LotsofAds.com Gets Better and Better – A Follow Up Review

A little over a year ago, I wrote a post about LotsofAds.com, the super secret agent ads spy tool used by James Bond, Batman, and even Lebron James (Dear FTC: the last bit there is obviously a joke.)

Since then, there have been a number updates and improvements to the Lots of Ads service which I’ll discuss shortly. But to refresh your memory, LotsofAds.com is database of … well, lots of ads, from a certain, very large social network. LotsofAds constantly monitors this social network and records the ads it sees through various “user accounts” broken up into different demographics. Over time, LotsofAds has managed to scrape data on hundreds of thousands of ads all over the world.

Lots of Improvements

Now Supporting 25 Countries – It’s no secret that advertising internationally is a great, wide open frontier for many affiliates located in 1st world countries where competition has ramped up. In the US and other English-speaking countries, you’re not only competing with affiliates, but with big brands with near-limitless budgets that have no concern for ROI.

With LotsofAds.com, you can see what’s being promoted in non-English countries.

On the flip side of seeing “what’s working,” you can also get insight into “what hasn’t even been tried.” Don’t see any dating ads in Papua New Guinea? Well, what the hell are you waiting for? Translate them shits and go! (assuming you can find a Papua New Guinea BBW dating offer…)

Check out Adsimilis for a ton of international offers (games and dating) and tell Mama Eleah that Barman sent you.

Advertising affiliate offers, internationally, isn’t that hard on a large social network platform. Millions of new users each day across the world – don’t worry about competition. There’s plenty for everyone.

It’s just work – setup, translation, and ad submission is grunt work but worth it when you can get sub-penny clicks. Don’t make it harder on yourself! See which images and copy are working in the US and UK (hint: Use the LotsofAds Frequency setting), then translate that stuff to another, less-competitive language and country. Submit the ads, cross your fingers, then submit 20 more. The most-eye catching ads that get stupid click-thru-rates are the ones that will make you money.

Lots of SpyingLotsofAds.com improved on their data by providing a whole “Ad Destinations” section which lends itself to some creative spying…

1. Find ads using your favorite affiliate networks by entering their tracking domain in the “Redirect URL” field.
2. Find ads running on popular affiliate tracking platforms.
3. Find all ads ran by a particular affiliate by plugging in their tracking domain.
4. View any campaign’s exact targeting by analyzing the subids being passed in the URLs.
5. Show only ads that have more than one redirect since these ads are more likely to belong to affiliates (select “>1 Redirects”)

Seriously, that is some next-level spy shit. This kind of data is good to have and fun to look at, but not a solid game plan. Don’t go around copying campaigns word for word. That’s amateur hour. If you do, the Son of Zeus will shit on you. Use the data create your own campaigns, or take the creatives and go do some media buying with it.

If LotsofAds.com sounds like Lots of Profit to you, definitely check it out. I rarely review stuff on this blog without shitting on it, but LotsofAds.com has continually improved since it came out. There isn’t really anything bad to say about it. What the shit are you waiting for?!

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