Trade Secrets

Ever wonder how Peter North defiles the faces and chests of the broads he bangs in porn with those massive loads of his? He won’t tell you, because that’s a trade secret. He has stated that one day, when he retires, he’ll let the industry know how he does it.

Every industry has its trade secrets. Coke has its secret formula, Google has its search algorithms, and porn stars know the secret to keeping a hard-on in front of a group of people.

Affiliate marketing is no different. Insert hard-on joke here. We’re not Fortune 500 corporations, but rather individual entrepreneurs.

This is kind of a continuation of my “No One’s Gonna Tell You Shit” post. A plea for people to stop wasting time and to start getting shit done. A true trade secret is something specific. Do X with Y for Z result. It’s something you pick up from experience or your day to day communications.

With the sheer size of the internet, there are so many things to sell and so many places to sell them, it would require an infinite amount of money to test everything. If you knew what worked where, everywhere (which Google is pretty close to knowing), then you would be so rich you could slap Sergey Brin with your dick.

But no one really has that all-knowing knowledge. As individuals, we find traffic source after traffic source, and we find out if it works or doesn’t for what we’re doing. These are trade secrets, but we might just call it experience. Link sources, which media works for what creatives, so on and so forth – all of it is something you know that your peers may not, but definitely someone jumping into the affiliate space won’t know.

Earning Some Fucking Respect

It always pisses me off, and I’m certainly not the only one, at how many retards there are out there begging for a hand-out. All these retards on Wickedfire (not to mention Digital Point and Warrior Forum) asking how they can make monies online. In addition, there are a million “affiliate bloggers” regurgitating dumb, common-sense shit just so they can feel good about themselves when their RSS reader goes up by 2.

A bunch of people have said this, and it’s fucking true: “Affiliate Marketing isn’t hard, it’s just hard work.” Bums don’t want to test shit, don’t want to get on the phone, don’t want to make the sacrifices to learn their own trade secrets.

People don’t appreciate free. If you posted some long, work-intensive plan for creating an online business, 99% of people would not follow it. They’d bombard you with questions on “why isn’t this easier?” They want to know why you don’t just tell them shit they can set-up in an hour and make four figures a day.

The few that put in the long hours and invested the money to learn their own “trade secrets” deserve them. Why should they fucking tell you how they’re making monies online?

If you’ve earned some respect by being able to acquire traffic and push those berries (or any anything else really), then it’s easier for someone to tell you what they are doing and trust you, over some random bum. Make some connections at conferences and meet-ups, and share the wealth, but don’t go posting shit that works on public forums and blogs. (This is to a certain degree of course… we are just hating on the people that out pretty specific things in public places. Guidelines, advice – fine. Someone’s LP along with traffic source – GTFO.)

Why is There a Lack of Good Information

If you visit Wickedfire, you’ve noticed that the quality of the forum has dropped like a rock in the past 18 months. Affiliates want less competition. Less newbies jacking up bid prices. Less newbies outing your lander because they want to feel like they are important. Less retards making it harder on the people that make a living doing this.

That’s why the trolling has been turned up to 11. Kick it up a fucking notch. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying it’s bad. Shit son, I encourage it. I am on the forefront of trolling retards so they blow their money and give up. GTFO. No one makes monies online. Dullspace.

If you couldn’t before, now you can see why people are so defensive of their own trade secrets.

Good Information is out there. There are some programs that can blow your world up, despite their “Guru” style and long ass sales page. But there are just so many copycats, $7 e-book peddlers, and “me too!” scumbags out there, that it all looks exactly the same. It’s hard to know what to put your money into. Having that knowledge is a trade secret in its own way.

You’re better off jumping in investing your own time and money to pave your own way. Shut down the lame ass blogs and forums, and put your head down and hustle.

Rejoice! There are Enough Trade Secrets for Everybody

Not to discourage you newbies because you have no friends, but there are enough trade secrets out there for everyone. SEO, PPC, Media, Mailing – each avenue is a huge section of our industry in its own right. You could spend years in just one specific avenue learning all you can and make a substantial living.

Stop jumping from this to that and focus on one thing that you can make work. Stop chasing after delusions of grandeur because you read some blogger makes X amount of figures a month. Learn everything you can about something specific so you are least know what you’re talking about. Knowledge is something you can exchange for other knowledge you wish to acquire. Hard work to gain experience and connections are just as good as currency (in the long-run).

  • I always tell the new guys to step their game up now, it’s only going to get harder. Current affiliates are going to get bigger, more competition coming in, more regulation/compliance, traffic sources being bought up or closed off, etc. No matter how “hard” affiliate marketing easy, it’s easier than going to a dead end job everyday to be someone’s bitch.

  • you speak the truth. adapt or die.

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  • You bastard this whole post is a trade secret.

  • Stop chasing after delusions of grandeur because you read some blogger makes X amount of figures a month.


  • Very nice post.

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  • groneg

    Preaaach Preaacherrr

  • Mo

    Well said. Nothing is easy in life – if you choose to work for someone, you’re gonna have to work your ass off if you want to make good money. Same thing for affiliate marketing – you have to work hard – why should anyone “give away” what works and what doesn’t? Try. Fail. Try some more. Fail a bit more but eventually you’ll figure it out.

    If you’re scared to loose money – don’t try and be content with what you have.