Barman Tells a Story about Jon Waraas

If you’re wondering why this post exists, look no further than Now I don’t really want or need whatever % off of DeveloperHut services, but this story needs to be told to the masses.

Jon Waraas’s blog was one of the first blogs I ever read related to affiliate marketing. This was back in the day when I thought John Chow and Tyler Cruz had relevance, so any blog that talked about making teh monies online seemed cool to me. So for some reason, Jon Waraas seemed like a good read and I kept it in my reader (as I slowly but surely removed shitty blogs when I realized how full of shit they are)

Barman Meets Jon Waraas

A long, long time ago, there was an event called Affiliate Summit East Boston. I was hanging out in the conference hall and went out for a smoke. This is where I met Jon Waraas, who is actually one tall motherfucker. For some reason it was really cool to meet an infamous blogger in our industry, but then the novelty wore off after about 12 seconds.

Later that day, or maybe the next day, a bunch of industry cats had dinner at a fancy restaurant in Boston. This party was hooked up by Nickycakes who made Geoff of Advaliant do his bidding, and provide corporate sponsorship for this dinner.

This whole dinner is a story within itself which will never be told. When you have people like aojon and smax sitting at the same table, there’s comedy to be had. But let’s focus on Jon Waraas. So we finally get some grub on the table, and what do you know… Jon Waraas busts out his camera John Chow style and starts taking pictures of his food. I fucking snapped. “What the fuck are you doing man,” I yelled. Waraas looked at me dumbfounded, “Uh, taking pictures of food.” At this point you have to realize that I think this unacceptable behavior, cause it is oh-so-gay. But then I realized I’ve only known Jon Waraas for less than an hour, and he’s probably wondering why the fuck this stranger is yelling at him.

Jon Waraas showss some love

When first started, it grew quickly because it was cool to like These days, it’s a necessity. So I had to ride the wave and asked bloggers to talk about to get more traffic, and grow the subscriber list from 6 to 7. Jon Waraas was one of the first to blog about, and his newb traffic was actually legit. Now I am returning the favor.

Barman Plays Call of Duty 4 with Jon Waraas

I don’t play COD4 a lot, but one time I played with Jon Waraas. Let’s put it this way… if Waraas was actually fighting in Iraq we’d have won the war by now. This dude is a dead-silent killer who can single-handedly keep your team alive (especially since I suck so bad). He eats durkas for breakfast then shits ’em out at dinner time. Don’t fuck with Jon Waraas.

So that is my Jon Waraas story.

This has been a PAID REVIEW of Jon

  • Thanks for the post, much appreciated! I like how it was posted on April 1st :)

  • Sellout.

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    you suck bitch!

  • bahaha I lol’d through the whole thing

  • The only line I read was “paid post” but that was enough to decide that this post was EPIC

  • This is really confusing… the comment made by Jon Waraas was here before I made my first comment…

    Is China attacking again? Oh noes!

  • fuck you jon

    Jon Waraas is a faggot and his services suck cock

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