Nick Throlson Goes to the Beach, Takes on Wickedfire, Gets Fatter

All in 45 seconds. Deep thoughts and lowered expectations from Nick Throlson at the beach. Who launches a forum that will compete with WaFo and WF. NO REALLY! I CAN’T WAIT!!!

Side note: Does the camera add 30 pounds, or was that neckbeard really good at hiding the triple chin? And my god the Michael Scott haircut is killing me HAHAHHA

  • Oh, Nick…

  • Buddy

    lol, that voice over intro to the video is hilarious

  • Man I love listening to you rag on that guy.

  • Parthenon

    4 members, FUCK YEAH!

  • gx

    so… check it out.

  • That logo is making me crack up right now.

  • tmoney

    Webmaster bloging about success! Lol please do more posts about genius bloggers like this fat zit beard! His forum will be ranking for zit beard in no time

  • hahaha wow, what did i just watch? who is this guy lol

  • I just want to know what he keeps looking at

  • groomez

    Is he done? Where’s the part where jets fly over his head in an American display of patriotism for

    I liked it better when he was at the park.

    ::drinks PBR::

  • conv3rsion

    shit just got real

  • Hey, hey, be nice. He’s wearing an industry shirt, so you know he’s legit.

    I’d sign up for his forums but I don’t need to learn how to start a blog and whine about shit. I guess I’m not advanced enough for his courses.

  • Never really seen chipmunks on the beach before. Clearly this one is storing his nuts away for the winter months. Smart Chippy munk.

  • Wow, just… wow. Affiliate forums… clearly an area that was lacking and in need of yet another solution.

  • thefuck

    i think he got the triple….quadruple? chin from swallowing too much cock.

  • lol.. he’s not that fat, you’re mean :P

  • Jeff

    Taken from his about me section on his blog…

    “Soon after I graduated I started working at McDonalds & worked my way up to being a manager.”

    Explains the fatness.

  • FINALLY! I’ve waited SO LONG for the sequel to “Affiliate Ideas at the Park”. I nominate this film for an Oscar.

  • Mountain

    Nick…c’mon pal…up your game. Three words could change your life: “Screen capture video”.

  • lol… indeed, he put some weight :D

  • I’ m not sure of the reasoning behind this video…. Is it to promote sunsets as a creative tool… Mediatrust, or his “pretty good” forum.

    Its scattered, covers too many bases at once… Not very targeted advertising imo.

    Plus i dont even know who this guy is, whats his story?

  • ginger kicker

    The way Throlson kept looking up and jerking his head I thought he was trying to impersonate the “gingers do have souls” guy.

  • Hater

    Umm is the forum going to be about how to monetize twilight traffic?? Nick knows all about that!!!

  • Nice comb over…

  • Best of luck with the forums Nick.

  • bbcpz

    wait till nick gets his money right. then y’all can’t tell him nothin….

  • haha dont make fun of fat people guys, its not funny :(