ppc.bz Relaunch 2014

Hello readers. Notice anything … different?

I’ve come to the decision that if I’m going to spend the time writing, I might as well do it right. Anyone that’s ever written a post worth reading knows the time investment involved (great posts can take hours), so its counter-productive for me to do it on a blog full of Dirt Nasty videos and vulgar profanity. That kind of stuff has a great niche following (the Adult Swim demographic), but doesn’t get any traction with a broader public.

I want to be able to leverage my time working on this blog into something more in the long run, whatever that may be.

Furthermore, I’m no longer as angry and pissed-off as I used to be. I went through all of the older posts here to trash most of them. Half the time I was asking myself, “Where did I get the balls to write shit like this?”

I’m older now. I’m not in my early twenties throwin’ up middle fingers screamin’ fuck the world. No, I do things like mediation. Yoga. I have some grey hairs even. I don’t care if that makes me an old, lame shit or if it puts me at ground zero with no readers. I’m happier. Plus, it’s my blog and I’ll do what I want. Now, get off my lawn!

Therefore, a relaunch. What are the goals for a happier, zenful, more useful PPC.bz?

1. New Design

I wrote all the design code for this blog theme from scratch, using the WordPress Twenty Twelve theme as the base.

But I must give credit where credit is due – the overall “look” was greatly inspired by the design over at BryanEisenberg.com. Also, thanks to Subtle Patterns for the background image.

Unfortunately, the Billy Mays button is gone. I know that was a fan favorite. And a lot of the blogroll links have been cleared out to make room for blogs that are actually good, and updated.

2. More Useful Information

More Teaching and Sharing of Knowledge – One thing I’ve learned is that the best way to learn something is to teach it to somebody else. I’ve learned a legitimate shit ton of stuff from books I’ve read and courses I’ve taken, especially in the past two years or so. I have this strong desire to share that knowledge with the world. Otherwise, it deteriorates and gets wasted when I don’t apply it or teach it.

More Programming – I never thought I’d end up a programmer, but some how, I’ve gotten pretty good at it over the past couple of years. That’s one thing I plan on teaching more of.

More Online Marketing, Start-ups – I’m going to focus less on affiliate marketing as a topic, and more on the overall online marketing ecosystem. This includes mobile apps and SaaS (Software as a Service stuff)

3. Less Useless Content

Here’s what you won’t see on PPC.bz anymore…

Guru Product Bashing – Yes, I know guru bashing was what built this blog. But I don’t want to do that anymore. And quite frankly, it’s not as big of a problem since Clickbank cleaned up their act. If you absolutely must have your fix of guru bashing, may I suggest the salty droid?

Industry Drama – Yet another thing I don’t care about anymore. Yes, this industry needs a cleaning, but it’s not going to be me. I’m not your fucking Batman (I’m just a barman.) If industry drama is your cup of tea, check out Perform Outsider ( which is what PPC.bz would’ve been had I continued down that path of anonymous asshole.)

Plus, there are plenty of Facebook Groups where this information is shared quite regularly.

Yes, I’m serious

I trashed a lot of posts. I moved some to the Old School PPC.bz category if you want to take a trip down memory lane. I may put the entire archives back-up on a sub-domain at some point in the future. It does feel like I deleted a piece of internet history. :: sniff ::

The before and after…


  • Frist!

    Looking forward to it, especially the programming bits. Congrats on the resurrection.

  • I didn’t bother reading anything you wrote as i am high as a kite but for fuck sakes bring Billy Mays back!

  • udkl

    Go for it biz !

  • Much cleaner – nice job.

    Here’s a pic of the old design for anyone that comes along later…

  • Dan Anderson

    Son, I am disappoint.

  • NegBox

    I feel like I just lost a brother – swallowed up by the color white. White hat, white collar, white blog. Hit me up if you come back from hug-a-tree land, all of us sleazeballs will be ready with scraped backups of your blog to welcome you back. ::snif::

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