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My comrade turned me onto I actually heard a lot about this site when it was being mentioned a lot on Colbert Report last month, but never checked it out.

DonorsChoose is a truly amazing idea. Basically teachers and classrooms from our decrepit education system put up ‘projects’ and you, the donor, get to throw money at them. Whether its $5 or $100, you put that money towards individual projects to help teachers chip away at their goal. Some want to buy computers, some art supplies, and others muscial instruments. At the same time, it’s pretty depressing to know how in-need some of our schools really are. (“We need to buy books…. ” Really? They don’t give you books at that school?)

I love this site because it’s addicting. Once you donate a few bucks, you want to do it some more. It’s beautiful because it bypasses our ignorant government. “Every Child Left Behind!” Why pay taxes that will end up in the hands of nimrod politicians who have to distribute the money back to schools (with a little off the top).

Cut out the middleman and start donating to kids that really need it! The power of the internets!

How to +1 Your Karma Points by Distributing Your Ill-Gotten Gains

1. Visit DonorsChoose
2. Pick a project. If you can’t find a project, pick a school from your hometown or state. If that doesn’t work, do it by hottest teacher.
3 Distribute some of your ill-gotten gains to the project. Make it rain on these kids like you’re putting them through college (in a way, you are…)
4. Repeat once a week.

Stop being a cheap loser and donate at least $10 to some kids now. The smallest amount goes a long way for these kids, and large amounts are just ballin’.

  • A christmas or two ago Google sent me a $100 “giftcard” to donorschoose, which I matched. I paid completely for this math class to have some learning cubes, etc.

    About one month later, I get a package from the class with about 20 photos of the kids with their new stuff, a hand written letter from the teacher/class, plus thank you cards from each of the kids(handmade). It was a pretty awesome feeling.

    Now go make it thunderstorm on these kids!

  • I gave a few bucks… ;)

  • Cool site. I like the fact that they include pics of the classrooms and some info about the kids/projects.

    I saw “Waiting for Superman” a few weeks ago. The shit that goes down in our broken education system is pretty ridiculous.

  • Is that a cloaked affiliate link Bar? You sneaky sumbitch.

    • lol. i might be a scumbag but i’m not going to steal a few pennies and dollars from kids.

  • Apparently their affiliate program on CJ pays you 4% taken outta their marketing budget, not the donated amount (according to them)…i really wonder just how profitable slanging charity links can be. Not gonna try it though i’d be interested in seeing how much money they pull in from other affs.

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    where’s the toolbar install link?