The Fundamentals of Promoting an Affiliate Offer


I want to be an affiliate marketer. I found this offer that I want to promote, but it’s a secret. Anyway, this offer pertains to job searches. I know this offer would work if I could buy PPC for it, but it looks like all the job search keywords are taken.

How can I promote it?

Believe it or not, a Wickedfire member had this same question.

Our good friend Dullspace, was kind enough to record an answer. A mini-webinar if you will.

If you have questions, and others like these related to internet money cash piles, then I can guarantee 93% of them will be answered in this single audio recording.

Dullspace goes into some very heavy stuff. These advanced topics would sell for $1997 by other gurus, but Dullspace gives this shit away for free. FREE SON

  • Blackhat Cookie Stuffers – How to make dollars a day
  • The Mafia-backed affiliate industry and how you can profit!
  • Buying Meejia – One secret traffic source no one is talking about!
  • Tracking Your Data and HTTP Requests – What they are and why they’re important
  • Landing Pages and how to steal them
  • Buying Adwords and getting people to come to your shit

Listen Now

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