Papa John’s $2 Delivery Fee

This has always intrigued me, and I want some answers now. For some reason, gets a lot of traffic for Pizza related inquiries, mostly due to this post that rips on Dominos putting plastic soda bottles in the oven.

What is this $2 delivery fee from Papa John’s when you order online?


I know at least one reader either works at Papa John’s or knows someone that does.

Here are my questions

  • Why is this Delivery Fee there?
  • Who gets the Delivery Fee? Papa Johns? The Driver? Or some sort of rev share?
  • If I know the answer to above question, I can tip appropriately. But since I do not know, I am either tipping the driver $2 too much or $2 too little in 6th step. Why won’t you explain the goddamn delivery fee to me Papa John!
  • After you order, you are upsold some Netflix / Magazines. I’m curious to know how much more Papa Johns rakes in if you order online instead of over the phone.

That is all.

Edit: That is not all actually.

Delivery Charge is Extortion!

The big deal is that the big chains keep the money and fuck you, and the driver. Here’s a good explanation

Stop buying from big chain pizza joints. Support your local pizzeria! Now go get fat!

  • Good Evening Barman,

    My brother Johnathon Wagenheim works at Papas Johns in New Jersey and he makes deliveries in his 1992 Toyota Corolla (Average 35 MPG). He has sent me a fax letting me know that the delivery fee goes to the store so they can pay their driver.So you have been tipping your driver $2 less this whole time.

    Steven Wagenheim

    Whos is Ryan Eagle?

    • J. Goodman

      Actually the $2.00 delivery fee does NOT got to the driver at all. It goes into Papa Johns Pocket! The drivers get paid $4.00/hr while driving and $7.25/hr while in the store. Drivers make less than minimum wage because they claim we work for tips which is NOT true. We get tipped, but not always and in training they tell us we do not work for tips so dont get mad if we dont get tipped. Papa Johns advertises $15/hr for drivers and up, but how is that if we dont work for tips? I have been hating the change. I used to make $18-$20/hr but when they changed the hr rate out the door and added more drivers per shift I barely make $9-$12/hr and that is BullSH*&T. Those numbers come from my hourly pay, mileage payback of $1.00 and my tips, if any! THANK YOU TO THOSE THAT TIP YOUR DRIVERS! THEY DO REMEMBER YOU AND THE ONES THAT DONT TIP!! Check your pizza none tippers!

      • Al

        It is not our fault for not tipping. We cannot afford to tip if papa johns is going to charge 2.90 now as a “delivery” charge. The alternative to this would be to just show up at the store and pick up the pizza. Which in that case you are not getting tipped anyways. If you do not like it…demand a raise or get a better job, that is what I would do in your spot.

        • PJDelivers87

          Its a convenience fee and by all means go pick up your own pizzas. We may not get that tip but we aren’t wasting gas on ignorant people. And if everyone could just go out and get better jobs there would be no one to deliver to ungrateful bums.

          • Nathan

            Get a new job you crybaby. I’ll call the police if some d-bag tard like you wants to f- with my pizza.

          • Connor

            What is your problem lol. The economy has crashed and people can not afford to pay 1-3 dollars for an extra fee. I would much rather order from my regular pizza place that is the same price but WITH NO fee as most area delivers are. Papa johns a giant multi million dollar corporation charges a fee and unfortunately drivers get less of a tip because of this.

          • bry

            I agree. The deal is I will bring your lazy ass some food if you give me a couple of bucks.
            If a repeat no-tipper calls, their bag automatically goes last, if you’re a good tipper, I cook your food fast, dress it to your demand, make it look pretty and rush that shit to your mouth as fast as possible.
            And if your so ignorant to put the zero with the x through it on the tip section, which is like spitting in my face, well I will spit in your food as well as taking 30 minutes to get it there. Call the cops pussy and enjoy your cold, soiled food!

          • Suzanne

            Don’t think just because I put a “0” in the tip on a card that I won’t tip you at the door. That’s how I do it. Some places (different companies) still make drivers split tips and this way, you don’t have to or you can under-report them if you want. We aren’t all douches. Please don’t be mean to my pizza!

          • Bacon

            I live .5 miles away. What more do you think you deserve for bringing the pizza to the door? Who is the ungrateful bum?

          • Businessman John

            Convenience fees are unnecessary and have the potential of driving away customers.

            The final price of a product typically reflects the overall costs for making the product. This has been the argument businesses have used, for example, to convince the American people that low wages are a good thing.

            If Papa John’s is wanting to charge an additional $2.95 for delivery and not giving it to their employees for delivering the pizza, than Papa John’s could possibly be stealing wages from their own employees.

            Perhaps Papa John’s should stop deliveries all together? But they risk losing business, which is what they’re doing anyways by instituting the convenience fee.

            In essence, Papa John’s customers are subsidizing bad business decisions made by Papa John’s.

        • Student2545

          If people like you can’t afford the delivery charge than don’t get it delivered. I believe a service like delivering a pizza should be something you tip for. As for quitting your job, where the fuck have you been pick up a fucking newspaper or turn on the tv, people are having a hard time finding jobs and if they find one it’s usually minimum wage. I’m a waiter putting myself through college and tipping is a big part of my pay and with the way the economy is some people including myself can’t afford to quit there job. Even if a person quits there job and gets a better paying job that person is more likely to get fired based on seniority. Like the saying goes “IF YOU CAN’T TIP THEN DON’T GO OUT TO EAT.”. So it should also go”IF YOU CAN’T TIP THEN PICK UP THE PIZZA YOURSELF AND STOP COMPLAINING.” PJdelivers87 does bring up good point, but comes off a little aggressive just remember he is just like most people in this economy and just trying to survive.

          • pat

            To Nathan: you’re sn idiot if you think the police are going to waste their time responding to a complaint about a pizza!

            As for the fee it’s a deliver charge get over it. Mom and Pop charge a delivery fee as well!

          • Rich South Carolina

            Thanks for answering the delivery fee question. Papa Johns wont get any more of my biz since they are screwing their employees to make up for lost rev in this economy. A driver would have to make 3 deliveries an hour to put their wages at the federal minimum. I know they do more than that bc I delivered when I was a teenager. Papa pockets the rest- that really pisses me off. screw them and all of these monopolies.

        • Philip

          Actually Al, I’m a driver for Papa Johns and I”m sorry, If you can’t tip then yes come and pick your pizza up. If you ask for delivery and can’t tip then you are wasting our money. We get paid less when we’re clocked out on the road and often times we don’t get fully reimbursed for the gas we use. So yes, if you carry out then we don’t get tipped of course, but we also don’t go out on the road and lose money. And if you are in such dire financial straights that you can’t tip your damn delivery driver 2 or 3 dollars then you probably shouldn’t be ordering overpriced pizza for delivery you dick

        • Blake

          Wow, what kind of lazy, self-entitled brat are you? If it is so easy to just go get a better job, why don’t you get a better one so you can afford to give tips? If $2.90 is so much you ‘can’t afford a tip,’ that is.
          I’ve never done deliveries or waited tables or anything. Know why? Because those jobs suck, and I have been fortunate enough to not have to take them. Tip the poor people stuck in those jobs better, you cheapskate! I hope your food gets the Caterina Sforza treatment (rubbed on plague sores before delivery).

        • Joel

          You are a cunt. If you cannot afford a little charge like that then maybe you need a better job. 2.90 gets you not even a gallon of gas. Drive and it is going to cost you that.

      • pizzaguy

        You sound like a real douche and maybe your shitty attitude is why you are stuck like a loser working at a pizza place.
        Your last threatening line sums up what a scumbag you are.

      • sir

        i work for papa johns and the driver does get the dilivery fee plus milage payment get your information correct before posting nonsence

        • Razetheroof

          Hey Sir,

          What are you, the director of operations of the Papa John’s you work at? YOU Sir, are full of shit! Papa John’s pays their drivers $1.00 per delivery. Period. They’ve been doing that for a decade. Never, ever have drivers been given “the delivery charge, and mileage payment. $1.00 per delivery. No more. How about you tell me where you live, and I’ll come beat your lying, goldbricking face into next week? You sound about as honest as our D.O. Who also happens to be one more catastrophic breakdown to my car away from getting justice served by me. These fucks have cost me my apartment, and 2 vehicles in the last 2 years, because when all said and done, I don’t even make minimum wage. I dare you to share your locale. I’ll come pay you a visit! You’re a crook, and the world would be better without your lies and manipulations! Rot, you cocksucker!

        • mike

          If you look right in the side of your papa johns pizza box the next time youorder you will see it says that the delivery charge does not go to the driver. I work for papa johns in new York we make 5.65 an hour and a dollar per delivery no milage, and they tell us the dollar is to give as wear and tear on our vehivles. If u can’t afford giving me a dollar for bringing me your pizza you should have just saved the two dollar delivery charge and picked it up and u can get your exact change back as well. Its people that sign their credit card with a zero tip and look you in the face with a smile and say thanks as they close the door in your face that make all the drivers talk and we will all take our time getting to your house the next time you order. The other thing to if your pizza is messed up ( burnt or the wrong toppings) the driver didn’t make your pizza so if we have to go back to your house because your order was wrong think about your driver now has to drive back to your house twice and is making no money to go back and is missing out on making money because he is not taking a new delivery. No don’t get me wrong im sorry your pizza was wrong but I didn’t make it and maybe toss me another dollar. And your getting a second pizza cause I know in my store we let the customer keep the first pizza.

      • Devin

        When I worked at Papa John’s I was hired on at $8.00/hr as a driver. I’m not sure if my wages changed when I went on deliveries. But what I heard was that I was getting like $1.75 of each of the deliveries $2 fees. Regardless of that, the tips are the biggest perk of that job, it’s what makes it possible, because if you don’t have gas, you don’t work. And at my store, we had 5 drivers an I was the only one with a big 4WD pick-up in the dead of Alaskan winter. I had to work when it was snowing, but I loved the job. Would love to do it again.

      • Bear

        You’re seriously crying about making $9-$12 an hr for delivering pizzas? Try getting a real job then. I know people who work for Coca-Cola, who do physically intense labor in supermarkets, who’s days do not end until their route is finished. Whether it be a 8,9,10,11,12+ hr day. They start at $11 an hour. OHHHHH….the pain and suffering you must go through to have to drive a pizza to someone!

        • ppj driver

          at coke they use a company vehicle and get benifits…. also at my pappa johns we work vary hard answering phones ,helping customers and making pizzas

      • Joe

        So, I’m guessing if your order is $16.90, you add another $2.90 for delivery which would equal up to $19.80 and I only have $20, you’re NOT going to get a tip. Sorry, just count up your losses. Smh And If anyone even THINKS about spitting in my food, you’re going to need more then a new job!

  • notsmoothop

    It’s because you ordered a mega XL3 with anchovies. I didn’t even know you could buy that at a Papa Johns.

  • By the Way Barman aka G Star of the Internet

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  • only ballers order anchovie pizza.


  • newjersey

    “He has sent me a fax letting me know that the delivery fee goes to the store so they can pay their driver.”

    who the hell uses a fax? people stopped using them the same year that corolla was made.

  • @newjersey

    I use my fax daily Heck i even got my own fax line.

    Also visit and critique my blogger profile

    The #1 Marketer Steven Wagenheim

    • you sir are a pimp – want to come and join us?



  • Josh

    * Why is this Delivery Fee there?

    The delivery fee is a way for the national pizza chains to advertise lower prices to stay competitive but end up charging you the same shit. The driver only gets a small portion if any of that, usually less then a dollar.

    * Who gets the Delivery Fee? Papa Johns? The Driver? Or some sort of rev share?

    Driver gets a small portion, usually under a dollar. Papa Johns Bags the rest and laughs on the way to the bank.
    * If I know the answer to above question, I can tip appropriately. But since I do not know, I am either tipping the driver $2 too much or $2 too little in 6th step. Why won’t you explain the goddamn delivery fee to me Papa John!

    Judging by your 0.00 in the TIP line, your tipping to little.

    * After you order, you are upsold some Netflix / Magazines. I’m curious to know how much more Papa Johns rakes in if you order online instead of over the phone.

    we dont make any more if your order online or over the phone, I recommend ordering on the phone you hear our specials which end up saving you more money.

    I work at Papa Johns, Fuck I hate it when people dont tip me.

    • Al

      Then stop working at Papa Johns and get a better job, or demand a raise to make up for lost tips.

      • shutupAl

        S T F U Al you contemptuous Prick

      • PJDelivers87

        why don’t you pick up your own effing pizza!?

        • Nathan

          Because stupid slaves like you are willing to work for free to do it for me. Now hurry up and get my pizza here whiner.

  • Shamani

    I feel the same way…I just placed an order for a 15.99 special and added a 2litter and when I heard 27 and some change as the total I asked wht was the tax on the order…the tax amount was stated to me and then she said OH and a $2 delivery charge so I said ok and then went online to see what others thought. They need to up their menu $ amount cause as far as I am concerned a delivery fee goes mostly towards the driver and if not they need to look for a better delivery job or find a job in another profession…SOORY…but I would, cause the drivers are being used and customers are being GOT!!!….this will be my last time placing a delivery order with Papa Johns and sorry to the driver coming to my house……………………………..

  • K.J.

    Thanks for this post. It’s what I figured, but I still think it’s lame. I’m paying the extortion today since my whole family is sick, but I’m making sure to tip the driver the correct amount, and just mentally put the “delivery fee” into the cost of the pizza. Grrrrr.

  • Bill

    Former driver and Manager…the real story:

    Before delivery charges, drivers were paid an hourly wage, a mileage reimbursement, and the tips they collected from deliveries.
    The company paid those wages, the mileage reimbursement, motor vehicle reports, additional insurance related to the delivery service, recruiting and the training of the drivers all on the cost of the food products. At this time, the average cost of a pizza was 10 dollars.
    Now, the average cost of a pizza is under 8 dollars, and the cost of wages, MVR’s, recruiting and training as well as insurance has gone up, and the delivery charge is a way for the companies to offset these costs. The delivery charge does not go to the driver, it is to offset the cost of employing the driver, and if you think that all of this can be covered by 2 dollars per delivery, you math is off by quite a bit.

    Now these companies are paying split pay or a lower than minimum wage to drivers due to the “tip differential”, and the quality of the drivers are going down due to the inability to make an actual living from this job. In the late 80’s i made more than 700 per week, now due to the economy I am back at it and only making about 400. They need the tips, and depending on your area, deserve the tips.

    • Jonez

      “In the late 80’s i made more than 700 per week, now due to the economy I am back at it and only making about 400”

      You sir are a douchebag.. Almost everyone works harder and most make less..

      SO you ripped us off in the 80s and you still do, f u jerkwad drivers and the rip off artist companies.. They make how many millions in profits on the backs of the poor who purchase this food?

      You say prices have gone down, you are an idiot sir.. Or possibly just ignorant as all hell..

      • Tom

        Poor guy who purchased this food? Pizza is a luxury food. If you can’t afford it, you shouldn’t be buying it. That’s an error on your part.

        • james

          thank you like seriously people think pizza is everday food honestly if all the fastfood resteruant owners packed up shop the world would go into chaos 10 times more then it is now millions layed off and no cheap food so seriously people SHUT THE FUCK UP! if you dont want it dont buy it but stop asking mcdonalds to go healthy and eat somewhere else you dumbfucks….sorry got alittle carried away but i mean ever word of it

        • ppj driver

          i agree , im a driver and im lucky to clear 400 a week for 40 hrs after gas and repair expenses, i cant afford to eat out!

      • PJDelivers87

        I make 300-350 dollars a week. I am a female doing a dangerous job and that money doesn’t include gas or car maintenance. And it does include what I actually make from my hourly wage. So yea I must be a rip off artist because I need customers tips to help keep it possible for me to deliver to those who can’t go out and get it and then bitch about the price. Go pay the same delivery price at pizza hut and you might get your pizza in an hour…maybe. But papa johns would be a whole lot happier without your business!

    • Please let me know asap where I can buy a pizza for an average of #8.00!

    • Al

      We cannot afford the tips when papa johns charges 2.90 now as a delivery charge. We will either not tip…or go pickup the pizza ourselves. In both cases you lose your tip. If you don’t like it, demand a raise or get a better job. This will decrease the quality of drivers, and ultimately dominoe down from no orders online>less pizzas sold>more people picking up their pizzas instead of ordering> and eventually when enough money is lost….Papa Johns changing policy. Don’t be a douchbag and justify this 2.90 BS.

      • Jesus

        If you can’t afford to tip your driver ($4 MINIMUM) then you can’t afford to order delivery pizza at all. Take your lazy bones up to the store and buy a frozen one. “Demand a raise, or get a better job!” That’s rich. I can only assume you’ve never worked anywhere but the unicorn factory where magic is real and Santa writes the paychecks. If you don’t like tipping, move to Japan where employees actually get paid what they’re worth. Enjoy the higher prices on EVERYTHING.

  • Jenny-Yo

    To dat nigga papa johns is a biatch Ima fuck him up when I see em fo dat $2 bs fee

    • GrammarIsGood

      Do you try to sound ignorant, or did you just go to a bad school?

      The word is “that” not “dat”

      • bry

        haha its funny b/c she’s obviously black and the thought of a tip never crossed her stupid monkey brain anyways.
        Sorry dumb bitch, papa j’s does not have watermelon as a topping.

        • retrofh

          the watermelon topping is funny..ty

  • shawn

    non goes to driver they get the same pay as before d charge in fact now dominions is getting sued papa is trying to put what it is on box and receipt but they still going to get sued cause i the driver has been getting robbed all the time now because of it so remember if u dont tip the pizza guy starves i dont even make min wage tips are how i live
    the papa needs sued and pizza hut

    • Al

      Get a better job, sir.

      • Jesus

        Have you looked at the job market lately? Perhaps you’re hiring?

  • james

    i work at papajohns the $2 delivery fee actually goes 3 ways a little to pj a 1.30 to the driver for mileage(which they pay seperate taxes on) and a bit for uncle sam….does that answer your question

  • This i the truth…

    2.25 delivery fee

    5% to driver.
    95% to store.

    We make commission….5%
    Order a 10 dollar pizza, 12.25 with delivery
    Driver gets 61 cent
    Papa Johns gets $11.64
    while on runs we also make 4 bucks an hour.
    SO when I come to your house and three others and I am gone for a half an hour… I make…

    5 percent of 48 dollars(4 10 dollar pizzas)= $2.40
    $3 dollars for the 45 minutes I am gone from the store and back to the store.
    I also make 1/4 of $7.50 an hour for the 15 minutes I am at the store until i deliver again. =1.875

    SO unless I get tipped I make a grand total of
    $7.27 an hour before gas.

    I get about 20 mpg on the street. Those deliveries will run 8 to 15 miles so I spend at least 2 dollars on gas
    That brings my wage down to 5.27 an hour. I wont even mention my car repair!!!!
    It happens all the time. I take 4 deliveries 2 people tip two dont. 1 person tips 2.75, another $1 and the two other NOTHING!!! SO Big deal Under most circumstances. I make 9.02 an hour before Car Repairs…You do the Math

    AND STOP TIPPING DRIVERS 2 and 3 dollars on 100 dollar orders!!!!

    • Al

      Please, just quit PPJ and get a better job.

    • Nathan

      Join a union or quit being a crybaby. Too bad you don’t get paid to bitch. You’d be rich!

  • brian

    I began going to college and delivering for Papa John’s in 2005. For the first two years I was averaging about $17 an hour after paying for gas. I was doing okay even after my auto expenses (tires, brakes, oil changes, etc). I am now averaging about $11 an hour after paying for gas. This is not enough to cover all of the miles I put on my car and the associated expenses. There are days I don’t get enough in mileage to cover the gas I used that day.

    The delivery fee does not go to the driver. I make $7.25 an hour when working in the store and $4.25 while on deliveries, and I get $1.35 per delivery to cover my gas. And, as mentioned above, there are some days that I use more in gas than PJ’s pays me in mileage.

    I drove for Domino’s about 25 years ago and was averaging about $10 an hour. I am doing the exact same job today and only making $1 an hour more than I was back then.

    Tips are the only way a pizza driver actually makes any money. If customers didn’t tip it would make no sense for anyone to deliver pizzas and there would be no pizza delivery companies. Who would put, or could afford to put, 15,000-24,000 miles a year on their car for less than minimum wage! Over the past six years I have gone from loving my job at Papa John’s to hating it. Four more classes at KSU and I am outta there, I hope.

    • Serp

      I usually tip (too) well, but today I saw that delivery charge and it took an hour, so I just tipped the change (under $1). The delivery guy actually got confrontational and all but demanded a bigger tip.

      Obviously they don’t care when I tip well, as it took long and the guy glared and demanded it this time. A tip is not an entitlement, it is up to the discretion of the consumer and is usually for services rendered well, partly an incentive for said service.

      If you take a long time and have a delivery charge tacked on, people are less likely to tip. These big chains are just passing the cost along to the consumer. Instead they should take some of their record breaking profits and pay their own employees with it, rather than paying some CEO $20M. Just my $.02. I probably won’t be ordering from there again, I hate pizza anyway and just didn’t feel like going out or eating in today.

      • PJDelivers87

        Most of us do appreciate your tip! I have been happy with 96 cent tip because a customer was very friendly. I may not leave with the same enthusiasm that I came to the door with without a tip but shame on that driver for getting confrontational. You never know why some one didn’t tip. He should have waited til he was back in his car like I

      • Robert Hughes

        But by you not tipping, your not hurting the business. Your hurting the delivery driver cuz after gas cost all we make is our tips pretty much. And I hate when I delivery on Friday night because people get mad when it takes an hour. You place your order and there is about 20 to 30 pizzas in front of yours. so it takes 15 mins til yours is even being made. At 20 mins it goes in the oven. At 30 mins it is out and the driver is headed to you. It takes 20 mins to geth to the farther locations. So your looking at about 50 mins. so stop bitching

      • amy

        Agree with Serp. The millions/billions these pizza chains earn just shows they are trying to pay their employees as cheaply as possible. It is up to a company to pay their employees, not up to the customer to supplement their wages.

        The UPS/ Fedex drivers that come to our work every day do not get tipped for doing their job. They have good delivery drivers who work their ass off because they pay them very well. You get what you pay for.

        And yes I do tip even with the delivery charge so no one will spit on my pizza the next time I order. Quit getting mad at the customers when you should be mad at the Big Wigs at Papa Johns.

    • Al

      Sir…times are tough…people are not tipping. Get a better job.

    • pooneej

      not being mean or judgemental but 25 yrs ago you delivered pizza? how old were you? I’ll assume 19 – what happened that you are delivering pizza now? again, not being mean – just wondering. it is nuts out there i know….

  • Jim, Chesapeake, VA

    I just ordered a pizza that was advertised as $11 from Papa Johns. The final price was $15.45. I asked them to break the price down and there was a $2.00 delivery charge. Now I read that the driver doesn’t get that $2. By the time I TIP the driver and pay the delivery charge I might as well have “not” ordered the Pizza. This will be the last time.

    • Jesus

      Since when has it been any different? The average delivery ticket price in 2003 (before delivery charges started at PJ’s) was $17. By the time you tip the driver that’s $22. Price of pizza hasn’t gone down, but discounts offered (specials, coupons, adverts) have gone up ridiculously. This is the only reason you might think the pie should be $11. You’re paying the same as you were a decade ago, the driver is just making less.

  • when I have to pay $20 bucks for A pizza with tip I want it to feed 2 adults and two kids, but like everything else It got down sized the large is now a medium. Yes we notice.

  • Michael

    They added the delivery fee when the gas prices went up about 3 years ago, and as soon as they went back down again, they left the fee in place!! So, now that fee is pure profit!! I don’t even bother buying pizza from those chains anymore, as you shouldn’t!! All this talk about who the money goes to, and who gets what, won’t matter when the pizza places only get 14 customers a year!!!! hahahahah

    • In all Honesty

      Maybe instead of calling a pizza delivery chain you should take your fat ass off that couch, and go to the store.

      • jake o

        you try pushing appliances around for 12 hours and see how ready you are to get off your fat ass at the end of the day, jerk off.

    • PJDelivers87

      When did gas prices go down? At the cheapest I pay 3.25/gallon. gas prices are still outrageous my friend and we pay that outta pocket!

  • In all Honesty

    @ Al If times are tough you should run to kroger, and buy some canned foods not order a fucking pizza, and expect it brought to your doorstep hot, and ready to eat in under 30min without providing some form of tip for your driver the guy who busts his ass. To tell a college student who struggles to get a better job is just an ignorant ass comment. I’m proud of how hard i work, and it’s dumbasses like you who make my life hard.

    It’s great that you might have a nice job, and i deliver pizzas now, but in 4 years when im a financial accountant for an insurance firm i will tip my drivers well when i decide to enjoy a pizza. Tipping jobs are one of the few things left in america that continue the service to the public you will notice when you tip people well they can tip others well. Then the cycle continues, and you might not get crappy service which leads to your half ass complaints punk bitch.

    • pooneej

      i agree with the above post. well said brudda..

    • Krisf


  • Anastasia

    Wow a lot of comments just discuss me so much. There is so many ignorant people out there! Ugh! Do you, jerks, really think you can get a delivery and then complain about drivers who are ONLY WORK FOR TIPS expect getting a tip? Yes, Papa John is an a-hole for putting the ‘delivery charge” on your bill but how it is driver’s fault? I personally just stopped getting a delivery from these big chain restaurants. i get it from a local pizza place that charges a little more for the actual pizza but tastes better and doesn’t charge you for sending out the poor delivery driver who is already not even getting a min wage. As you said it’s not somebody’s problem to support drivers it’s also not their problem that you don’t like to tip. Getting a delivery=pay more. If I cannot afford it I don’t take it out on a delivery guy. Neither should you! You, guys, want to scream that drivers should get better jobs but you don’t mind using their service? BTW not everyone can afford college or just go and get a better job! I always tip 25-35% but I’m not saying you’re obligated to give that much, give a poor guy at 15%, stop being a jerk. To all delivery drivers: Sorry, people like that even exist, I’m a bartender, I know how it is!

  • Anastasia

    Another thing that annoys me that people say it takes them forever to get to your house. On some other forum someone said:”He was 40 min late!” If it took him 40 min to deliver your pizza it’s actually time that takes the place to make the pizza, in most cases wait for the 2nd pizza for someone else to be done, than for the driver get in his car and come to your house and someone else’s. If you say: he was 40 min late, do you mean it took him 1:20 to deliver? I get take out sometimes and by the time I place the order, wait ten min, get in my car, leave the parking lot, drive to the store and pay, it takes just about 30-40 minutes, because of the traffic and lights. So do the math, especially if you leave further. What do you think you gonna call and your food gonna be there in 5 min? Guess what That’s impossible!

  • Infinitus

    Hello everyone,

    I am a delivery driver at Papa John’s. When people ask what the delivery charge is for, I tell them that $1.10 for each delivery (as stated on the bulletin board at work) goes straight to my paycheck at the end of the day for my gas.

    The rest of the fee goes to pay all the employees, including me. So, technically, the delivery fee directly offsets the money for my gas and my time. It really isn’t a way to short-change consumers. As far as I know, it is simply an operating cost for the driver.

    To everyone (*cough Al) who says ‘get a better job,’ show me a place that’s hiring right now that has flexible weekend hours after school and is willing to accept a college freshman thats in my area.

    I’m fairly proud of my job, and I make enough saving money to afford a down-payment for a house when I get out of college.

    Thank you,

  • Infinitus

    Also, sometimes it does take some time to get pizzas out.

    Chances are, if you think it’s a good time to order pizza, there are a few tens of people who are thinking the same thing as you are in your area. People who are making pizzas can only go so fast, you know. It’s usually not the fault of the driver.

    I’d have to admit, though, there are always bad apples. Like the comment above where the driver demanded a tip.

    We are trained not to beg for tips. The driver who did that most likely got written up if the customer reported. Things like that are not tolerated at my work.

  • Gary Henderson

    Always remember they are also making $0.55 per mile. So I figure that from my Papa Johns to my local house it’s 10 miles each way. That’s 20 miles total. For my delivery they are making $11. Papa Johns pays the delivery driver for that fee in a reimbursement. Then I tip on top of that $3 – $4 so the driver just made $15 to deliver my pizza. The $0.55 is an IRS deduction that you get when you use your vehicle for business reasons.


    • PJDelivers87

      We don’t get money pet mile. We get a set amount per delivery. If I take 10 deliveries I bank 100 miles. I get paid 1.33 per 10miles/delivery. Its nothing! I wish I made 55 cents a mile!

    • Robert Hughes

      No the fuck we dont, we dont get reimbursement for the miles we drive. we make a set amount for each delivery which usually ranges between a dollar or two. even on a friday night we may take up to 20 deliveries and thats only like 30 plus whatever tips we get throughout the night

    • amy

      There are certain tax stipulations that must be met in order to deduct for mileage costs. It is unlikely that delivery drivers itemize their deductions instead of taking the standard deduction. In most cases they would be taking the standard deduction and cannot claim mileage. Even if they could the $.55 per mile is not a credit they receive back but only a deduction

  • herpderp

    So paying a 1.99 delivery fee, plus a tip, on a free pizza is ok? Since the delivery fee doesn’t go to the driver, why should it be paid at all? Does the box cost 1.99?

    • PJDelivers87

      Our store takes off the delivery fee for free pizzas for the most part if you aren’t a complete jackass or if you order online and don’t call to ask us to take it off.

    • Robert Hughes

      the $1.99 is for the gas of the driver, not for the store. plus a tip for us. Are you really complaining about paying $5 for a fucking pizza when your too damn lazy to go pick it up

  • PJDelivers87

    At the store I work at we get 1.33 for every delivery we take. It is basically compensation for gas. Although often times it is not nearly enough if you have bad orders or whatever. At the same time while we are dispatched (which we are most of the time) we get paid 3 dollars less than minimum wage per hour. Gas and maintenance on or cars are needed constantly. So yes it would be nice if you would at least tip me seeing as I’m usually early and still paste a smile on my face in even the ghettoest of neighborhoods! So basically the store pockets 77 cents for every delivery we take and another three dollars for every hour worth of deliveries we take.

  • Tom

    I have been wondering this for a long time. About 15 years ago I delivered pizza for a “local” pizza store. Made about $12.00 per hour then. We got $2.00 per hour (like restaurant servers) 75 cents per delivery to help pay for gas plus our tips. That was good money for a school kid with a rusted out old car. It is sad that 15 years later the delivery driver does not make any more money.

    Soon we will just use unmanned remote control cars like this one… how I want want this truck

  • Robert Hughes

    Alot of people are wrong, I work for papa johns now and the $2 delivery charge is shared. For every delivery a driver takes he make $1.50 plus whatever tip he gets plus an hourly pay. So the $2 is split where the driver gets 3/4 of it and the other 50cents goes to papa johns. The $1.50 is suppose to cover our gas charges and tips are what we make. So it mostly goes to the driver but every driver loves to see a $5 tip on top of that. Alot of us believe that you should tip accordingly to how far you live. If your a mile down the road, 1.50 or 2 is fine. But if you live on the outskirts of our 10 mile radius dont stiff us. Be generous to your driver because we are saving you from getting you lazy fat ass off the couch to go pick up your 5000 calorie dinner.

    Yours truly, Robert W Hughes

  • Kevin

    Every single person who has posted has been wrong so far. I have been in management at Papa Johns and I know the real reason for the delivery fee.

    1 out of 10 drivers have been robbed working pizza delivery.
    1 out of 4 of those have been seriously injured or fataly shot during the course of the robbery
    1 out of every 5 drivers has been in an auto accident while on the clock
    Only 1 out of 10 of those were the Delivery Driver’s fault.
    The Delivery fee covers the rising costs the disablity and life insurance that the company must pay to protect their drivers above an beyond in a inherently dangerous job.
    Think about that when you are thinking about tipping or not tipping your driver for the convenience of delivering straight to your door.

    • Bob

      Thank you Kevin. I worked here for all 5 years I went to school, and saw multiple friends and coworkers robbed, mugged, and in accidents with terrible drivers right in the store’s parking lot. Police, military, crab fishing, delivery. Guys with big families, day jobs, single moms, we all work this job. If you are trying to justify not tipping some “stoner college kid”, think again. You are the ignorant asshole.
      Pizza delivery and tipping are an American phenomenon. Drivers in Europe and Asia make about 20 bucks an hour and don’t get tipped, so wake up, and stop treating your neighbors like second class citizens.

    • Nunya

      Except the driver is required to carry the insurance for the car. Its just another way Papa John has hurt its employees over the years.

  • Joe Below

    Eventually, the pizza will cost $2.50 and the other charges will be added to bring it back up to $20. If you haven’t noticed, this is the way bussiness is conducted these days. Look at airfare or all those products that charge S&H. It’s how they can lower the price that they have to quote – to compete with others. Too bad really, but what can you do.
    So, be aware of the extra charges and add them in to the price and THEN decide if it is worth paying for. Complaining does nothing. If the total is too much for the value, just don’t order anymore.

  • Laura

    This thread just makes me very very sad. I didn’t realize that people tipped less than 20% anymore- and i’m a grad student on a stipend with barely any money in the bank. Starting tomorrow I’ll start tipping my driver 30% to make up for those who don’t. I’m not looking for an argument, I just think it reflect poor social and moral standards not to tip someone who has done a service for you. </3

    • Delivery pro

      If I were your delivery guy I would give you free pizza and breadsticks :P

  • dave

    I figure if you can have a pizza delivered you can treat your delivery driver well. If you cant afford the delivery fee (which I figure goes towards gas and what not), then drive your lazy ass to the restaurant and get it yourself! If not then add it to your total and tip on that plus 10%. I get great joy out of tipping those who work hard for their money.
    I just ordered pizza online, 25 bucks total, and tipped 8.20 on my CC. I got my pizza FAST and the driver was SUPER NICE!

  • sir

    this is a ignorant complaint the driver gets the fee and it goes into the gas tank just the same as if you drove and picked up your own pizza its hardly considerable as a tip because of the amount of driving we do in a single day our store covers 3 cities and we do a whole hell of a lot of driving with rising gas prices the delivery fee should be increased if nothing else to make up for all the cheap people that cant tip the driver a few bucks when most restaurants are now helping themselves to include a prefigured tip into your bill even if you get bad service so y not complain about that instead its simple if the pizza is on time tip if it late then dont but take into consideration that the drivers can only deliver as fast as the in stores can make and send out so a late pizza is usually not the drivers fault anyway then you figure ware and tear on the cars like tires brakes frequent oil changes crappy weather conditions the drivers most deffinatly work for that money expecially in the winter were on the road when most people wont even leave there driveways a foot of snow on the ground and our cars are still going trying to get you your food so from all the hard working delivery drivers of the world your welcome without us youd have to get out and get your own food

  • I have delivered for Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, Dominos.
    The delivery charge is split between the driver and the store. The drivers share is to cover their gas expense. The stores share is used for the expense of offering delivery. When I first started delivering pizza I would get .13c per mile during my shift or a percentage of my total delivered sales to cover gas. That was back when you could get hot fresh pizza delivered in 30 minutes. Now your lucky to get it in an hour. Today the customer pays for the gas.

  • Riot

    I used to work as an insider as Papa John’s. I never tip the driver, never, not even before the delivery charge started. Drivers are prima donnas who do very little actual work in the whole process and keep all the tips for themselves.

    If you are a server at a restaurant you share your tips with your cooks and bus boys, because without them you wouldnt make any tips. Pizza delivery drivers DO NOT share their tips with the insiders who make the pizzas.

    I stopped working at a pizza place when I grew up and got a real job, but I still do not tip drivers. In my opinion, the tip isn’t an automatic thing. I shouldnt have to tip just because you did your job. I dont tip the register at mcdonald’s just for taking my order. I’ve never received a tip at my job, and I guarantee it is harder and more dangerous than delivery driving, plus it provides a service to millions of people every day, but I dont complain about it.

    Do something extra for the customer. Make sure I am happy with my order before you speed off. Check to make sure I have enough cheese or red pepper. Something. If you hand me my pizza and receipt then just take off then all you have done is the minimum your job requires and you make a wage for that.

    • jon

      congrats your a jackass aside from that i am a day driver and i take the calls make the pizzas and deliver them our drivers all do this as well as the cleaning and prep the pay for drivers is tip based in store workers get a set hourly pay for example as every state is diff but if an instore makes 8 a driver would maybe get 4 while on the road without tips the drivers dont even make min wage if the drivers got paid an set rate your pizzas would be a hell of a lot more expensive not to mention all the ware and tear on the cars like brakes and tires for example or depreciate value due to the high miles they rack up take that into consideration before you say drivers should share with in store workers because they get paid a hell of a lot more per hour your a cheap inconsiderate prick in any server based job remember they dont even make min wage because the company assumes they will make tips without this they dont make any money loose interest and provide crappy service if everyone was like you noone would deliver pizzas waite on tables or care about there jobs

    • Delivery pro

      Look man there are things you gotta learn than being inconsiderate. I’ve delivered pizzas for four years and yes we do make money, but we drivers can’t afford to split our tips with the workers in the kitchen. Gas is four thirty seven a gallon here, and inconsiderate people who don’t tip just don’t see that drivers are paying a price for getting your food to your house, it can cost almost ten dollars to get to somebody’s house, because it is a round trip, a waitress doesnt use gas to get to your table, a McDonald’s cashier doesn’t have to pay in order to push to button down on a screen, but think. Everytime a driver pushes his foot down on the gas pedal, money is being thrown out the back of his car, and I gaurantee you, he is depending on your tip to make ends meet, I wouldn’t have made any money if it wasn’t for tippers, without them I would t be anywhere. We drivers hold our tippers dearly and I have even given my tippers free pizza or breadsticks just because I have high respect for them, don’t be a prick, just top your driver, people like you are the reason people do t have jobs, the reason businesses are out of business, your the reason people can end up on the streets, I always top my drivers, and I tip them very well, I am on the priority list and I love that feeling of respect.

  • Jordon

    I never order pizza if I can’t afford to leave a 5+ tip and often will give 30 bucks on a 21 dollar pizza just because they have always been nice and pleasant even when I didn’t tip very much at first.

  • jack

    $3 delivery fee in St Pete Florida.

  • virginia

    I have read all your comments,so I want everybody to read this one. My daughter just got a job–or so she thought, with Papa johns Pizza in Corona in California. They told her she was a independant contractor, she will get $3.00 per delivery and they take $1.00 of her tips !!!! They still charge for delivery !!! so who gets the delivery fee??? Is this legal?? I don’t think so. I hate when business take advantage of people who will do whatever they can to get a ligit job.

    • amy

      I don’t think legally they can avoid employment taxes by calling your daughter an independent contractor. If the employer dictates when, where, and how to do your job then you are considered an employee by the IRS. The employer needs to pay one half of the employee’s FICA/Social Sec. etc.

      If I were to hire a web designer to build me a website that would be an independent contractor because they are completing the job however, wherever, and whenever they wish by a deadline. I would not be providing them training and telling them how to do it.

      Papa John’s wouldn’t have to give her the delivery charge but not sure why they want to keep her tips. Either way in the eyes of the IRS she is considered an employee

    • fausto412

      that sounds not right. how did it work out?

  • Delivery pro

    I delivered pizzas for a small business, we had a sheet of paper and a list of towns we delivered to, judging by the town and amount of miles there was a delivery charge of 2.50 to five bucks! But take notice that we delivered pizza to four towns that could be ten miles away, fifteen including just driving around town. At my joint I got to keep the delivery charge and tips, it is not a ripoff, it is a means of getting paid, my car got around twenty miles a gallon, now take in mind that you have to double each trip because it does take gas to get back to the pizza joint, ppj’s is not only fuvking the customer but they’re fucking their drivers…the drivers have to pay their own gas and if you don’t tip your driver well, then you won’t be priority customer and you can expect useless service, I raked in around three hundred dollars a week in pizza delivery for three days of work, and only made about 115 dollars a week after paying gas…it’s an alright job good fast money, bug I got to keep my delivery charge and tips, and wage….I feel sorry for ppj’s drivers, I was thinking about taking the job at ppj’s but now I’m thinking I’ll turn it down.

  • barry

    i work at papa johns and have serveral points to make..
    1st- the $2.oo charge goes to the company (drivers get payed $1.00 for mileage), which in no way pays for gas or wear and tear on your vehicle. to me it would make more sense for them to lease cars for drivers to drive with logo(for advertising) and use the money to pay for that.i am sure that they could get a fleet rate and save money in the long run.

    2nd- for people that say its only like 1/2 mile to my house etc etc.. well a waitress brings food to your table at a restuarant that you drove no only did you spend your gas to get there you are paying them to bring food to your table and drinks and how many of you are going to tip $1.00 on a $25 dollar tab? Drivers are bringing food you your house for less than minimum wage .. but yet you would happily not tip or tip just a dollar on a $25 tab. or nothing at all.

    3rd please people if you comment with all the derragortory comments makes you seem foolish ..

    4th Like others have said if you cant afford to tip the driver then go pick it up. otherwise you pay for the convience of it being brought to you.

    please tip your driver.

    • Delivery pro

      So I’m wondering about taking this job, is it really worth it? Do you like working for ppj’s? Is it a good job? Does it pay your gas and make you money at the same time? I work at a car wash right now for less than minimum wage, I make three hundred every two weeks and I’m about to start schooling so i need to find a job open later so I can make hours. Is it a worthless job? I really am at a loss and I need advice

  • franniemae

    wow… i usually tip 4 dollars cash at my front door. and sometimes my damn kids tip more if i leave themtoo much money. the papa john deliverers must love us! However, sometimes i leave tip on the credit card.
    I think papa johns and dominos should just put the delivery charge in the price of the pizzas. nevermind, i guess some people do go pick up so that doesn’t make sense. anyway….

    • fausto412

      no it does make sense…they should put it on all pizzas…spread the cost out. and Thank you for the $4 tips. Here in Texas that’s a good tip. It is the zeroes, $2’s and $3’s that don’t help much. I’ve had some people that tip $2 and they live way out on the edge of our area so it’s a 30 minute trip…$2!!! Those are the trips you lose money on because you aren’t back at the store doing another run.

  • I_think_you_all_suck

    You people seriously have the nerve to complain about a $2.90 delivery charge then tell someone else to get a better job? What a joke! If your broke ass can’t afford $2.90 & a few dollars to tip the driver, you are the one that needs to get a better job! I always tip the driver at least 20%, because it is worth that much for me to have my food delivered to my door.
    Maybe you need to get up off of your lazy butts & cook your own dinner with the the food you get for free from your food stamps, bc if you can’t afford a $5.00 tip, you probably qualify for welfare! Haha what losers you all are!
    I waited tables through college & made from $20 up to $50 an hour doing it. When lowlife trash bags like you guys came in & didn’t tip, I was not angry. I looked at them as the trash they were. They were below me. Even working as a server, I had more class than most of the people who came in, treated me as a lesser person, then couldn’t afford to tip! Maybe you should keep in mind that when you do not tip, the 1st thought that comes to the person serving you is that you are low class and shouldn’t be ordering food that you cannot afford! Get a better job, stop trying to live above your means, or tip the person providing you a freaking service! What is wrong with you people? You should be embarrassed!
    I also disagree with the drivers messing with people’s food. Come on now! You are making yourselves sound as dumb as the ones not tipping! Have some pride in yourselves & be the better person! When that person writes that 0 in the tip spot, they know deep down that they suck. You could always just say thank you & point out the coupons attached to the top of the box. Tell them that you threw in some coupons for next time, maybe that will save them some money & help them out next time, since pizza is so expensive for them! They’ll know what you mean, & it will hurt them worse than eating pizza that they have no idea you spit in!

  • Bobby

    I’m a papa johns driver in the state of GA the 2.00 fee is broken down like this as a driver we make 7.25 per hr while in the store once we check out for a run/delivery we drop down to 4.25 per hr some of that 2.00 dose goes to the driver cause we get 1.30 per delivery the rest goes to the store so the store only gets 0.70. so it breaks down like this

    driver: takes 10 runs for the night the driver makes 13.00 bucks from the store, now say the driver is tip 5 bucks from each person that’s 50 bucks in tips, so the money the driver takes home is about 63 bucks i say about cause somehow they are also figuring in about 0.30 a mile.

    with that being said no the whole 2.00 delivery fee dose not go to the driver at papa johns. I try to tell the new people we hire the key to making good tips such as i do is how your present your self at the door. For that brief 2 to 3 mins I try to make the person who ordered the pizza feel like we are best friends. Sometimes this works sometimes it don’t, but i know that i make the highest amount of tips out of all of our drivers at the store i work at and that includes the female drivers. On a good steady night i will make 100 to 200 in tips.

    As far as tipping and how much you should tip its up to you but think about these questions as the driver is at your door before you decide how much to tip

    Dose the driver look neat and clean?
    Dose the driver make you feel like a friend?
    Dose the driver have everything you ordered?
    Was the pizza hot?

    If all of these have a good response then you should tip pretty good cause I’m going to tell you a little tip that no body will. If you tip well then the driver and the store will try there best to get you the pizza as fast as they can, if you tip crappy then its going to be a little bit longer but if you don’t tip at all then your wait time will be so long that when you do get the order you may not want to order again

  • Randy Riverwood

    This is the breakdown of how Papa John’s has relentlessly screwed their drivers:

    8 years ago, drivers received $0.75 per delivery, and $0.25 per box (within a delivery) after 4 boxes. There was no delivery fee. Drivers also earned rewards based on hours worked.

    First, they took away the rewards. Then the box bonus. Then they added the $1.15 delivery fee, and started paying drivers $0.85 cents. Though drivers received a $0.10 increase per delivery, tips likely dropped by $1.00 because customers subtracted the delivery charge from the tip. Papa John’s said the delivery charge was to help offset food price increases, but they still increased the price of food. The price of wings, for example, increased by $0.50 alone.

    Papa John’s continued to increase the delivery charge to $1.99, and the drivers received $1.15, at the most, of that. So to break that down a little, drivers at that point got a $0.40 raise per delivery, but Papa John’s got a $1.99 raise….who wins and who loses there? Drivers get tipped less, but the company got nothing but MORE money….and still increased the price of their products.

    It doesn’t end there. Drivers used to get around $6.25/hr, but Papa John’s decided to lower that to $4.25 when on the road, and minimum wage when inside the store. They promised it would level out, but it doesn’t. When pizzas are clicked off of the monitor and placed on the oven, the driver waits for them to be “ready” to assign. The pizzas are usually ready and assigned before they are even boxed, and the driver will likely have to do the oven-tender’s work by adding sauces to the order….making $4.25/hr driver pay while doing the job of 2 people.

    And then come the customers. Gas has more than tripled in this amount of time, yet people are still tipping $2…the same they were tipping a decade ago. Even if you are only 3 seconds away from the store, this is not justified. First, your delivery might be the only delivery that driver will be taking. When he/she gets back to the store, they are placed last in a line of drivers already in the store. This line could be long since it is now more affordable for the company to have more drivers on the clock. To sum it up, that driver has a very good chance of making only $2 for an entire hour.

    • fausto412

      You pretty much nailed it. At my location you have to check out the order to start the 4.25 rate.

  • Zandooo

    I delivered pizza back in the early 90s. I remember this one ASSHOLE that would ALWAYS exact change me, everytime, and every otehr driver that went there. We always put his on the bottom of the stack and would spit on his pie, People like him SUCK!

    • akborn55

      It appears you’re the biggest douche of them all. Congratulations…your mother must be so proud.

  • ADO

    Deliver ‘Fee’ is now $3.50 papa johns is a fucking JOKE rip off cock suckers, a large pizza = a ball of dough a laddle of sauce and some piddly toppings, $17.00 to your door not including the driver tip so $20.00 for one large pizza fuck off…

  • George

    This all sounds so silly. Drivers are angry because they are poor and the customers are angry at the blatant over charging. I have no respect for the delivery drivers. They should have went to college. Its no ones fault but their own that they are extremely poor and have to beg for pennies. I personally never order pizza for delivery. I normally go pick it up. Most all pizza places over charge for everything. I worked for Pizza Hut as a General Manager and it costed us about 2.55 to make a pizza and we sold it for 17.99. The pizza companies are thieves. They are charging out the ass for something not worth the box its served in. The people making the pizzas are uneducated and low paid so the chance of you getting sick from it is very high. Never let anyone without a culinary degree make your food.

    • fausto412

      #1 I have a college degree, #2 I’m not begging anybody for pennies, #3 If the people making the pizza were so bad at it don’t you think Papa John’s would be out of business? #4 Almost all the other drivers are really young and just trying to earn some play money.

    • Courtney Landers

      Dang. I don’t have a culinary degree so I guess I better stop cooking for my family…..

  • Zach

    Wow! You are, clearly, very highly educated! “Drivers are angry because they are poor,” and “They should have went to college.” Sounds like you really understand the social and political forces at work in our economic and educational systems. Have your ever thought of writing a book? “Never let anyone without a culinary degree cook your food.” Good call, George! Don’t let Mario Batali or Paul Perdhome cook for you, becuase they don’t have degrees. I never post stuff like this on the internet, but I wish I could see you in person so I could smack you in your arrogant mouth.