The Annoying Affiliate Meme

Saw this on the ytcracker twitter stream and had some LuLz YYUUUUUUUZZZZ!!!

Ripped 100% from Work for the Internet. I don’t know if they’re his originals or not but the whole series is funny as shit- The Annoying Affiliate Meme!


I’m not going to mention who that guy is, but that makes the meme all that much more hilarious to me. I set up an original 32 that you can download here:

If you’d rather just view them online and contribute your own, feel free:

  • That’s pretty funny man, thanks for the share


    Sir Dear hI, i Dont Know Y My Account iS Denied

  • I’m a publisher not affiliate!!!

  • haha this is awesome

  • lol, I just bought this template. From Justin Dupree

  • oic

    lol @ CPA TANK. bunch of wannabe badasses

  • :D, Banking 1k rev daily.. spending 2k a day.

  • This made my day. So funny!

  • Had a lot of fun making some. I luffed it a lot!

  • “My links not tracking” “Oh, that was a sample link?” also one of my faves.

  • omg this is hilarious. I had such hard laughs.

    I love the ” 1 Day This Many Conversions ”

  • LOL, love the photo’s on this post. Struck the nail on the head.

    If anyone were to believe that half of these people’s net worth was more than a thousand bucks (on a good day), they’d be sadly mistaken.

  • Snuffle

    13 CLICKS 0 CONVERSIONS !!! MUST B SHAVINGGGGG ME!**!&*!&*!*!!!!!!!!

    lolzzz i hate stupid fucking affiliates!

    • You have no idea how many times I get this question on my blog and at work. So retarded.

  • that guy is probably getting bored :))

  • JRoyal

    isnt that brottany dawkins?