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Dominos Pizza Tracker B.B.B.Bull*&%t

Anyone order a pizza from domino’s in the past year? See this neat feature the pizza tracker and wonder how it works? Notice how fancy it looks and the ‘patent pending’ in the corner. Well here is how it works… IT DOESN’T. Just a fancy web application that automatically grabs employees names & puts them on the web at randomly placed times. Lots of fishy business & no real technology.

I watched in horror as my order of 10 bottles of diet coke was prepared. Then a few minutes later put in a the oven. I wasn’t sure if I should have called them and told them I didn’t want my diet coke heated up or not. After the diet coke left the oven. It was place in a box. Then it was out for delivery.

1. I don’t know what PREP time you need to make diet coke? (can anyone answer this?)
2. I am 100% sure what domino’s delivered didn’t get put in their oven.
3. I am 100% sure what domino’s delivered didn’t come in a box.

Now, After about an hour and 5 minutes of waiting. I got a phone call asking if I ordered something from domino’s. I said YES. he said okay, we’ll get that right out to you sir. There was then an awkward pause then he apologized and said the delivery driver got confused. I said no problem & hung up.

Within the minute of 2 hours of the time my order was placed. I received my order. 10 bottles in bags. No boxes. It was not in the hot wave bag like they claimed on the website. The bottles were not melted.

I have a few questions for domino’s.

1. Is that really patent pending technology? I didn’t know you could patent bull*&%t
2. Does the technology really work?
3. Did you actually placed my bottles of diet coke in the oven?
4. Did it take 2 hrs because you had to clean up the mess of melted bottles in your oven & diet coke everywhere on top. Is that why it took 2 hours?
5. Why was the delivery driver thrown under the bus? So I would tip him less? He wasn’t the one who allegedly put my order in the oven.

Notice: Since this happened & the time of the post the author quit drinking diet coke. So no comments about how i’m going to get brain cancer and die.