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Plenty of Finch – Premium Posts Volume X Review

The infamous Finch sent me over a copy of his latest release, Premium Posts Volume X. What follows is the review. I’m not even going to drop in affiliate links. That’s how I roll…

At first I thought it was the 10th Edition, although there is no 8th or 9th release that I am aware of. But I was mistaken. The X is for X-rated content. Oooo, saucy! Finch should have titled this Premium Post Volume XXX for a more accurate title.

Here’s a brief rundown on the content of the book –
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Google Adsense Scraper for $19 per Month

Fresh off the press!

WhatRunsWhere has launched their Ad Vantage product which gives people access to the WRW Google Content Network data for only $19.

WhatRunsWhere has a ton of intelligence data ranging from mobile to Google Content network and other platforms. But this intelligence comes at a price. The full WhatRunsWhere monthly package is over $200 – which is completely justified for most affiliates and agencies, but its definitely not for everyone.

The fine people at WhatRunsWhere saw this gap in the market and decided to offer something for entry level affiliate. For $19 you get access to their huge database of Google Content Network data. Content Network is massive, which means there are plenty of ads for you to “borrow” from. Use this data to launch your own Content Network campaigns or to get inspiration for other ad networks. Either way, $19 is a steal.

So if you’ve always wanted to see whats working but couldn’t justify $200 or more a month, then here is your chance. Get access to the WhatRunsWhere Google Content Network data with the Ad Vantage package – only $19 a month. Damn son, that’s less than like a gram of weed!

WhatRunsWhere Gets a Mobile Ad Spy

Few months ago I did a write-up of WhatRunsWhere, a media buy “spy” tool for advertisers and affiliates. They added a bunch of new features at the time which improved on the already good service.

Well today, we learn – via techcrunch – that WhatRunsWhere gets itself a mobile ad spy tool. With the huge growth of mobile advertising, it’s great that WhatRunsWhere is staying ahead of the curve. As far as I know, there are no other mobile ad spying tools available (There were a few private self-hosted ones floating around). I had an account on MobAdSpy – great data, Rob is a good developer, but a mediocre UI. From what Max tells me, they’re going to integrate it all together. Everyone wins!

WhatRunsWhere still lets you try it for a $1. If you’re looking for media buying ideas for your own or affiliate offers, I can’t recommend WhatRunsWhere enough. And now that they have a mobile database, you can dominate on desktop and smartphones. AWww jeah.

They grow up so fast ::sniff::

It’s nice to see the Wickedfire (dysfunctional) family getting all “start-upy” on us with Techcrunch mentions. LeanMarket got itself a piece last month. How long before SerpIQ gets its buyout by Compete or Quantcast? I met the Knowem creator (although breifly – your business card has been floating around my desk forever – how’s that for a late follow-up?) at the Dirt Nasty party. I’m positive there are some I’m forgetting.

Hell, I think it might be time to do some stories on the people moving out of the affiliate marketing game and creating long-term businesses. If you or someone you know created a real business but got your start on WickedFire, holler in the comments or with an e-mail. Might as well start collecting names now and see if we can do some real journalism on Gets Better and Better – A Follow Up Review

A little over a year ago, I wrote a post about, the super secret agent ads spy tool used by James Bond, Batman, and even Lebron James (Dear FTC: the last bit there is obviously a joke.)

Since then, there have been a number updates and improvements to the Lots of Ads service which I’ll discuss shortly. But to refresh your memory, is database of … well, lots of ads, from a certain, very large social network. LotsofAds constantly monitors this social network and records the ads it sees through various “user accounts” broken up into different demographics. Over time, LotsofAds has managed to scrape data on hundreds of thousands of ads all over the world.

Lots of Improvements

Now Supporting 25 Countries – It’s no secret that advertising internationally is a great, wide open frontier for many affiliates located in 1st world countries where competition has ramped up. In the US and other English-speaking countries, you’re not only competing with affiliates, but with big brands with near-limitless budgets that have no concern for ROI.

With, you can see what’s being promoted in non-English countries.

On the flip side of seeing “what’s working,” you can also get insight into “what hasn’t even been tried.” Don’t see any dating ads in Papua New Guinea? Well, what the hell are you waiting for? Translate them shits and go! (assuming you can find a Papua New Guinea BBW dating offer…)

Check out Adsimilis for a ton of international offers (games and dating) and tell Mama Eleah that Barman sent you.

Advertising affiliate offers, internationally, isn’t that hard on a large social network platform. Millions of new users each day across the world – don’t worry about competition. There’s plenty for everyone.

It’s just work – setup, translation, and ad submission is grunt work but worth it when you can get sub-penny clicks. Don’t make it harder on yourself! See which images and copy are working in the US and UK (hint: Use the LotsofAds Frequency setting), then translate that stuff to another, less-competitive language and country. Submit the ads, cross your fingers, then submit 20 more. The most-eye catching ads that get stupid click-thru-rates are the ones that will make you money.

Lots of improved on their data by providing a whole “Ad Destinations” section which lends itself to some creative spying…

1. Find ads using your favorite affiliate networks by entering their tracking domain in the “Redirect URL” field.
2. Find ads running on popular affiliate tracking platforms.
3. Find all ads ran by a particular affiliate by plugging in their tracking domain.
4. View any campaign’s exact targeting by analyzing the subids being passed in the URLs.
5. Show only ads that have more than one redirect since these ads are more likely to belong to affiliates (select “>1 Redirects”)

Seriously, that is some next-level spy shit. This kind of data is good to have and fun to look at, but not a solid game plan. Don’t go around copying campaigns word for word. That’s amateur hour. If you do, the Son of Zeus will shit on you. Use the data create your own campaigns, or take the creatives and go do some media buying with it.

If sounds like Lots of Profit to you, definitely check it out. I rarely review stuff on this blog without shitting on it, but has continually improved since it came out. There isn’t really anything bad to say about it. What the shit are you waiting for?!

Use Coupon Code “PPCBZ” for 10% OFF of!

Free Media Buying 101 PDF from WhatRunsWhere

This is a quickie post about Media Buying.

Here is a Free PDF “Media Buying 101” ( .mobi version, .epub version) from the WhatRunsWhere folks. Short, but concise. And it’s Free 99, so stop bitching.

If you’ve forgotten what What Runs Where is, check out this recent review of WhatRunsWhere. WRW is essentially a spying tool for display advertising. There are some decent tips in that review, if you’re still wondering what to do with that intelligence.

Speaking of which, BlueHatSEO seems to be back online, so check out the “How to Start Your First Media Buy” Post.

The PDF explains the difference between “direct site” buys, where you buy ads directly on a single site or group of sites, and “exchanges,” where you have the ability to buy media on a huge network of websites. At this point you should be fairly grounded in what media buying is all about. RTB Exchange and More Buzzwords

Now that you got your shit together with media buying, you should check out LeanMarket, which makes a mockery of all the other aggregate DSP / RTB platforms out there.

For the foreseeable future, LeanMarket isn’t open for public registrations. But if you know the secret password, you can get your foot in the door. $500 is the minimum depsoit, which is respectable. It keeps the newbies out and it’s lower than other traffic platforms like TrafficVance. I wouldn’t worry about newbies either. LeanMarket has access to so much traffic you could spent millions of dollars a day, and there would still be plenty left over for everyone.

The secret password is “dullspace.” ( That is not a joke either. I know we have some “boy who cried wolf” shit going on with the word “dullspace,” but you better recognize the seriousness of the situation here. Like many great mysteries that have plagued mankind before, “dullspace” is the answer. Trust me. )

Finch Premium Posts Volume 5 Review

El Cinco De Fincho Premiumo.

So you see this Finch character posting Premium Reading products, and you’re wondering “Should I buy that?” The short answer is Yes. Warning! Affiliate links located inside this post.

In a sea of shitty affiliate marketing products, 98% provide absolutely zero value. The other 1.9% actually provide value, and there’s about .1% left over for really high quality material.

The problem is sorting out the shit from the gold. Luckily for you, barman, semi-world famous blogger extraordinaire, usually gets free review copies plz of many affiliate marketing products. I give honest reviews, so if it’s something is shit, I will say its shit, even if I got it free. If something is good, I will praise its goodness. I don’t gas up shit just because I get it free or at a discount. Finch’s Premium Posts are one of the few such product that I like a lot and consider worth your monies.

Volume 5 Maximum ROI Marketing

The main reason why I like Finch’s Premium posts is that they’re written by an affiliate, for affiliates. If you’re just starting out, you will get a ton of value from Finch’s Premium Posts. If you’re a seasoned marketer, you will still pick up some great tips and tricks.

Volume 5 is 100+ pages of quality reading material. Sure, it’s double-spaced and the font is kind of big, but that never stopped you when you were in high school writing English papers trying to reach that 6 page minimum.

I think this Volume 5 is especially good for new or struggling affiliates. There are a lot of low-cost marketing ideas in this volume that you can put to use right away.

With Finch’s writing style, you’ll laugh (If I were running a ‘Work at Home Mom’ blog [Note: I’m not. My tits are too hairy.]), you’ll cry ( “Why didn’t I think of that!”) and most importantly, you’ll make money. So let’s have a looksie at the highlights from Volume 5.

Testing Profitability on a Budget – How can you tell the bad offers from the good before you even test them? Finch drops some quality tips on how to spot trouble before you’re scrubbed and shaved to the bone. Why is this offer paying so high? Why is this offer paying so low but converting so well? And how to spot a brokered brokered and more brokered offer, and what it means for conversions.

Brainstorming and Testing Angles and Landing Pages – Honestly I don’t know how Finch comes up with some of the angle and copy ideas he writes about. Truly, this is a gentlemen that either mastered knowing what people want, or has some William Shakespeare in his bloodline. Either or, you will have some ‘ah ha!’ moments throughout Volume 5.

One of the strongest parts of this Volume is how Finch lays out his landing page plan. Landing pages are excellent for shoe-string budgets because you’re not playing a ‘spend money then optimize’ game.

“You can’t rely on a one-size-fits-all concept.”

Your landing pages should be optimized for your ‘angle’ from the start. The goal here is to not “lose the scent” (I forget which book it was where I picked up that analogy.) If you have a creative ad that gets really specific, you’re going to kill conversions if your landing page is not directly related to that creative, or if you’re direct linking. Like a bloodhound (in this case, an obese single mom), the customer clicked your ad for a reason. If you don’t elaborate on that initial click in your landing page, you’re going to lose. If you don’t pre-sell the offer on your landing page correctly, you’re going to lose again because the person will either not click thru to the offer at all, or not be sold completely and leave when they get to the offer page.

“But, this is more work!” you whine. Well, no shit! The affiliate space just keeps getting more and more competitive, so if you do what everyone else is doing, then no fucking shit you keep losing money.

“Set and Forget” Campaigns on Plenty of Fish – I’m not going to go into details on this part, but it’s pretty amazing insight on using various demographic data to generate long-lasting highly-targeted campaigns.

And More – The rest of Volume 5 covers some really good stuff, including advertising on Facebook successfully (and unsuccessfully), How to promote gaming offers, how to get into international markets the right way (and the wrong way), and a slew of more “pockets of gold” on the internets. Also I enjoy the section on monetizing trends because there are a few trend sites I have never even heard of before.

Overall, I can’t recommend the work Finch is doing enough. His writing style is awesome and the information he provides is invaluable. If only… there were some sort of legitimate rating system for affiliate marketing products, then Finch Sells Premium Posts would deserve nothing less than 5 fish heads.

WhatRunsWhere Review – Media Buying and Ad Spying

So you want to up your A game and blow up traffic till your server catches fire? That’s what media buys are for, fool!

Almost a year to this day, I sold out a little bit and wrote this WhatRunsWhere review.

If you’re not familiar with What Runs Where, it’s a service from two internet pros. One of them is shady, slightly, and the other is a goat named mattaw. Mattaw ( or Max ) has been so kind as to do a few “ask me anything” posts on Wickedfire, so if you want a primer on media buying along with some pro tips, check out Media buying Ask me anything Part 1. I enjoy Part 2 because dullspace makes an appearance.

Also Max wrote an epic guest post on BlueHatSEO called How to Start Your Own Media Buy (Linking to cached version because BlueHatSeo is down at the moment, oh noes!!)

What Runs Where Gets All Shiny and Stuff

When I wrote about What Runs Where in the past, my main complaint was the fairly confusing and slightly ugly user interface. But just in the past week or so, the entire UI has been redesigned and streamlined, so lets take a look.

The interface has been narrowed down to 3 main parts. It’s more along the lines of MixRank, which is a competing service that focuses on scraping Google Adwords data. Although it’s only Adwords data, their interface was a lot more user-friendly than What Runs WhereBUT NO MORE!

Before diving into that, one thing I’ve noticed is that What Runs Where is significantly faster than it was before. Searches only take a second or two, which is pretty surprising based on how much data they have to sift through.

Search By Advertiser

Simple enough. Enter a domain name and find out more then you ever wanted to know about an advertiser.

Warning: a search for “” and “” will yield different results. I’m being told this is being worked on, but if you keep getting “No Results” then this is why.

AdStrength™ – When you search by Advertiser, you can sort ads by “Most Recent” and “AdStrength” (not sure if really trademarked… or just being clever).

The formula is simple: (Times Seen x Frequency x Days Running) = AdStrength. The higher the score, the more likely it is that this is a successful ad.

Be careful of Brand advertisers though. Some companies could give a fuck about ROI, so their media teams spend the company’s money like its their job (.. it is) If you’re a performance advertiser, or affiliate marketer, you actually care about ROI. Just because an Ad Strength score is high, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a profitable ad. If it’s a brand, chances are they’re spending money to build the brand by getting the most impressions possible. For example, Google Chrome ads are everyyyywhere.

Placement Suggestions – A really neat feature when searching by advertisers. This tab will show you potential placements you can try for your campaigns. DEAR GOD, WHY IS IT SO SIMPLE?!

Search By Publisher

Let’s say you build a media plan with something like Google Adplanner. You can use the “Search By Publisher” feature to look up specific domains and see what kinds of ads are working for that Publisher. Are their more leaderboards than square? Then spend more time on leaderboard ads, lest you wonder why your 300×250 ads are getting no impressions.

On the other hand, if you’re just fishing for campaign ideas, you can look up a popular website for a demographic you’re familiar with to see what companies are advertising there. You can then find some related affiliate campaigns to promote. Better yet, you’d build up your own lead gen funnel so you can collect that juicy user data and promote several types of offers to them.

Search By Keyword

Self-explanatory when you search for Text ads. It’s gets a little trickier when searching for banner ads. Either way, you can get a little clever here and search for random stuff – “HDTV” yields results where Quibids is absolutely dominating.

Useful Ideas and Tips

Let me preface this by saying I’m not an expert media buyer by any means. I dabble, but most stuff has been in the ‘self-serve’ category, versus signing insertion orders and shit like that. They are basically the same thing apart from how the money is spent.

PPV Targets Galore – One of the best uses for What Runs Where and other ad spying tools is the ability to generate a huge list of relevant PPV targets. If you’re running some dating on PPV, you can look up a bunch a of dating advertisers, see where they’re advertising, and pop those placements into your PPV target list. Simple as that. This applies to any niche.

This is far more efficient and effective than something like Google Ad Planner (although, you can never have too many targets) because you already know that this type of offer is already working on these publishers.

We Goin’ International Baby – What Runs Where added a few more international countries to its data. International markets are far less competitive then the US and other English-speaking countries. It is what it is because 95% of marketers won’t take the time to translate ads to another language, despite how easy it is.

The obvious thing to do is find popular Advertisers or Publishers in other countries then look-up what kinds of ads are being served there. Also, you can search by Keyword with a foreign word. For example, even though France is not listed as a country in their database, you can do a keyword search for “rencontre” to bring up a ton of French dating ads.

Hybrid Ads – Some companies like AdSonar and Pulse 360 have creatives known as hybrid ads, which is a text+image combo. Sound familiar? That’s basically what many social media ads are.

You can use the hybrid ad data from What Runs Where in a number of ways (hint: Copy pasting the ads then running them on the same ad network is not one of them). Since we know image accounts for roughly 70% of the CTR, you can easily see what kinds of images are grabbing attention.

You can port these hybrid ads to other traffic sources that support hybrid ads. Facebook and Plenty of Fish come to mind. Of course, some preliminary demographic research is needed here.

You can use the similar images and copy (or be a dick and rip them 100%) to create banner ads that look just like hybrid ads. Make IAB banners that look like hybrid ads, but run them on a banner display network where hybrid ads aren’t supported.

Or you can use the hybrid copy+image to use as a base for catchy PPV landers. Just expand that bit of text and image to a ~700×500 px window and you got yourself a landing page that’s likely to work.

What’s Really Working – You hear about those $10,000+ media buy days that people brag about. Are they bullshitting you or what? For the most part, no. ( Unless you’re selling $50,000 media buy coaching, then yeah, probably bullshitting. )

If you spend enough time digging around What Runs Where, you find little golden nuggets of valuable information. “Why are these Warren Buffet ads showing up on every financial website?” “Why does Quibids have a 50,000+ Ad Strength Rank?” “I thought flogs and farticles were dead?! Why are they all over the sites like MSBNC and Fox News?”

When you start seeing patterns of certain advertisers and types of advertisements showing up on some of the biggest websites in the world, you really get an understanding of where those $50,000 Fridays come from.

Where can What Runs Where Improve?

Export Domains – Right now I don’t see any feature for exporting a CSV of domains when you’re on a “Traffic Sources” tab. Copy and pasting the list, then cleaning it up in Excel is kind of a pain compared to exporting a ready-made CSV.

AdStrength in Keyword Search – It would be nice if doing keyword searches could be sorted by AdStrength or some other factors. I’m just nitpicking here really..


Do you have $1? Then you can try What Runs Where for 7 days.

Overall, I have to say that WRW stepped its game up. The user interface is a lot better then what it was before. The searches don’t hang like they used to. This really is a tool you want to have in your arsenal if you know the value of competitive research.

As I finish writing this post, Finch beats me to the punch with his own What Runs Where re-review. No need to go there, my review is better. SUCK IT BRITAIN!

Ubot for $1 – Dollar Menu Millionaires

Edit: Fixed the Ubot link. It should link to the $1 trial that is not available to the public anymore. Use Promo Code ppcbz199

“Sell Out Monday” continues…

So the guys are Ubot asked me to make a post about their $1 Trial. I was hesitant since I am lazy but then they offered to write the post for me, in “my voice.” I assumed they meant the “ voice” but they actually gone and wrote it in first person.

The post below was written by Jason on the Ubot team. He prefaces the post with … “I wasn’t sure how to get in the mindset to write as you so I went out and killed a homeless man with a hammer, and then drank a few fingers of whiskey. I think that worked.

Did it work? I leave my commentary below… (everything below is the actual post they wrote for me with my commentary added in)

Build Your Own Marketing Bots For $1? What the Hell is Wrong With These People?

A few years ago UBot came on the scene and I got a review copy. This was so far back that no one really knew what it was. So I put up a review where I said I didn’t know what the fuck it was either, but then I tried it and it was legitimately the best tool ever created, because it made other tools. And I said you were an idiot if you didn’t buy it.

It’s true. When I wrote the original Ubot post back in the day I barely knew what it did. It’s also correct that I might have called you an idiot.

“Well that’s easy for you to say barman,” some people commented, “because your copy was free.” Well, if you were as amazing as I was maybe they’d give you a free copy too, first of all. Second, don’t even bother trying to be as amazing as me, because now your copy is basically free also. The guys over at UBot just opened a limited trial that lasts for 14 days and only costs $1. And if you are smart enough to read this text then you are smart enough to use that 14 days to build a bot that will make you at least enough money to buy the damn thing.

Now you, for the price of a double cheeseburger off the McDonald’s Dollar Menu, can script up personalized tools with Ubot

What’s New In UBot 4

I’m not a programmer, besides the basics needed to keep this website and a few other things looking amazing. So UBot seemed perfect to me 0 build your own software and customize your marketing instead of paying a million dollars for SENuke. It has an easy interface, lots of instructions, its built by marketers for marketers, yada yada. So yeah, if you didn’t try it out, that would be pretty stupid.

Sadly, after the past few months, you might actually consider me a decent programmer now

Now there’s a new version – 4.0 – that does everything the old UBot did plus about a dozen other newfangled things. It was already designed for idiots, but now it’s somehow even easier to use, so I guess that means even stupider people can use it. It’s still not going to do anything out of the box, ie, you have to come up with your own damn ideas (or use mine), but it will do more shit for you automatically – like filling in forms without you having to think too hard, with something the UBot people call “Artificial Intelligence.” Yeah, it’s not going to make breakfast for you, but after playing around with it some, it’s definitely easier to use and smarter than it was before.

Jason is correct in that I would call you stupid and even stupider

There’s also some stuff in the “professional” version that seems pretty wicked – Image Recognition lets you control Flash websites, and there’s now a “code view” that shows you your code in text form. Even if you’re not a programmer this is pretty nice, because the code is obvious shit like “navigate(” for the most part. Oh, and this version has multithreading, too, for those of you that need that sort of thing.

I can’t afford $1

Yes you can, shut up, you cheap piece of shit. There’s no reason not to try this while they have the trial open. This single piece of software can replace a dozen other programs and if you spend a few hours a day for the next two weeks using it, you’ll understand why. And you’ll probably hate your stupid self for not buying it sooner. $1 is less than it costs to buy a pack of gum. It’s less than a cup of coffee. Trying UBot now costs less than the handjob you got from that toothless crack whore, and it will probably only make you feel half as dirty, you sick fuck.

The above paragraph might as well have been written by me. I think that whiskey helped, Jason

What should I do with it?

You should do whatever the fuck you’re already doing, because this thing can basically automate whatever that is. If you are using a tool that you wish was customized for your weird fetishes or one that you wish worked better, then you can improve that by building your own script to do the same damn thing. If you aren’t already doing something or using anything and really don’t have any idea what to do with this sweet $1 deal, then maybe you should buy a fucking clue instead. This software is still amazing and getting better, so just cough up the buck and try it before the trial closes.

And before I forget, the coupon I’ve got still works – ppcbz199 – so put it in when you sign up.


Now for the sake of disclosure, I don’t really use Ubot that much anymore. I will use it occasionally for random scripts but that’s rare. I’ve actually learned to program, and over the course of whenever I wrote the original post, I’ve gotten away from the hell that is SEO.

That said, it’s still a great tool, especially for those who don’t really know how to code. As long as you have some imagination, you can use Ubot to automate a lot of tasks for your daily life.

Need to spam 30 links to various French websites that SENuke doesn’t even know exist? Why yes, you can custom-code that. I actually did this back in the day. I should probably throw the source up on Ubot’s forum somewhere now that I think about it…

Thanks to the Ubot team for writing this post! If they left it up to me I doubt it would have ever been written.

Finch Sells and Smacks Around Facebook – Premium Posts Volume 2

Rejoice! The ever so popular Premium Posts from Finch comes back with Volume 2.

There are very few things in the affiliate marketing space worth spending money on. 99% of ebooks and courses are generally rehashed shit. But Finch is doing it right by providing excellent, fresh content for a fair price. Fresh, meaning he writes it off the top of his head, not rewriting some Warrior Forum’s already shit course ( like some people like to do ).

Premium Posts Volume 2 is all about…
Facebook – A number of chapters about cracking that Facebook nut. How to Bid. How to make successful dating campaigns. How to say “wanna fuck?” in other languages. And the future of making money on Facebook in general.
Mobile – Just kidding. There’s only a single page about it and it links back to my Mobile Marketing Resource.
Future of Affiliate Marketing – Is it dead? Did Copeac kill it? Buy it and find out!
And More! – There’s always an ‘and more!’ What kind of marketer are you?! Anyway – 70+ pages of in-depth quality content makes up Volume 2. Get on it you cheap fuck!

Keep up the quality work Finch, you sexy seductive Brit.

Plenty of Finch – Premium Posts

Finch. One word that should send shivers down your nether regions. If you don’t know Finch, he is an affiliate marketer that writes one of the best blogs in the online marketing space. I don’t know if this is a natural ability granted to all British people, but Finch’s writing is though-out and top-notch. Words of wisdom from start to finish.

Now Finch is on a quest to shamelessly whore out his excellent literature for pennies on the dollar. Introducing, Premium Posts from Finch Sells.

Finch sent me his Premium Posts eBook just because he loves me. I’m not getting a cent. I’m posting this because I like his squeezable cheeks.

Anyway, the book is full of great information. Take Finch’s best posts, multiply it by 10x, then put it in a PDF. That’s my review. Suck on it. By this shit if you mess with PlentyofFish advertising or dating.

Waaahhh I have to spend money?
You can cry and bitch all you want about paying for content, but this is the way the world’s going. At least, it is in internet marketing.

Giving away good information for free ruins the effectiveness and usually pisses people off. When you put a price tag on something, the perceived value is actually value, because you spent real $ on it. That’s why I like this clever move by

It’s also why you’re seeing a rise in paid communities like,, and Forums.

Free, open communities are just not sustainable anymore. There are just too many handout-seeking, basement-dwelling, Digital-Point-failing beggars in the world today. If you believe in your product, and it’s better than anyone elses, put a price tag on that shit to keep the retards out.