Score PR5 Links for Your Blog for $30

Google talks a lot of shit about not being able to buy links, but there are a few sites out there that get the old sliparoo (meaning Google will penalize some link sellers while letting other ones slide)

So anyway, if you have a legitimate blog that isn’t shit, you can score pretty good links from Best of the Web. They have a Blog Section you can get to on the bottom there.

If you give a fuck about PR, here’s how to do it
1. Submit Blog
2. Use Coupon ZOMBIE – This will save you $10 off the submission in October. They are always running coupons tho
3. And if you hit the site up through your own affiliate link you get 25% of that. Skadoosh!

  • ZeroOne

    I heard this works really well combined with the canadian serp domination technique posted earlier.

  • Barman

    I posted this like 4 seconds ago do you have live updates going to your brain!?

  • third!

  • ZeroOne

    I came to see if destone was on the new theme when the guy in irc mentioned him, and saw the new post. huh.

  • concord

    Love the new layout

  • Fuckin fuck yah! It’s exclusive hot insider shit like this that makes the internets..fuckin… place.

  • hey man. that coupon code doesn’t work.
    are you at affiliate summit SM in NYC? wanna meet up for a pizza?
    this blog is terrible.