The Real Truth behind PPC Classroom

You thought was going to leave you hanging without some good drama before Affiliate Summit West? Well, ye have little faith.

This is a story about PPC Classroom. It’s some newbie PPC coaching shit run by two guys. One person is Amit Mehta, who has a fancy “crib” in Boston somewhere. The other guy, who is less known, is actually the owner of it, and his name is Anik Singal. You would think Amit actually owned it with all the promotion he does for it, but you are wrong. He is just an affiliate / partner.

Make sure to remember the difference between these people because it is important. If you want to entertain yourself with the PPC Classroom sales page, you can read it here: PPCC has more inside sources than the CIA, so I am always getting e-mails from people with leaked conversations, stories, and all types of shady drama. This is one such instance of juicy inside information. This is direct from an inside source at PPC Classroom.

The charlatans in this industry are everywhere you look. I have a problem with PPC Classroom because it charges people close to $100 a month for information that doesn’t teach them shit. It’s all bullshit. Newbies sign up thinking they will see instant riches, but get led down the road to failure. There are some many over-hyped, bullshit products in this space it is near impossible to find anything worth buying.

It’s all fucking hype and very little substance, and products like these fleece people for their hard-earned dollars they made working the manager’s position at Burger King.

I hate “Gurus” PPC Classroom is going under, but we’ll save that part for the end of this post.

Let’s get this road on the show!

Amit Doesn’t Actually Know Adwords

How does someone who doesn’t actually know Adwords going to teach people about … Adwords? I don’t fucking know.

Source says: Amit only had like 2 successful campaigns. One was a regcure campagin, and one was public records. Thats it. I saw inside his Adwords account and it was a complete joke. He basically got REALLY lucky. I mean he had adgroups and keywords stuck all over the place. It looked like some total newbs account, basically nothing like anything he teaches.

PPC Classroom has survived this long without being exposed for the shit that it is because they hire “coaches.” Coaches are just regular people that get paid by PPC Classroom to be active on the forum, help people, and all that shit. Do you think Amit is spending his day with hands newbie-hand-holding? No.

Granted, Amit did cash in on Adwords. This is nothing to scoff at. But the fact that he is leveraging this luck into a coaching program is the crock of shit.

It’s comparable to writing a “How to win big playing slot machines!” book. Do you think Amit ever told people what he was promoting so they can make money “Step-by-step” like he was doing? Fuck no.

Inside source says: “We would have webinars, etc and he wouldn’t be able to answer questions from students about somewhat basic stuff.”

Amit has no doubt made money pushing Guru snake oil than he ever had made with Adwords.

Now you may be bugging out thinking I’m a dickhead for outing his niches. See the next section.

Amit Got Banned from Adwords. Twice.

Amit is already running his mouth, teaching people how to not get banned from Adwords. Motherfucker, you got banned twice!

Direct from leaked convo:

Amit says: “I got banned twice. Every affiliate site I put up is getting slammed!”

Full. Of. Shit.

PPC Classroom Sells Out Its Students

This is nothing earth shattering. If you have a group of buyers you want to upsell them, mail them, whatever you can to squeeze out the pennies from their wallets.

So any time a new guru shit head product comes out, the PPC Classroom people get their customers to buy that shit so they can earn a handsome affiliate commission.

Inside source says: “So they made $700k from the Google Cash Detective Lanuch. Basically Amit hyped it for all he could and ALL the students bought into it. Well, obviously a month later when the students still hadn’t made any money they were all pissed…then Amit came out and was like…”oh you don’t really need that.”

It’s one big Guru circle jerk.

PPC Classroom had False Testimonials

Inside source says: On their latest launch they had fake testimonials. I think they took them down now but several of the testimonials were from the COACHES, not students of PPC Classroom. They (testimonials) said how Amit helped them earn millions, etc…just flat out lying.

They had a director of education who was basically in charge of teaching students and overseeing coaches and she had never done any affiliate marketing herself. I really don’t think he (Anik) is an affiliate. He doesn’t seem to know wtf he is doing except for wearing aligator shoes.

Nuff said?

PPC Classroom is Going Under – Not Paying Its Affiliates

This is the real story. The shit up there was just trash talking Amit. Don’t put yourself out there if you don’t want some blow-back. He’ll live.

The bigger story is about Anik Singal. Apparently he is not a popular cat.

The parent company of PPC Classroom is, and word on the street is that they are going under. The conversation below Is between Amit himself and our insider, talking about the their PPC Classroom woes.

Amit: Lurn is on the verge of bankruptcy. They haven’t paid affilaites since September, and now they’re delaying my payments.
Insider: What happened to the company?
Amit: I have no idea, but they screwed me by not paying affiliates. No one was motivated to promote PPC Classroom 3.0
Insider: I got a weird vibe from Anik when I met him, like he could be shady or something.
Amit: LOL. He’s not doing anything shady. He likes openly SCREWING People.
Insider: Does he owe them (affiliates) a lot of money?
Amit: Yes. His company is cash strapped.
Insider: I’m surprised affiliates haven’t complained publicly about it yet. Maybe they will.
Amit: They stop promoting. Good thing you left when you did.
Insider: Did the company just grow too fast or did he just spend too much money?
Amit: spent WAY too much, and every launch after Feb PPC Classroom 2.0 BOMBED
Insider: lol what will happen to the other coaches? They gonna get paid?
Amit: I don’t know man. it’s BAD
Insider: That’s ugly ….
Amit (posting an email from PPC Classroom):

“Hi Amit, sorry I did not respond as we have been swamped after the holidays. You have been very patient with payments and we really appreciate it. As you know the market has sucked and things have really slowed.

We are working on new sales initiatives, which are already starting to help. However, we have a backlog of commissions (back to September) that have not been paid.

I am hoping that you can help us and be patient for 30 days or so so we can sort all of this out.

Things are improving every day but I would like to prioritize Affiliate payments for a while or our sales will decline further. Let me know if we need to talk about this more but I assure you there is no concern of not getting paid, we just are in catch up mode right now.”

Lessons Learned

Are there any lessons to learn here? I don’t fucking know.

One thing is for sure – if you are a newbie then you need to not fall for this shit. If you spend your hours and minutes anticipating the latest Guru info product, you’re going to be spinning in circles forever. The majority of these programs are straight-up, crocks of shit. None of this shit is going to make you rich retard.

And if you promote PPC Classroom you better stop cause you’re not going to get paid.

Another thing is that affiliate networks hate these guru products. They get flooded with a bunch of newb-tards that have no idea what they are doing. Not only that, but a bunch of fraud applications to deal with as well.

Game. Set. Match.

  • Well this explains alot, when going through PPC Classroom, there was many inconsitancies in what he was saying, to what I knew to do. These “Gurus” are nothing but BSing muppets.

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  • These guys eat, sleep and breath PPC every day for clients across a wide range of industries.You will learn valuable information to help take your business to the next level.

  • I always wonder if somebody makes 700k why does he sell this info insted of keeping the “secret” and double his income every year?

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  • Is this true? I mean, are these people complete fraudsters? I have downloaded and watched their super high quality sales video and really thought they are for real.

    • yep they really are full of fluff those guys I wouldn’t give them another dollar.

  • I just went to anik singals website But my virus scanner denied access because there seems to be a trojan in the sitemap.xml. Funny? – Yes

  • Wow that is wild and just bad business. I hope it doesn’t turn out as bad as it sounds.

  • Steve

    Wish I knew this shit BEFORE I went to their fucking gay ass seminar. Good thing it was only $97. He tried closing the crowd for a $10,000 mentoring program at the end, and nobody got up… it was funny. He was all excited jumping around, and people were just staring into their notebooks. FUCK AMIT MEHTA

  • MIchael

    I have been ripped US$5000 from PPC classroom. I bought the Platinum package which gave all the one on one support.

    Now i have email PPC classroom and they said it has been taken down.

    They offered me a product called Marketing with Anik 3.0 which is not what i wanted.

    I am very upset that i have lost this money and the course.

    Can anyone suggest anything i can do about this? I would be willing to share 50% of what i get back if someone can help me here.