Papa John’s $2 Delivery Fee

This has always intrigued me, and I want some answers now. For some reason, gets a lot of traffic for Pizza related inquiries, mostly due to this post that rips on Dominos putting plastic soda bottles in the oven.

What is this $2 delivery fee from Papa John’s when you order online?


I know at least one reader either works at Papa John’s or knows someone that does.

Here are my questions

  • Why is this Delivery Fee there?
  • Who gets the Delivery Fee? Papa Johns? The Driver? Or some sort of rev share?
  • If I know the answer to above question, I can tip appropriately. But since I do not know, I am either tipping the driver $2 too much or $2 too little in 6th step. Why won’t you explain the goddamn delivery fee to me Papa John!
  • After you order, you are upsold some Netflix / Magazines. I’m curious to know how much more Papa Johns rakes in if you order online instead of over the phone.

That is all.

Edit: That is not all actually.

Delivery Charge is Extortion!

The big deal is that the big chains keep the money and fuck you, and the driver. Here’s a good explanation

Stop buying from big chain pizza joints. Support your local pizzeria! Now go get fat!

  • I think the delivery charge is not the way to go many people stiff the driver when these fees are tacked on and it just isn’t fair to them.

    • John Bowman

      They have to pay to have a website, and they have to pay their drivers. When people come by to order and eat in, that expense isn’t there. They don’t charge more for every pizza in order to cover those extra costs. (Have you checked the price of gas lately?) in other words, it just keeps everyone from having to pay for the services others might need or just want. No problem. If you don’t want to pay, just go in person.


    Drivers get paid $1.15 for every delivery they go on, which is to cover gas. I would imagine that’s where a big chunk of it goes.

  • I also agree with the above comments. I think most of it goes to the drivers. In some cases I think this fee is used to pay salary to the drivers.

  • Although I can see the driver’s side and the “wtf” side, I consider pizza to be a luxury, one that I can and will only get when and if I can afford it.

    The same goes for dining out, going to the movies, driving range, shooting range, batting cages, and anywhere else that costs money. Lining pockets is part of a company being a company. How many companies are out there ‘for the people’? That’s what they call non-profits, and even those sometimes have shady goings-ons in the back rooms.

    Bottom line is, if you can’t afford the extra fees, eat a sandwich, because you probably won’t be able to afford to have Chinese delivered either.

    P.S. Have you ever broken down your phone, cable, or internet bills? Now there are some ludicrous fees that would be nice to have some meaning.

  • I too agree with the above comments. They are charged for their website maintenance and the delivery charge is normally used to pay the drivers.

  • I don’t go out or eat out very often. For me eating a pizza is something like luxury which Keith has rightly mentioned. I don’t see any harm in paying in the delivery fee. When you can pay for the pizza, $2 is not going to pinch your pocket.

  • Damien

    I ordered one large pepperoni pizza. Papa johns tacked on $2.39 as a delivery fee. I was an emancipated minor in high school…I worked at a pizza place to pay my bills. I recall drivers paying for everything on their delivery vehicles. Drivers werent 1099. They paid for insurance, registration, maintenance and upkeep of their delivery vehicle. Who is receiving my $2.39 delivery charge?

  • Damien

    Driver just showed. Very courteous and pleasant. She was funny, too. But she said she has never seen, nor will she ever see a piece of Papa Johns $2.39 “delivery fee”. I find that peculiar. My $10 pizza cost me $22 at my door. I only tipped the gal $5 and change. Overcharged for substandard product. But the delivery was top-notch.

  • Damien

    By the way…I just realized that this website is a crock of slow-cooked shit. THANK GOD I USED A BOGUS EMAIL ADDRESS.

  • Damien

    By the way, Billy Mays has an estate that can still sue you for using his likeness. Did you know that? You will find out soon.

  • Me

    Well, I hope Papa John’s enjoys the $2.50 it just robbed me of (no mention of it at all over the phone, I didn’t place the order online.. it was throught he phone and tacked on deceitfully without any mention of it). My office will now order pizza for everyone for our Thursday staff meetings. I will go out of my way to ensure that they DO NOT get the business. I will drive myself out to a locally owned pizza joint and spend the $50+ there than give it to Papa John’s, Domino’s or some other chain that pulls this crap on their customers.

    Ultimately, Papa John’s decided to cut their employees hours instead of offering them health coverage. Ok, so then I don’t have to give them my business.. not at work and not at home. And you better bet your bottom dollar I will make sure no relative or friend of mine buys from them, at least not when I am involved.

    That is all.

  • bob

    Papa johns does not give the driver a part of the delivery fee. Pizza hut gived the driver 1.15 for every delivery.

  • Nichole

    It could depend on where you live but in Wisconsin/Illinois areas $2 deliver fee goes to the owners pocket. The drivers only get $ .85 mile and get paid in store below minimum $5.51 and on the road $5.00. If you live close to the store 3-4 dollars is a good tip if you live out of town or far far away $5 or up is a good tip. I can honestly say drivers get the crap end of the stick we don’t just drive we have to answer phones fold a ton of different sized boxes clean the facility and do dishes/prep food/make pizzas/oven duties so please remember try to be patient on the phone and tip well. We try our best to please you… Also on a side note if you’re looking to be a pizza driver make sure you have a gas saving car otherwise your paying more gas and you only get 28 hrs so your checks are every two weeks and no bigger than $170 so our job really depends on tips. It is a good first job if you want to build up your people skills or just want to build up your résumé