Dominos Pizza Tracker B.B.B.Bull*&%t

Anyone order a pizza from domino’s in the past year? See this neat feature the pizza tracker and wonder how it works? Notice how fancy it looks and the ‘patent pending’ in the corner. Well here is how it works… IT DOESN’T. Just a fancy web application that automatically grabs employees names & puts them on the web at randomly placed times. Lots of fishy business & no real technology.

I watched in horror as my order of 10 bottles of diet coke was prepared. Then a few minutes later put in a the oven. I wasn’t sure if I should have called them and told them I didn’t want my diet coke heated up or not. After the diet coke left the oven. It was place in a box. Then it was out for delivery.

1. I don’t know what PREP time you need to make diet coke? (can anyone answer this?)
2. I am 100% sure what domino’s delivered didn’t get put in their oven.
3. I am 100% sure what domino’s delivered didn’t come in a box.

Now, After about an hour and 5 minutes of waiting. I got a phone call asking if I ordered something from domino’s. I said YES. he said okay, we’ll get that right out to you sir. There was then an awkward pause then he apologized and said the delivery driver got confused. I said no problem & hung up.

Within the minute of 2 hours of the time my order was placed. I received my order. 10 bottles in bags. No boxes. It was not in the hot wave bag like they claimed on the website. The bottles were not melted.

I have a few questions for domino’s.

1. Is that really patent pending technology? I didn’t know you could patent bull*&%t
2. Does the technology really work?
3. Did you actually placed my bottles of diet coke in the oven?
4. Did it take 2 hrs because you had to clean up the mess of melted bottles in your oven & diet coke everywhere on top. Is that why it took 2 hours?
5. Why was the delivery driver thrown under the bus? So I would tip him less? He wasn’t the one who allegedly put my order in the oven.

Notice: Since this happened & the time of the post the author quit drinking diet coke. So no comments about how i’m going to get brain cancer and die.

  • Kri

    Sounds like they are a bunch of scammers… Papa Johns FTW!

  • spyderman4g63

    I new it was just a timer. I didn’t know they would deliver liquid crack with out an actual pizza.

  • Pizzalover

    Uhh… whoever the idiot was that would actually take the thing literally for a massive order of Diet Coke, then complain because of a small screw-up, I have one thing to say to you.

    It is NOT MEANT TO BE EXACT… it is an estimate, and usually it is quite accurate, Every order I had went right in and right on through, and I actually ordered pizza, not just massive amounts of soda, lard-ass.

    Almost everyone who orders from Dominos orders something to be cooked, not just you dumbasses who order massive amounts of soda for amusement.

    Also, do not berate the so-called “stupidity” of preset-ordered things… your order would have “been placed in the oven” no matter what you got… it’s not necessarily placed in the oven, dolt. It just says it is close to being ready. They DO have to wait for the time your order is supposed to be “ready” to send it to you anyways. Just because you order 10 cokes and nothing else doesn’t mean you get priority over someone who ordered an hour ago.

    I think you should try your bullshit somewhere else, because that is honestly one of the more moronic criticisms I’ve ever seen.

    **editors reponse**

    • Stasi

      I want to let you know, I ordered from Dominos the other day and the same thing happened to me. I placed the order online and it said it would be ready by 11:45. I watched the tracker and it said it was in Quality Check at 11:43. So I thought it was correct but it sat in quality check for 3 hours!!!! I called them around 12:30 several times and was placed on hold for over 15min each time. When I finally got someone on the phone, that didn’t put me on hold forever, they told me only 2 out of my 6 pizzas were done and it would be leaving in 15 min. That was complete B*ll Sh*t because I waited and waited and when I couldn’t wait anymore I called Papa Johns. They had my pizza’s to my office within 25 min. I was able to order from Papa Johns and finish eating before Dominos even showed up. I waited until Dominos got to my work and I sent him away with their pizzas. They gave no explaination, other than telling me they handled the call-in orders before the online orders. Shouldn’t it be first come, first serve….and I ordered before the store even opened!!! I didn’t want to be mean to the driver because it wasn’t his fault but the least he could do was appologize. I will never order from Dominos again!!!!!!

      • paul

        Your problem right there, you placed the order before they opened, the computer will work and print the slips and say it is getting worked on, but it won’t be made, no one is there? Till they open, don’t be fucking lazy call them, and enjoy papa john, how’s there sugar sauce and cardboard? Hahaha

        • jon

          cardboard? really well this crust suck regardless but we take actual pizza dough and work it into pizzas per order from fresh product hardly cardboard unlike pizza huts frozen premade dare i say pizza skins although i work a papa johns i will say dominos has raised the bar on there product and are making a good comeback in quallity but papa johns is fresh we cut tomatos peppers onions ext every morning and throughout the day as needed atleast at our store those that dont shouldnt be in buisness and are lazy and for sugar sauce hello in america the more unheathy it is the more we like it lol

          • james

            the pizza tracker is a gimmick, that is actually tied into the computer systems. Yes, I work for dominos, and yes, I’ve been tracked several times. To that end, it works. But, as was pointed out, it was designed for the main products of the store (pizza, sandwiches, wings, etc that run through the oven) and not for 10 2-liters of diet coke. As for whether or not they deliver that? At my store, its a $10 minimum for delivery. They don’t care what you order, as long as after the tax and delivery fee are tacked on, its over $10. If you’ve got the money, and really want to screw with them, order some wings with about 20 extra ranch cups. They’ll deliver

    • paul

      Pizzalover is right, 10 sodas, your a tool, you must have something to do with dominos because you would know to pick soda because thats what it show, find something better to do with your time

      • Paul…

        This blog is worth more than your car. So take your domino’s shilling, turn it sideways, and stick it up your candy ass.

        And Pizza Lover – there are many things worth defending in this world. Things like civil liberties, private property, and kittens. However, the dumbass domino’s tracker doesn’t qualify as one of those things worth defending. So please, in the name of all things worth defending, don’t ever add your retarded opinion to this (or any other) blog ever again.

        • LULZ

          Heh I can’t see this blog worth that much, never heard of it till i searched for “is the tracker from dominoes tied to anything?”

  • That is pretty funny…what idiots.

  • miguel625

    pizza lover? you sound more like a cock gobbler to me.

  • wow Pizzalover this post really hit a nerve didn’t it?

  • Pizzalover’s response made me shit myself.

  • spyderman

    +1 for Pizzalover’s epic response.

  • My Country

    I’m still laughing @ pizzalover. I didn’t mean to offend the good ppl who work at the domino’s in louisville. Just to say the whole entire pizza tracker is the biggest scam ever.

  • Acemenace

    Pizza lover is my new hero.
    side note: cool. didnt know you could order just coke.

  • Pizzalover

    1 Rule To Dominos: (obey)

  • Pizzalover! Yes! I was totally confused about the diet coke in the oven until you explained it.

    Thank you, my life is now complete.

    • Isabela

      Thats because you’re a moron.

  • My Country
  • blank

    This is such a stupid thing to get pissed off about. Don’t you have better things to do?

  • dsadadsad

    Fatty’s all butthurt BAAAAAAW

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  • whatthewtf

    i worked at a dominos all this summer, and i can tell you there is a computer that we sign into and when someone orders soda there is no baked you have lied to people just to make a fake story your one flaw is some people work there.

    • My Country

      Look at the screenshot. It clearly shows its baked.

    • clearly you were baked when you wrote this.

  • Karen

    Loved your blog on this timer! I watched the tracker for a few minutes and was terribly impressed with my order’s progress – until it took over 20 minutes for the quality check. We laughed that they must have screwed up the order! That’s when I googled “does the dominos pizza tracker really work” and got your amusing blog! Thanks for the laugh!

  • Anthony

    Haha that’s awesome. The Australian domino’s has a similar thing but it’s a circular timer. I wondered if it worked and found your blog when i searched. But why are 2 litre bottles of diet coke so cheap in the US? It’s like 3 times the price here awww…

  • Ron

    I used to work at Dominos last year. As a college student, it’s a good gig. I pizza tracker is somewhat legit. When it says it’s being prepped, it actually is. When we knock the item off the prep screen, it updates the computer to the over. The ovens are set for 6 minutes so after that it naturally says being boxed. When the driver clocks the run out on the computer, it updates the pizza tracker again to say that it’s being delivered.

    I think you just mindfucked the system when you ordered 10 diet cokes.

  • Brian

    it is definately a fake. I placed an order an hour before the store was open and the tracker still told me that my order was placed in the oven,put in a box, and out for delivery. I received it 30 minutes after the store opened.

  • Kani

    i ordered my pizza online and they delivered the wrong fucking pizza.

    and dominos “new” pizza is still bullshit

  • Seriously?

    The tracker was pretty damn accurate for me today. This was the first time I had ordered something from Domino’s in ages. I used to work at a Pizza Hut when I was a teen and it all seemed to go accordingly with the prep, oven, boxing… the delivery driver left at 12:43 and was at my door at 12:51. I was pretty impressed. Best service I ever got from Domino’s .

    • if it worked for you today , then why did you jump online to google Dominoes time tracker? You were so excited about your order working like it’s supposed to that you googled a phrase which brought this article up? When my pizza order works correctly, I eat my pizza and go on with my life… because it’s supposed to work like that. Just maybe I’d go online to post a nice review, but never would I google a phrase related to the technology.

      Take your fake testimonial elsewhere, Dominoes corporate shill.

      • Steve

        When my pizza order “works correctly”, Fat Matt tries to break into my house, eat my pizza, then me, and go on with his life.

      • jenn

        Ahhh, a breathe of fresh air. Of course no one would look this site up if they were satisfied. Like you said they would eat their pizza and get on with life.

  • Larissa

    Hilarious!!! And pizzalover… aww so sweet, sticking up for his blood lol!

  • DarkenLuvlee

    all I want to know is how they “quality check” your pizza… do they taste it? I mean like, do they stick their finger in my pizza and lick it and say “yep that’s good! Send it out!” I’m just curious.

    • hungryman

      I was watching my tracker, and it was at quality check for over 45 mins… i called them and they admitted that the tracker is a fake…

  • ItsAScam

    I ordered from here, and I can say with 100% certainty that it is just a timer. After 30 minutes, it told me my order “has been delivered” 30 minutes after that… I call and they say they are really busy. I understand that, and don’t fault them at all, it was a friday night, whatever, in fact this particular store once called me to inform me that the order would take longer because of their current pizza load.

    Long story short, I called the store, and the lady I spoke with, whom I told about our pizza tracker status, said to me that it was just a timer, and didn’t actually reflect the current status.

    Kinda sad, cause in a chain store like that where everything is on the computer anyway, it would actually be fairly easy to do (other than saying it had been delivered).

    • paul

      Again, just call and listen to what time they say, the reason it said it got delivered in 30 minutes is so the store doesnt get bad service times, they clock orders out on time, when the driver could be taking a double

  • paul

    Also, do be so lazy, just pick up your phone and call them, stop being a shut in

    • Paul…you seriously need to check out my website. Love to have you on as an affiliate :)

  • CajunsCheri

    Thanks for an amusing blog while I was being annoyed by the Domino’s tracker voice and decided to google whether it was even somewhat real…LOL

    I have to say, my Domino’s is very accurate to the timer after 10+ orders w/ them. I think it’s as good as any other technology…Training and how the people use it make all the difference.

    Thanks for the laugh!

  • I use to work for Domino`s and I can say that the tracker is not accurate. It is just a way to entertain customers while they wait for their pizza.

  • You haven’t live until you’ve had a Diet Coke heated @ 450.

    Don’t knock it ’till you try it!

  • HAHAHAHA! This was hilarious. I can’t believe it said that they put your coke in the oven. Thats great. Did you call and complain about them not being cooked? You should have.

    “My order was cold, it wasnt cooked at all”

  • You ordered 10 bottles of diet coke from Dominos, and nothing else? You love Diet Coke so much that you need ten bottles? But you can’t even go to the damn grocery store to get it for half the cost of buying it from a pizza delivery company? Then you whine and complain about their bells and whistles? Get a life, and go out into the world to buy your own soda, since you could probably use the exercise if this is your idea of a good time.
    For the record, I only ofund this since I was trying to check into the privacy issues of their new tracker that lets you “surf” via their interface. Datamining at least, maybe worse.

  • Domino’s Pizza tastes like plastic and is rubbish. If they spent the same amount on product development as they do in marketing, they might actually make some good food.

  • Um, I’m not sure why you would want to eat Domino’s pizza anyway. I guess if that’s all there is in town you gotta go with it…

  • pizzaboy

    sometimes I call to ask if the alleged person that is baking my pizza actually works there and they havent heard of them.

  • mmmcalichickenbaconranch

    I was bored while I was waiting for pizza and decided to google the accuracy of the tracker. I did note that the name of the delivery driver on the tracker and the name of the delivery driver at my front door was the same name.

  • pizzaqueen

    I’m reading this as I’m waiting for pizza, just because I wanted to know what the fucking $2 dollar fee was, and who it was going to, the store or the kid driving my pizza to me. And, this is just gold.

    Everything is golden in this post. Especially you, Paul.

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  • Dominoesbreadbowl

    F@$#ing hi·lar·i·ous!

    as a side note, the tracker does one thing right.
    it Tracks you. As i placed my order tonight my block prog went mad and the tracker wouldnt show without recieving the cookie with all my information on it.

  • joe

    Lol this blog is hilarious. anyways i work at dominos and the pizza tracker is ligit. It wont work if the store is closed or you order only soda. WTF!

  • Caressa

    The tracker is crap. Ordered 4 pizzas. It took 13 minutes for a quality check. Got the pizza and all the cheese was on the box. Tossed it cause it scared my niece. Danny shame Dominos.

  • Its a scam to keep you thinking your shit is being made when it might not even be started yet. Cmon guys…

  • Norma

    hahahahahaha it’s been almost a year but I just stumbled upon this blog cuz I was googling about the Domino’s pizza tracker and yeah…pizzalover comment was hilarious! lmao what a loser lol

  • Beau

    Every time I’ve ordered pizza using this thing it has been “accurate.” In other words, it wasn’t delivered until it said it was on it’s way, and it was always ready when I went in to get it. I’ve never tested the accuracy beyond that, and it could be luck.. but it’s neat and works for me. I don’t work at Dominos or for them… just found this on Google when I was wondering if the names they used were actually real lol

  • Oh my gosh. LMAO. That was the funniest thing I have read today. “I watched in horror as my order of 10 bottles of diet coke was prepared.” I order Domino’s all the time and I have never experienced that glitch because I always order at least one pizza from them. The thing is though, I don’t think it is completely wrong. They note the exact time when my order is delivered on the tracker, and that has always been accurate for me. I don’t know, but your experience was funny.

  • This is too funny. I love the comment about how this blog is worth more than his car. All the responses are funny. I do agree that maybe you should have thrown in a pizza with the 10 bottles of soda, they probably thought it was a joke. Great rant.

  • ahaha….i found this post accidentaly but i enjoyed really post and comments!

  • Wow Dominos

    so i bought dominos pizza says it’ll come in like 24 mins…came in an hour T.T asked for some hot pepper didnt have any? gave me wrong change….left before i could say anything

  • Marcus

    Its called a pizza tracker. Not a Diet Coke tracker.