Useless Service #296 – CPA Bull Automatic Signups to CPA Networks

From an inside tip on Wickedfire (via faceblogger), comes something from the “What the fuck are they thinking?” files.

CPA Bull is a “special” service for the “special” people at Warrior Forum that signs you up to 150+ affiliate networks. The official CPA Bull site features a low-budget state senator candidate that wants to make everyone’s life simpler. Tired of spending all day signing up to, confirming with, and getting rejected by CPA networks? Well fret no more, because CPA Bull is here!

Here’s my review of CPA Bull and why it’s completely useless.

1. I Don’t Trust This Clown – Judging by the cheap suit on the sales page, I can only assume that this guy is out to collect data and do dirt with it. He’ll more than likely spam the shit out of any contact information he has on you. Worse, he’ll have access to your more personal data like address, social security number or EIN. Good thing it’s only for “warriors” who are “special”, right?

2. Signing up to Affiliate Networks is Hard and Annoying – God, so many applications to fill out! Ugh, it’s so hard remembering my address and phone number and email! Ugh, I gotta waste 90 seconds filling out 30 fields! It’s soooooo hard! Now I gotta confirm my email address after signing up?! How annoying! There’s got to be a better way!

3. Signing up to 150+ Affiliate Networks is Necessary – What’s worse than giving a complete stranger your data? Letting that complete stranger submit your information to 150+ affiliate networks.

For one, even if you got approved to half of these networks, why would you want to? Affiliate networks are notorious for spamming you with the best, hottest, and most exclusive offers. You might as well stuff a few email submits why you’re at it to ruin your inbox further.

Next, most affiliates I know doing the right thing signup to an affiliate network for a reason. They either got a referral, met someone from the network, or need a specific offer. I don’t know of anyone making money that spends their entire day signing up to all the hasOffers networks out there. Joining a network is about .01% of the entire equation, so it continues to blow my mind that these ‘tards keep making it an issue.

4. Affiliate Networks Probably Hate This – Frauds and bums probably make up 96% of all applications to affiliate networks as it is. I can only guess at the influx of shitty applications to affiliate networks that CPA Bull will cause, but I assure you- a fraud’s a fraud. Whether you’re filling out an application from Bangladesh or using CPA Bully, the chances of you getting approved to an affiliate network will remain the same: Approved for Denial

5. Affiliate Commissions Not Gonna Make Your Rich – There’s this common misconception in affiliate marketing that people get rich from referral commissions. This is purely false, and if this is your only avenue of making money online then you’re doing it wrong. Too many people want to follow in John Chow’s footsteps by starting an blog about making money online, getting people to sign up to affiliate networks thinking they’ll make money online, and then never actually make money online.

CPA Bull is going to rake in the pennies with their service! Here’s how:

– Get 1,000 “warriors” to sign up to CPA Bull. That’s a very generous number because I assume that CPA Bull will get about 49 signups then fade into oblivion.
– Submit those 1,000 people to 150 CPA networks.
– 150,000 applications submitted! 50% get auto-rejected right off the bat.
– 75,000 applications left. 50% of those will never “pick up the phone” for their phone interview (lol if this actually a requirement)
– 37,500 left. 20% of those make it through miraculously.
– 7,500 turn into real live signups to affiliate networks. Since we started with 1,000 people, that’s about 7.5 network signups per person.
– But remember! 97% of “affiliates” won’t make a dollar online!. So we’re down to 30 people, with 225 network signups in total left.
– The rest of the “warriors” average about $10 a day (generously, at each network), so that’s $2,250 per day in revenue generated by CPA Bull affiliates. At 2%, that’s $45 per day that CPA Bull is making in this completely fictitious scenario. Escobar status indeed.

  • hahah well its actually an interesting idea… i mean good for him, im sure he’ll get some noobs to pay for it and make it worth it..

    • Houston

      An interesting idea? Good for him? You’re sure he’ll get some noobs to pay for it and make it worth it?

      Yeah fucking right. What Barman didn’t take into consideration was how much time & money Mr. Suit put into CPA Bull. He’s probably going to lose money in the long run. This is only profitable in the short-term, and the short-term profits are eaten up by the aforementioned time and money he put into CPA Bull’s creation.

    • Dino, i agree with your comment on Ian’s blog. Privacy is really a problem.

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  • ClueList

    Didn’t there use to be a service just like this one years back that already went to shit.

  • As someone who does approvals for an affiliate network, THIS IS A LOAD OF CRAP. Are they automatically-submitting forms with a robot that could be stopped with a simple captcha or do they have VA’s inputting applications all day?

  • It is this sort of Activity that tarnishes the industry in general. I don’t think any of 150 Affiliate Networks on his site surely want to be involved. Quality Affiliates would not use this system and inactive affiliates would simply clog up their systems.

  • CPA Bull has already been sent a letter on behalf of several networks a cease and desist.

  • ana

    what were they smoking ? LOL

  • This thing is a major problem for everyone. its a fraud machine… PLUS illegally uses the names of networks who have not authorized them to access their platforms. not to mention the shocking data collection attributes. This is a giant law suit waiting to happen. Everyone should push to shut this thing down asap. how can ANYONE trust them..

    what a stupid idea that solves “0” problems and only creates more. very suspect!

  • hehehe

    I got this in the mail from guess who?? Directcpv

  • Smell like BULL if u ask me.

  • fresh

    bull shit :D

  • Wicked Fire is usually a really good source of information and services but 150 networks is not worth paying for. I belong to 12+ right now and cannot keep up with the networks and therefore I ignore the ones that haven’t made me money lately.