Google Adsense Scraper for $19 per Month

Fresh off the press!

WhatRunsWhere has launched their Ad Vantage product which gives people access to the WRW Google Content Network data for only $19.

WhatRunsWhere has a ton of intelligence data ranging from mobile to Google Content network and other platforms. But this intelligence comes at a price. The full WhatRunsWhere monthly package is over $200 – which is completely justified for most affiliates and agencies, but its definitely not for everyone.

The fine people at WhatRunsWhere saw this gap in the market and decided to offer something for entry level affiliate. For $19 you get access to their huge database of Google Content Network data. Content Network is massive, which means there are plenty of ads for you to “borrow” from. Use this data to launch your own Content Network campaigns or to get inspiration for other ad networks. Either way, $19 is a steal.

So if you’ve always wanted to see whats working but couldn’t justify $200 or more a month, then here is your chance. Get access to the WhatRunsWhere Google Content Network data with the Ad Vantage package – only $19 a month. Damn son, that’s less than like a gram of weed!

  • Can you whack a retweet button on your articles so we can share them?

    • Good idea, I am surprised that hasn’t been done yet.

  • Anthony

    your what runs where google content network data with the ad vanatage package-only $19 a month link is broken

  • Vusal

    I signed up to WRW, 3 month free for Google Content Network,

    Verdict: WRW sucks. Idea is great but it tracks little number of websites.

  • So stoked they came out with this. $200 is way to much but $20 is such a steal! I agree with Hilary, I can’t believe they haven’t come out with this sooner.