon pays lower commission”.

Most of the content has been regurgitated in 100s if not 1000s of products since. The few things he mentions that some people may not have heard of (such as pay per call) are covered in an extremely superficial way.

He almost never (if at all) mention aspects of real online marketing (relationship building, improving conversion rates, pre-selling) – stuff that is vital – but maybe that is because that sort of thing requires real EFFORT which would be more than 99% of his intended audience bargained for (judging by the sales letter). To fill out the holes it is apparently much easier to just have tons of “how to sign up for Clickbank” videos – yes, I think that is actually a title of one of the videos.

In regards to getting low CPCs – you can not by any standard compare the CPC of display ads and search ads. Getting a positive ROI is by no means guaranteed just because you get clicks at just a few cents. As an example, it is relatively easy to get clicks from Google (Adsense), and a number of other platforms from 3-10 cents (I have nothing for sale here or anywhere else), in some markets higher. I have done that several times. The key however, is conversion, as most of us know. And on top of that, it seems that most people are paying much more than the few cents he talks about.

He does not go in and show concrete tangible examples of winning campaigns – sure he has “proven” campaigns. But anyone who knows anything knows that any CPA network or affiliate network will throw their best performing campaigns at you like they were dead rodents (I realize that was a pathetic analogy).

No solid proof that he makes money from the mobile offers is ever presented – why does only Clickbank and Paypal earnings show on the sales page? He is particularly generous in showing his Clickbank earnings in the sales videos. But he does not navigate to the pages in his various accounts that show proof of earnings in the videos inside the members’ area. For someone who likes to talk so much about how much money he makes WHY does he not show any real tangible results achieved promoting these offers? And why do all screenshots/videos that involve his campaigns show all campaigns on pause?

As someone else have already hinted – which is completely on par with my own sentiments – is the fact that you get a very distinct feeling that the author is not actually applying most of these things, he just explains the “potential” and how this is “easy money”, and adds in various random potential earning scenarios, conversion rates and so on. A critical voice might infer that the results shown on the sales page could very well come from sales of his previous “make money online” offers in Clickbank (which also supports Paypal), and not from real b2c affiliate marketing offers on mobile phones. The author has so far been unresponsive in terms of submitting the proof I emailed him for.

In reality, it is not as easy as he makes it out – as also already pointed out earlier in the thread by someone who is doing it – and several other posters who have posted results from their campaigns. And those who make the wildest claims, including the author, does not seem to want to or be able to provide irrefutable evidence of their alleged quick, easy, and significant earnings.

Now – I could probably write another 5-10 pages about this product easily. But the time I have already spent is more than enough time wasted. I think is a shame that this type of product can “break through” in these circles. Of course, people can get a refund – but they can not get their time back, and the money invested in campaigns that don’t produce results.

And if this is by any means the industry standard, a lot of people will end up in a cycle where they jump from one quick fix to another because the product is carefully constructed to give the illusion that it does really work with no effort required…”but just not for me”. And so, the story repeats itself with no one the wiser because “quick fix” authors refuse or lack the skills to educate people on the true principles of Internet marketing.

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    Everything eventually becomes dead for the middleman (affiliate).

    So what’s the lesson? Become the advertiser.

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