CPVLab 2.10 FTW

One of my main gripes with CPVLab has been speed issues. Not necessarily the speed of the redirects or anything, but the speed of running queries in the stats. I’ve been using it since it came out, and up until last week, I never really deleted any data. Over that time the database became quite a large mess.

For example, running a Trends report would take a number of seconds, if not minutes, to complete. Or running a Stats report for the month. During this time, my redirects for campaigns weren’t working because my server was busy thinking about that Trends query, thus serving empty pages to people.

Now I don’t know if I could blame that on CPVLab specifically, or my server set-up. Either way, it was an issue that bothered me because it just took forever.

Yesterday or maybe 2 days ago, CPVLab 2.10 was released. It seems like these speed issues have been addressed. Stats and Trends show up with the quickness so I’m not sitting around twiddling my thumbs.

Since I’m not a real reporter and I’m lazy, I haven’t asked the CPVLab guys if they addressed these issues specifically. But I have been crying about it to them for a while, so I’m assuming those cries didn’t fall on deaf ears.

If you run your own server, definitely check out MySQLTuner. It’s a handy script that gives you tips on improving your mySQL settings for performance. I am an absolutely retarded server admin, so using this helped me out a bit. If you’re an advanced server admin, then I await your condescending remarks about how retarded I am and that I shouldn’t be using Apache to deliver mad pops.

Anyway, CPVLab is still the shit and now it’s much better. You should definitely be using it if you’re doing PPV (unless you’re special and have rolled your own tracking software).

Despite all this, I’d still recommend a full re-install of the software every few weeks. I don’t care how slick any software is. Once you have millions of queries in a database, you’re wasting precious milliseconds of server time running database queries that could be spent delivering pops. (Insert more condescending remarks about the cloud, load-balancing, and other nerdy topics)

  • Thanks for the love man. Keep an eye out for G.O.O.D. Friday’s coming soon. For those of you w/different feature request, we’ll be building them in and releasing them via update as we’ve already begun doing.

    But we’re having a webinar w/Leadimpact Nov. 15th 9pm EST.

    Head over to leadimpact.com to RSVP to finally hear it directly the VP, Director and Sales Strategist how to kill it this winter/new year’s

  • The new update is definitely slick. I like the “new” columns that show the changes in stats since you last logged in. Sweetness. And yes, it is much faster.

  • from a software developers perspective — I’ve been absolutely disgusted with the offerings in the industry — ranging from affiliate networks sites to tracking tools to the PPV networks sites — one of the reasons I started rolling our own a while back ago

    if I click a button on a network’s site I should get that report pretty much immediately — not count to ten and wait

    you are absolute right though — if you are losing traffic because your software sucks — do what you can to fix it cause the only thing that matters is making those registers ching — maybe I should think about releasing our tracking software sometime in the future

    • do it bro

    • From an Internet Markets point i am disgusted with software developers points of view.

  • Yep it’s a shit ton faster and sleeker.

    Still wish there was a way to archive campaigns though – so many numbers make my eyes bleed.

  • TAA,clicksaw, & Earl if you guy’s are so unhappy w/what’s out then when can you boy’s roll something out of your own. Everyone wants to make a comment but no one wants to get in the ring and box….

    I give p202 & bevo a ton of respect because we’re all in the same game while you guy’s sit on the sideline and complain.

    Make what we have, then make a comment. I’m not much for public blog’s and bashing so anything additional, give me a call


  • Sonny Forelli

    Anyone else never get the updates from CPVLab?

    They’re not in spam, and I get mail from them, but like 2.09 missed this.

    Thanks for the post I’ll track it down.

  • I wonder how this compares to the PPV spy which is offered by BevoMedia. Have you used them both?