Mobile Development and Marketing – The Complete Resource

If you have a resource you’d like to add here, email me [barman at ppc (.) bz ] or leave a comment in this post. This is just a listing. I do not endorse any particular company or service unless specifically stated.

Last update: 11/01/2011

Mobile Books

I’ve read a few books on this topic recently but will have to post them he later.

Blogs about Mobile

Mobile Trends Blogs

Keep your keep to the streets with these blogs that discuss the mobile ecosphere.

  • Inside Mobile Apps – From the makers of InsideFacebook and InsideSocialGames. A truly excellent resource for keeping up to date on what’s popping off in mobile applications.
  • AppStoreApps – Application statistics for the App Store. Great way to dig into what’s working.
  • Mashable > Mobile – The mobile section of the ever popular
  • Wap Review Blog – Covering the mobile web since 2004. That’s like, a long time and shit.
  • 2D Code – Yes, a blog dedicated entirely to QR codes.

Mobile Advertising and Marketing Blogs

Blogs that discuss mobile marketing and advertising topics.

  • Google Mobile Ads Blog – The Official Blog of Google’s Mobile team.
  • Fiksu Blog – Company blog from Fiksu. Good variety of articles.
  • MobiThinking – Huge and thorough mobile marketing resource.
  • Smaato Blog – The blog from Smaato, a massive mobile advertising exchange.
  • Moby Affiliates Blog – One of the few affiliate blogs focused strictly on mobile.
  • MobAff Blog – Another affiliate blog for mobile from an Angry Russian dude.
  • JudeWa – Blog about mobile advertising and tech.

Mobile Application and Website Development Blogs

Blogs that discuss building mobile websites and applications.


  • ReadWriteWeb’s Mobile – Section of their articles tagged ‘mobile’
  • Teehan + Lax – Posts about Android, iOs, and much more. Various resources and downloads included.
  • Smashing Magazine – The Mobile section from this excellent blog.
  • Developers Home – A huge bunch of tutorials covering everything from WAP to HTTP Headers to SMS. Really helpful for reference.
  • Float Learning – Understand and leverage the power of mobile media.
  • MobiForge – The ultimate resource for mobile web development. Be careful though, since some of the popular posts are like 6 years old and are no longer that relevant.
  • LukeW’s Writings – Tons of great post about designing and developing for the mobile web.
  • CloudFour Blog – In-depth mobile design and development articles.

Android Specific

  • tb Buck – Follow as an Android developer ventures into making a living from his work, in addition to some great development tips.
  • Hello Android – Huge resource for Android Application development.
  • Android Development – Doesn’t appear to be updated but decent archives.
  • AndDev – Android Developer’s Forum.

iOS Specific

  • – Blog of iOS Developer Santiago Lema.
  • Daring Fireball – General mobile musings with emphasis on Apple products.

Mobile Website and Application Development Tools

Tools and resources you can use when it comes to mobile websites, and mobile applications.

Mobile JavaScript / Web Frameworks

If you’re building for the mobile web, then you want to use a framework (because building everything yourself is child’s play)

  • jQuery Mobile – Everyone’s favorite Javascript framework is cooking up something for mobile. Personally, I would not recommend because it has a lot of overhead. You’ll need jQuery, jQuery mobile, and jQuery Mobile’s giant CSS framework. Way too many complaints about speed at this point in development.
  • iUI js – Web framework for smartphones & high-end devices
  • Xui JS – What I am currently (trying) to use for app development. Similar to jQuery, but significantly more lightweight. Shit documentation though.
  • jQTouch – jQuery framework for cool UI design. Reports are that’s fairly slow, buggy. Use with caution (for that matter anything layered on jQuery)
  • joApp – Javascript framework for HTML 5 apps.

Application from HTML Frameworks

These are programs that basically attempt to create a native app (whether it’s just a browser wrapped up in an application or a full fledged game) from HTML5, CSS, and / or JavaScript. The idea is that you create a web app, then wrap up the code so it’s a downloadable application. That way it’s easier to maintain among multiple platforms. Cross-platform compatibility if you will.

There’s a lot of debate about which one of these to use. A native app will perform much better because it’s using the OS’s functionality. A web app (that’s turned into an application) can be much slower because it’s just a browser wrapped in an application – it takes a lot more processing power. Then you plug in jQuery, jQuery Mobile, jQTouch and some other frameworks to make a fancy “app” that looks great in a desktop browser, but runs like absolute shit even on top-of-the-line mobile devices.

Side note: Apple App Store doesn’t like webpages wrapped up as applications at all. The App must have offline functionality to start being considered.

Anyway, it’s really going to be a personal preference or it will depend on the project. They all kind of do the same thing, each with its pro’s and con’s. Know what you’re going to build before picking one of these frameworks. Simple Google searches and are your friend here.

  • PhoneGap – Wrap your www/ site in PhoneGap to turn it into an Application. Not as easy as it sounds, but a very handy tool. Just purchased by Adobe.
  • Appcelerator – Similar feature to PhoneGap but provides a lot more in the way of native functions and development. Open source. Actually I don’t think it’s open source.
  • MobiOne Studio – Paid app to develop websites and applications quickly
  • Sensa Touch – Another popular platform for building applications with HTML.

Misc: Patterns, Design, Tools, Services

  • How to Go Mo – From Google, a general resource for testing how your website looks in mobile, some tools to make it mobile, and a few other good resources.
  • Be My App – Connecting the idea-guys with the development guys. Have not tested this service but I like the concept.
  • – Build a website to market your mobile application. Integrates with a lot of APIs. Focus on improving your application instead of building out the website for it.
  • Bango – Mobile analytics tools for websites and applications.
  • HandleOpenURL – iOS specific. Repository of open URL schemes.
  • Mobile Web Best Practices – Really cool resource for creating the mobile experience.
  • jQM Gallery – jQuery mobile gallery. I warned you not to use jQuery for Mobile, but this site is a great inspiration resource anyway.
  • Android Patterns – Really good stuff for the actual design part of your Android Apps.
  • Mobile Patterns – Amazing resource for mobile app design patterns. Stuck on how to build that UI? Find inspiration here.
  • Mobile Awesomeness – Another directory of mobile websites, good for inspiration.
  • Mobile Web / App Guidelines – A list of resources for mobile web development and application.

Device Detection, Testing, Mobile Data

Testing, testing, then testing some more. The shittiest part of mobile development.

  • Mobile Emulators and Simulators – List of tools you can use for testing on various platforms.
  • WURFL – Open source device detection. Pretty easy to install on a server, and it will tell you a lot about a phone.
  • – Is your website ready for the mobile web?
  • DeviceAnywhere – Real live testing on specific devices.
  • Mob4Hire – Outsource your mobile app’s functionality and user experience testing.
  • Perfecto Mobile – Another testing service. $$$!
  • W3 Validator – From the people that write the web standards.
  • MobiTest – Test performance and load time.
  • Mite 2 – Desktop tool for testing your mobile website. Webkit-based so definitely a good starting point for Android and Safari testing.
  • – Data about mobile use, communication costs, mobile coverage, and operators by country.
  • Wireless Advisor – Tons of statistics on carriers and phones. More than I care to read.

Mobile Advertising Companies

There are a legitimate shit ton of mobile advertising networks out there. Apparently they are all “leading advertising networks.” I’m pretty sure they’re all brokering traffic from each other anyway. But they come and go really fast … much faster than the desktop advertising game. There’s really no way to tell which ones are the best without trying them yourself. If you find a diamond in the rough, don’t fucking blog about it.

In no particular order. Maybe alphabetical.

Advertising Networks

  • Amobee – “defining mobile advertising”
  • Admob – Bought out by Google a while back. Go here to advertise within Apps (not web – see below)
  • Google Mobile Ads – The Google Mobile advertising section. You can access the meaty stuff in Adwords, but this page has a few other good resources like Tips and Tools and Case Studies.
  • AdMobile – Potentially good, but another shitty Alexa Rank.
  • Adphonic – Over 100 Million users globally.
  • Aditic – Another “leading advertising network”
  • BuzzCity – Fairly large ad network with international inventory.
  • Flurry – Re-engagement and analytics tools for iOS applications.
  • InMobi – was recently named “The Best Mobile Ad Network” at the 2011 MOBI Awards and was selected as a 2011 AlwaysOn Top 100 Mobile Company in Silicon Valley.
  • GreyStripe – Good reach because I see their ads on a lot of my apps.
  • LeadBolt Apps – “With LeadBolt technologies, Advertisers obtain the highest quality, most cost-effective way of generating leads.”
  • Medialets – Mobile rich media.
  • Mojiva – One of the more well known networks
  • MobiCow – Shitty Alexa ranking so who knows how much traffic they have.
  • MobGold – “Helps advertisers to reach targeted users on various devices and publishers to earn money from their mobile site traffic.”
  • MobClix – Adnetwork with real time bidding.
  • MobileTheory – Mobile ad network for Brands.
  • Mopub – Billions of impressions. Built by App Developers.
  • WideSpace – Another “premium” advertising network.
  • YBrantMobile – International mobile advertising network.
  • ZestAdz – Appears to be Canadian traffic.

List of Advertising Networks Lists

I’m not kidding, there are so many damn mobile networks out there putting them all here would be pointless (well not really pointless, but I’m too lazy to post them all) So here are a few lists with even more advertising networks.

App Install Networks and Marketplaces

The act of trading installs between app developers, or 3rd-party marketplaces.

  • Fiksu – “The industry’s first and only mobile app user acquisition platform that spans the entire mobile ecosystem; intelligently boosting your app’s prominence so that it gets downloaded and used by engaged audiences.”
  • Motorola Shop4Apps – Motorola helps you maximize discovery of your Android™ app portfolio in China with SHOP4APPS.
  • – Global Android Marketplace.
  • OpenApp Market – Another avenue for getting App distribution.
  • PlayHaven – Cross promotion app network, among other things.

Full Service, CRMs, Billing, and SMS

  • LeadsMob – Integrated SMS and Emailing service from our good buddy @travelhead
  • JoinGo – Easily integrated with their CRM system, Joingo™ enables customers to create engaging, interactive, highly personalized, branded mobile applications in a matter of days, without any coding.
  • GomoText – Mobile engagement platform. Lot of resources too.
  • MobileStorm – Communication platform for mobile. Kind of geared towards specific industries.
  • Mobify – Mobile e-commerce platform. I swear, the company or people that figure out this part of the mobile market will be Bill Gates rich.
  • goMobi – Put your business on the mobile web. Not really sure.

Mobile Affiliate Networks

Affiliate game proper on mobile devices.

  • Neverblue – At the moment, I don’t think any other network is taking mobile more seriously than Neverlue. Highly recommended.
  • Offermobi – Well known network but a surprising lack of offers and pretty lackluster payouts.
  • SponsorMob – Fairly popular network. Have not tested personally.
  • Mundo Media – Mobile focused company with a slew of international WAP offers.
  • KissMyAds – Legitimately sized mobile affiliate network.
  • Apprupt – German / UK Affiliate network… I think.

Mobile Twitters

People who tweet mobile.