Gasland – Natural Gas Extraction Documentary

There’s a documentary that just came out on HBO called Gasland. I highly recommend you watch it. If you don’t have HBO, surely you can find a torrent for it. The documentary is actually very good film-making too. It’s a compelling film even though the subject matter is very morbid.

I don’t plan on turning this blog into a political outlet or anything, but if you give one fucking shit about America, then all I want is for you to be aware of what is going on with current natural gas extraction process.

I’m not politically active. I figure this blog gets a thousand or more visitors a day – if I can at least help expose the truth to some people, then its justified.

I’m going to go over some of the main points of Gasland. But there is truly too much to write about. You have to see the film to get a feel for the big picture.

Unregulated Hydraulic Fracturing

To extract the gas from the earth, the Natural Gas industry uses hydraulic fracturing, which is the process of pumping thousands upon thousands of gallons of water in the earth, breaking it apart the shale below and releasing the gas.

The kicker is the chemicals and toxins they use in the process. It’s not just water – it’s a toxic soup designed to make the gas extraction process easier.

Around 600+ chemicals are used. Only about 50% of this water is recovered. The rest? The rest of the wastewater is still in the ground. Most of it doesn’t bio-degrade. Most of it ends up in peoples drinking water if they live nearby. These chemicals are some of the nastiest shit known to man. Not safe for human consumption.

Think it’s a small problem? There are thousands upon thousands of natural gas wells in the United States, and the Natural Gas industry is in the biggest boom of its history.

Property gets ruined. People get permanently sick.

All for the mighty dollar. Money comes and goes, but you can’t replace a stream, river, or landscape.

Does this even effect me?

What if you live in Jersey, NYC, or Philadelphia? There’s no nearby land available for the gas-extraction process. I don’t care about the rest of the natural landscape in the United States being ruined, how does it effect me?

Natural Gas wants to drill in the rural areas of PA and NY, near the Delaware River Watershed. These chemicals will end up in the natural water supply for millions of people.

Shit, If millions of people got sick, then maybe someone would regulate the natural gas industry.

Why Is this Allowed?

Because the EPA is asleep at the wheel.

Thousands of reports of people getting sick and water supplies being destroyed – yet the Natural gas industry continues to deny. The EPA, the regulatory committee that’s supposed to be setting rules in place, apparently can’t do anything. (See the Haliburton Loophole)

The natural gas industry is exempt from all laws that have been put into place that protect our water, air, and environment. Nixon, yes, NIXON signed these Acts into place decades ago.

Nixon initiated the Environmental Decade by signing the National Environmental Policy Act, the Clean Air Act of 1970 and the Federal Water Pollution Control Act amendments of 1972, as well as establishing many government agencies. These included the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and the Council on Environmental Quality. The Clean Air Act was noted as one of the most significant pieces of environmental legislation ever signed.

The natural gas industry is exempt from these laws. The are completely unregulated, and are taking over American soil and destroying it in their wake.

Dick Cheney and Halliburton

It should come as no surprise that a law that directly benefits the Halliburton corporation was signed by Dick Cheney. Read about it here

If there was ever a poster-boy for “conflict of interest” – using political power to benefit your corporate friends – then it’s Dick Cheney. The Halliburton loophole, the Iraq War, so on and so forth.

I’m curious. Is Dick Cheney the most evil man to walk the planet, or did he get caught sucking dick or taking it in the ass or something? Either he truly is evil, or someone at Halliburton got pictures of him sucking a dick, and have been blackmailing him in every possible way during his Vice-presidency.

“Hey Cheney. Let’s go to war and you give us all the government contracts. What? Well, I guess the New York Times is going to have to get a hold of these pictures of you sucking off an 9 year old boy.”

No I kid. He really is evil.

Not depressed enough over the BP oil spill?

See Gasland

  • It’s like a never-ending cycle, all of this environmental shit. It’s like people don’t care anymore because there is so much that’s wrong right now.

  • I saw this on tv the other day.
    It was already bad enough just being american but now they are treating you like the tribes in the Equadorian rain forests and killing you off for a $.

  • I heard about this documentary — looking forward to watching it. Natural gas sounds more and more like “clean coal” ….another term that is complete horseshit.

    Cheney and Halliburton have been at or near the center of some ridiculous shit. It’s no surprise they are connected to this latest ass raping of Americans.

  • Make monies online, leave the earth alone.

  • ROndelle

    I caught this on HBO the other day. It is some sick depressing shit. I am still down over the whole thing.

    People. dudes can fucking light their tap water on fire! There are people in the contaminated zone that turn on their sink tap and then put a lighter up to the water and the shit EXPLODES! Their drinking water is infused with natural gas and all the chemicals that were used to extract it.

    This is insanely irresponsible and some of the worst criminal acts committed against the people of America. Unfortunately most of the people that are affected are poor people and they get shit on when they try to do something about it.

    Truly truly sad…

  • torrent link?

  • Nigga

    Man fuck you, you stupid hippy – why don’t you stop using all natural gas then – take the cock outta your mouth and put your money where you mouth is

    All you stupid fuckin hippies want to stop using gas, natural gas etc.. but you bitches are all talk – because 99% of you still use it everyday

  • Jon

    You know, this documentary certainly hit home, and even more surprisingly is Barman having a serious post on here with real value!

    But seriously, this stuff is beyond fucked up. No water, no life. Simple as that.

    My family’s property in upstate NY is the only one in the area that refused to lease out our land and mineral rights to the natural gas drilling corp SPECIFICALLY because of the drilling operations and after effect, long-term. But with the looks of it, it won’t even matter because if they do eventually begin drilling, the surrounding area will screw up the water supply regardless. Really just breaks my heart to think that future generations visiting up there won’t be able to swim and fish in the pond, or drink the pure water up there.

    I like Halliburton and its subsidiaries. I consult to them on a regular basis and have absolutely no objections because I purposely don’t allow myself to be morally, ethically or emotionally involved in their agendas. But this one is really leaving me conflicted and pissed. Even so, thanks for the post Barman, sorry to see the damage done in Colorado. :(