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Underground Ads Scraper – International Ads Scraper

So, you wanna make a killing in affiliate marketing game but still haven’t busted that nut yet?

Then you should be running offers on the biggest social networking website on earth. For the sake of legal complications, I won’t mention this website by name. Hint: It begins with what is on the front of your head, and ends with something that you haven’t read since high school.

I won’t get into how much traffic UnnamedSocialWebsite has or how fast it’s growing or any of that bullshit. You know what it is and if you don’t then you’re probably still using payphones.

More importantly, you may have read that international opportunities are plentiful on UnnamedSocialWebsite. While the United States is congested like thirty clowns stuck in a phone booth, the international landscape is still wide open.

I also won’t say that it’s super easy to make money on UnnamedSocialWebsite. There are bidding strategies and best practices in targeting that you need to know, even if you’re the only person advertising in that country. It’s not as simple as throwing up an ad and making money (although to be honest, sometimes it is.) Even if you have the same ads, different account nuances or strategic deals with advertisers means that copy / pasting ads won’t always work.

Direct linking isn’t dead, but you can see far more success if you put in some work to figure out the power of Applications and Pages. (More on that in the near future)

But You Gotta Start Somewhere, Right?

This is where (Use “PPCBZ” for 10% OFF) comes in.

Use Coupon Code “PPCBZ” for 10% OFF of!

Let’s say you heed my advice and jump into international markets. Where do you start? You can ask your affiliate manager for what’s good, or you can just pick and offer and start translating ads. This, of course, is the hard work method since you have to gather all your own data to start building solid campaigns.

So why not draw some inspiration from other peoples ads? I’ve always been one to say that creativity always wins. I’ve never been a fan of direct copy-pasting, but people do it anyway. Personally, I like to use scraper tools like these to see what niche seems to be working. Then, I create my own creatives “borrowing” the best elements from what’s already working.

LotsofAds Review – Is it pretty sweet or just kind of sweet? (Use “PPCBZ” for 10% OFF) is essentially an ad database for UnnamedSocialWebsite. The problem with similar tools that serve the same purpose is that they rarely, if ever, went outside of the United States. This tool does that by scraping ads in about 10 countries. As of writing, there are about 400,000 ads scraped. I say got damn. You couldn’t copy all of those if you tried.

Sorting – One of the powerful features of is the sorting. You can single out almost anything whether it’s Age, Gender, Relationship Status, Ad Copy, and more.

It gets even better because you can add in a few more filters. Last Seen After lets you set a date where you’ll only see ads that ran after that date. So you can kind of see “what’s hot” in the past day, week, month, whatever.

Additionally you can sort the ads by the Number of Times Seen, Last Seen, or Days Running. This lets you push the even more popular ads to the top of your searches. If you see something that’s been running for weeks, you can bet your ass that ad and copy are doing something for somebody somewhere.

Pricing – Up until this point, this post has been pretty newbie friendly. “Oh yeah I’m gonna get rich quick and not do any work!” Sorry newb, is not a cheap service. The ALL Country package runs about $400 a month.

That price is sure to scare off most newbies. I wouldn’t recommend this service to newbies until you get your feet wet with all the shit you have to deal with on UnnamedSocialWebsite.

Seasoned UnnamedSocialWebsite advertisers will get a lot of value out of this service. If you already know how to put up ads in bulk and can bid with the best of them, gives you the ability to brainstorm a lot of new creatives. You already know that international is the place to be. Alternatives and Additional Information is great for one specific traffic source. Fortunately, the traffic source is fucking huge and you can feed your family with it. All it takes is one ad and you can pull in $xxx – $x,xxx per day. Get a few solid campaigns running and you can see why high limit UnnamedSocialWebsite accounts are in such high demand.

But if $400 is out of your budget, there are definitely alternatives out there. is a quality service built by the smartest motherfuckers alive, and it only runs about $230 a month. The scraped ads are media banners and some contextual (no social stuff), but the idea behind good creatives is the same. All that matters is the headline, image, and call to action.

No matter where you find (inspiration for) your creatives, getting them to actually work on UnnamedSocialWebsite can take some time to master. There are a few blogs that regularly touch on UnnamedSocialWebsite, so read them whether you’re a pro or not.
Stack That Money, Scotch and Sales, and BoostCTR Blog.

Join While the Going is Good

There is no better time then now to jump into UnnamedSocialWebsite traffic. It’s constantly growing and people spend more time on the site then any other in the world. The campaigns are also easier to throw up then many other traffic sources.

But I’ve tread carefully throughout this post to not mention any trademarked words. In the past, many services that refer to that certain trademark have been shut down swiftly. I believe UnnamedSocialWebsite has a TOS against these kinds of tools, so who knows how long it will last.

All I know is that summer is over, everyone’s going back to work, and it’s time to make money all the way through shopping season. Peace out ya punk bitches.

Use Coupon Code “PPCBZ” for 10% OFF of!

IMGrind Forums Review – IMGrindin or IMSellinOut

(This post contains affiliate links. Its OK. Don’t cry…)

So there’s been a lot of hype about the IMGrind Forums from the dudes at Convert2Media. “What’s their end game?” “It’s probably bullshit!” “Ruck’s gone guru!” they cry from their mother’s basement.

Should “I” Join the IMGrind Forums?

I’m going to make this as little “sales-y” as I possibly can so let’s just get to the point. There seems to be an awful lot of forums launching in the internet marketing space. Is IMGrind any different?

Ruck and Ryan Grey, for whatever reason, have been working on their IMGrind Forums for a few weeks and finally launched it today. Last night I got hooked up with an account because I am internationally known webblogger like Perez Hilton except not gay and not internationally known.

I checked it out and this pretty much sums it up:
IM Grind Community Statistics
Threads: 519
Posts: 536

That’s 500+ threads before launch. There’s only about 15 posts in the forum that are replies to threads. So in between doing P90X and shooting guns, Ruck (and Ryan) have dropped 500+ threads of content before the forum has even launched. Imagine, all that forum posting with no one to respond to it!

Now, the 500+ posts aren’t all groundbreaking information. In fact, a good amount is very newb-friendly step-by-step stuff. But the forum categories cover everything in the online marketing space- from lead gen to being your own advertiser to Facebook. So if what you want isn’t covered, ask away and the sages will respond. (Instead of “guru,” I will call Ruck a “sage.” Thanks Final Fantasy 7, now they can’t say that video games never taught me anything.)

Most people know Ruck and respect his knowledge. He’s forgotten more about internet marketing then most people will ever know (I think I used that line before…). Basically, IMGrind is a Ruck and Ryan Grey brain dump. I think that’s worth a lot, no matter if you’re a complete newb or a fledgling advertiser. Somehow, someway, these two dudes seem to know almost everything when it comes to online marketing.

This post is here to give the IMGrind Forums the Official Seal of Approval. Even before the launch, IMGrind is already miles ahead of the legendary Nick Throlson Marketing Forums, and that’s saying a lot.

Spy on Media – WhatRunsWhere Review

Lately, a few “spy” tools have popped up for the media buying space. Spy tools for pay-per-click and social have existed for quite some time because those ads are easy to scrape and spy on. But media’s a little trickier, due to the sheer size of the space and lack of centralization / consolidation.

But never fear, there are some new tools on the market for spying on the mejia. One tool is AdBeat, which got a little push from the peeps at Prosper in a recent webinar. Another tool, What Runs Where, comes from our favorite black-hatted mastermind: the ever so Slightly Shady SEO.

Before I continue: I am not, by any means, a seasoned media buyer. I get the concepts but it is not something I dabble with a lot compared to other stuff. Also I am writing these review because Shady is the shit, and I am not being compensated for it besides a free account. Look ma, no affiliate links!

In fact, I spent a good amount of time writing up a bug / features list that spanned a few pages, for Shady to change or include, for free, because I am such a nice guy :D

The Good About WhatRunsWhere

I haven’t used AdBeat so I can’t compare, but What Runs Where provides a pretty simple interface for viewing a large database of scraped media, which include: image banners, flash banners, and text ads. These ads are scraped from the most popular sources like Adwords, Pulse360, Adbrite, etc.

What Runs Where is basically a big repository of data from the entire web. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make sense of the data and use it for your own profiteering.

You can lookup domains from a specific advertiser and see where they are running. You can do a search and see what’s popular on X traffic source. You can see what kind of banners what have been popular in your particular niche in the past X number of days. This competitive intelligence gives you an advantage over someone who just posted their “OK I got a media server with OpenX now what?” thread on Wickedfire.

How to Maker the Monies with WhatRunsWhere?

So you have these tools, but now… what do?

1. See What’s Running on a Specific Traffic Source – You can do your Search for a specific traffic source like Technorati media, for example, and see types of banner ads running there.

So what does this tell you? It tells you what type (niche) of offers tend to work on that traffic source. It tells you what kind of offers a specific traffic source allows (Are they allowing rebills? Downloads? Or is it just big brands you don’t want to compete with?)

2. See What’s Popular on a Broad Scale – A few hours of going anywhere online, or a few minutes of using What Runs Where will reveal some types of ads work almost anywhere. Can you say “Today’s Daily Deal” or “$YourState Bucket List”? Better yet, can you improve on these types of popular creatives and beat out the direct advertisers?

3. Find New Traffic Sources – One of the best and worst thing about media buying is the sheer number of traffic sources available. There are big aggregators all the way down to individual site buys. The internet is fucking huge and you will never be able to wrap your head around it.

So you can do a search on What Runs Where for your particular niche or keyword, then look up all of the places similar ads are running. You will find a new traffic source about 100% of the time- whether it’s some site you’ve never heard of, ad network you didn’t think had any traffic, or get reconnected with a familiar traffic source where you didn’t think a specific offer would work before. What Runs Where lets you dig deep on a particular ad and root domain name so you can find all of the traffic sources for a campaign. Repeat the process a few times and you’ll have a list of new traffic sources to try that will keep you busy for days.

4. Don’t Copy 100% – Seriously! – You can’t just login to What Runs Where, copy an ad, and make monies online. I mean, you could do that, but the chances of your ad being successful will be slim to none. There’s a bunch of data that scrapers can’t track, like Click-thru Rates. That’s data you can only acquire yourself.

The smartie-pants will take the general copy of a banner ad and make it better. Copycatting runs rampant in affiliate marketing and those chumps will always fail in the long run. Creative people can stick around much longer, because they read books from marketing legends, apply their own wisdom, come up with their own original campaigns, and know how to avoid shit when shit hits the fan (like government crackdowns on more nefarious advertising practices- mainly because their whole lives don’t revolve around copy-pasting non-compliant advertising materials.)

What Could Be Better about WhatRunsWhere?

Difficult to Tell What’s a Popular Advertisement – While you can tell an advertisement’s popularity based on how long it runs for, you can’t see click-thru-rates or profitability. It’s not really a complaint because this data is basically impossible to grab, but it would be good to see what determines popularity metrics.

Media Buy Tips – If Shady and the team at What Runs Where provided a few pages of beginner to advanced media buying strategies, they’d probably be able to sell a lot more copies. Stuff like choosing an adserver, optimizing a server, negotiating IO’s, etc – is information that would be worth the price of admission. Seasoned media buyers deal with this stuff on a daily basis, but people looking to jump in have a steep learning curve ahead.

Should I Buy WhatRunsWhere?

If you want competitive intelligence on banner ads throughout the web, then yes. If you want to discover new traffic sources or get inspiration for new creatives, then yes. It’s roughly the same price as AdBeat. I can’t tell you if its better or worse, but anything Shady-made is fine by me.

If you’re looking for some “Get Rich Quick” tool or heard that media buying makes people filthy rich with no work, then you should probably hold off on this tool until you’re ready to take the game seriously.

Pro Tip – Make Real Flogs

As I write this post I’m listening to the Ads4Dough Webinar about the FTC and compliance, and the basic gist is this: Fake marketing is dead. Done. Gone. Forever. Anything FAKE is not allowed. You can’t just make shit up with stock photos and stolen weight loss pictures from

Completely lying in marketing isn’t new, but people do it a lot now because it’s the anonymous internet. “Hey, they won’t catch me!” Laws against completely false claims have been around for decades so I don’t know why this comes as a surprise to many people. It will take the government a while, but they will catch you eventually.

If you wanted to do it long term, you’d get an affidavit weight loss testimonial from someone with a real product. I honestly thought that’s what a lot of people did after the first crackdown a year or so ago, but apparently not. Now a lot of people are getting their ass kicked. :| And its fucked up because scammers on Clickbank are still running rampant with completely fake statistics and bogus products (One isn’t necessarily any better or worse than the other, but the fact that make money online peddlers on the Clickbank side haven’t been targeted is kind of bullshit)

So do what the pharmaceutical industry does. Create your own “think tanks” and “research centers” to create favorable data around your product. Or do what “As Seen on TV” advertisers do. Get people to lose weight with an awfully shitty product, like the Ab Twister Flyer Zapper. It easy because when you diet and add other exercise, someone will eventually lose weight no matter how useless the product. “Just look how easy it was to get 7% body fat and 8-pack abs with this belt that zaps my stomach with electricity!

* Asterisk- I am not your legal counsel.

CPVLab 2.10 FTW

One of my main gripes with CPVLab has been speed issues. Not necessarily the speed of the redirects or anything, but the speed of running queries in the stats. I’ve been using it since it came out, and up until last week, I never really deleted any data. Over that time the database became quite a large mess.

For example, running a Trends report would take a number of seconds, if not minutes, to complete. Or running a Stats report for the month. During this time, my redirects for campaigns weren’t working because my server was busy thinking about that Trends query, thus serving empty pages to people.

Now I don’t know if I could blame that on CPVLab specifically, or my server set-up. Either way, it was an issue that bothered me because it just took forever.

Yesterday or maybe 2 days ago, CPVLab 2.10 was released. It seems like these speed issues have been addressed. Stats and Trends show up with the quickness so I’m not sitting around twiddling my thumbs.

Since I’m not a real reporter and I’m lazy, I haven’t asked the CPVLab guys if they addressed these issues specifically. But I have been crying about it to them for a while, so I’m assuming those cries didn’t fall on deaf ears.

If you run your own server, definitely check out MySQLTuner. It’s a handy script that gives you tips on improving your mySQL settings for performance. I am an absolutely retarded server admin, so using this helped me out a bit. If you’re an advanced server admin, then I await your condescending remarks about how retarded I am and that I shouldn’t be using Apache to deliver mad pops.

Anyway, CPVLab is still the shit and now it’s much better. You should definitely be using it if you’re doing PPV (unless you’re special and have rolled your own tracking software).

Despite all this, I’d still recommend a full re-install of the software every few weeks. I don’t care how slick any software is. Once you have millions of queries in a database, you’re wasting precious milliseconds of server time running database queries that could be spent delivering pops. (Insert more condescending remarks about the cloud, load-balancing, and other nerdy topics)

CPVLab – A Week In Review

About 10 days or so ago, I wrote this CPVLab writeup. For full disclosure, I mentioned that the review was based solely on sales video, discussion with the creator, and testimonials from other users.

At that time, I wasn’t using it. Now, it’s about a week and a half later, so what’s the verdict?

CPVLab – Yay! or Nay?

CPVLab Gets the Seal of Approval

That’s gonna be a ‘hells yes!’ The software is awesome, plain and simple.

It’s not some miracle cure for making monies. You still have to know what you’re doing – how to find targets, how to write copy, how to make delicious landers, and how to convert. I just want to cut through any misconceived notion that CPVLab is some “push a button and make monies” guru product. It’s not.

CPVLab is a campaign management and tracking system. If you don’t have campaigns to track and optimize, then it’s of no use to you. If you do have campaigns to track and optimize, or know where to start, then it’s a great tool to have in your toolbox. It will save you time and money, no doubt.

Even after 10 days of using CPVLab, I still haven’t touched every feature. There are 6 campaign types you can set-up, and I’ve just been sticking with 1 or 2- Regular Direct Linking / Landing Page campaigns. You can get into stuff like Lead Capture and E-mail Follow-up, but since I haven’t used those yet so I won’t get into them for this post.

Now onto the stuff that has impressed me the most.

On-the-Fly Campaign Management

This is probably my favorite feature so far. Campaign set-up is a breeze. Just throw in your URLs to your pages, put the LP code on them, then go.

But once a campaign is up and running, the ability to modify stuff quickly is fucking clutch.

Adding New Landing Pages – If you’re a 202 user, then you’re probably using the LP rotator script. The steps involved when adding a new landing page would be – 1) Open your php file, once you navigate to it in File Explorer, Dreamweaver, or what have you 2) Modify your landing page rotation array, where you have to do some match to make sure your % delivery is correct 3) Save 4) Open FTP program 5) Upload (or SVN it).

If you had 3 campaigns going and wanted to add your new landing page to all 3, then it starts to get a little tedious.

The steps to do this in CPVLab are 1) Paste in URL to your campaign 2) Hit Save. Donezo.

By the way, if you’re looking for a 202 rotator script with cookie functionality, I made one here. I make no guarantees on the functionality of this script. Use and test at your own risk.

Example: I tossed up a new campaign a few days ago with some fresh landing pages. I did a small change to one, and used the % Share Distribution feature in CPVLab to split them 50% / 50%. After an hour or two, the data started to show both of these landing pages were doing pretty shitty. Both had CTRs under 1.5%, which is unacceptable for PPV.

‘Fuck me’ I thought. Not to worry, I have CPVLab!

I took an old landing page I didn’t think would work, and tossed it up anyway for shits and giggles. I set the distribution on the new one to 70% to dedicate most of the traffic there, since the other two were losers. The losers still had 15% share each to give them a chance- just in case it was a fluke.

Also, thanks to the alerts which highlight any target not performing to your specifications, I saw that 2 targets were getting high traffic but giving me awful CTR.

With the quickness, I paused those two targets and had the new Landing Page getting the majority of the traffic. A few hours passed by, and the new landing page hovered around 7 to 9%. The 2 losers improved slightly because I dropped the bad targets, but never broke past 2.5%.

With just a few hours of data, the campaign is profitable. I set the winning landing page to 100% to suck up all the traffic until I revisit the campaign with new landers and changes.

This is the simplest example of getting PPV with landing pages to work. No bullshit really. Throw up a campaign, wait a few, trim the bad targets, and trim the lower-performing landing pages. Repeat process over and over until you’re only seeing marginal gains. It’s just so damn fast doing it with CPVLab.

Pro Tip: Running a Test Properly

Some marketers, specifically newbies, do their split testing incorrectly. I’ve definitely fucked up plenty of tests in my day too. They 1) dedicate too much traffic to new pages, sucking away money from their profitable pages. Or they 2) test too much at once, and make decisions with insufficient data.

1. Proper Testing Distribution

– Let’s say you have a profitable campaign going. You want to test a flashy button on your page. You create the new page, everything equal expect that new button, and distribute traffic 50% / 50%.

While it sounds like a good idea, it’s basically a coin flip. During the test, if the new page does worse, you’re going to lose money. If it does better, then you’ll make some money.

100%: Landing Page 01 = 50% ROI
50%: Landing Page 01 = 50% ROI
50%: Landing Page 02 = 20% ROI
Let’s say you spend $200 a day on this campaign. You run the test for 10 days. Total spend would be $2,000.

Before the test, you’d make $1,000 profit over those 10 days ($2,000 Spend x 50% ROI = $1,000 Profit)

During the test, you’d make only $700 profit over those 10 days ($1,000 Spend to Page 01 x 50% ROI = $500 and $1,000 Spend to Page 02 x 20% = $200. $500 + $200 = $700.)

You just shit the bed on $300. This can be particularly devastating if the new page produces negative ROI. Granted, most people wouldn’t let a losing page run this long, but let’s say they do in this example.

Even Worse….
What if you want to test two variations of this flashy button? You split 3 pages, your control and your 2 experiments.

33%: Landing Page 01 = 50% ROI
33%: Landing Page 02Green = 20% ROI
33%: Landing Page 02Red = 25% ROI

For the sake of me not having to bust out a calculator, let’s say you spend $300 a day on this campaign over 10 days. $3,000 ad spend.

Before the test, you’d make $1,500 profit over those 10 days ($3,000 Spend x 50% ROI = $1,500 Profit)

During the test, you’d make only $950 profit over those 10 days ($1,000 Spend to Page 01 x 50% ROI = $500 and $1,000 Spend to Page 02 Green x 20% = $200. $1,000 Spend to Page 03 Red x 25% ROI = $250. $500 + $200 + $250 = $950.)

The bottom line in this example is: Your flashy button does not perform better than your control, so don’t be a fuck-up and dedicate 66% of your traffic to the flashy button! Basically you lost $550 because of your shitty testing skills. If your 2 new pages did really, really bad, then you’d be losing money hand over fist until you realized your mistake.

Conclusion: The idea is to not wrap up too much traffic in untested waters. Whenever you run a new test on a landing page, keep the distribution to a level that won’t ruin your numbers. Basically, MINIMIZE YOUR RISK!

Edit: After writing this post, I recalled that a fellow named CPA spelled out some similar advice about proper testing.

Keep your control as the control! It’s science. It’s why its called a control.

If you have one new page, you’d split it 80%/20% to your Control and Experiment. If you had two new pages (adding two variations of a flashy button), you’d split it 80%/10%/10%. Most goes to your control, and a bit goes to each Experiment. (Btw, 80% is not the magic number or anything. Use whatever numbers you feel comfortable with.)

This is a specific pitfall with 202’s landing page rotator script. The code looks like this for splitting 3 pages:

It looks correct and works correctly, but its still a 33% distribution. If you want proper distribution, your code would look like this (assume 80/10/10)


I’m not sure how many people fuck this up, but I think its a good amount. Maybe people don’t realize its wrong, or maybe people don’t like doing math. Either way, it can fuck a campaign up if your new experiments are performing worse than your control.

Either way, CPVLab makes this a breeze. Just type in % numbers in your campaign. No need to fuck with your landing page array in a php file. You can edit these %’s on the fly. If something is working better right off the bat, login to your Control Panel and up the % a little bit, or all the way. Make $$$ ho.

Note for CPVLab Users – Just because it’s CPVLab doesn’t mean you’re immune to bad testing either. You can hit the ” = ” button to distribute the % evenly and think its good, but its not. You have to do the math in your head and input the correct numbers. The control would be 80% and the tests would be 10% each, or whatever numbers you choose.

If you start a new campaign with 4 completely different landing pages, then 25% to each is fine.

But if you start a new campaign 2 different landing pages, while rotating 3 different images on one of them, then 25% each is not fine. You want even distribution to different styles of landing pages, not the individual changes on a single page. The distribution on this example would be:
50% to Page01
17% to Page02-w-Baby-Baby
17% to Page02-w-Baby-Girl
16% to Page02-w-Mommy

2. Making Decisions with Insufficient Data

This one is a killer for many people starting out. I’ve definitely fucked this one up and continue to do so sometimes. You here the catch-phrase “Test Everything” thrown around like its going out of style. If you’re a newbie, you might take this to heart and actually test everything.

The problem with testing everything is that each change requires sufficient data to make good decisions. If you test 4 different styles of landing pages, 4 pictures one each, and 4 Call-to-Actions on your buttons, that’s 64 variations you are testing. (This an extreme example because no one is setting up 64 variations with 202)

If you set your decision-making at 1,000 views on a page, that means that this test will cost you $640 (64,000 views @ $10 CPM) to see satisfactory results. I don’t know many people starting out willing to spend that much on their affiliate marketing endeavors, let alone on a single campaign (even though that’s what this game is)

Most newbies will run this kind of test, but bitch out at after spending $100. Let’s say only about 6 pages will work out of the 64. 10% of the pages in your experiment make money, 90% don’t. After spending $100, $90 went to unprofitable pages and $10 went to profitable ones. No matter which way you slice it, this is not enough data to make any kind of decision whatsoever.

Most people just give up on the campaign entirely at this point and call it a bust (No shit when you only sent $10 worth of traffic to pages making money) They then blame shoemoney for selling them the dream when the reality is affiliate marketing is one cold-hearted bitch.

Trying to test many variables at once is solved with multi-variate testing, but its not something I am an expert on, so I won’t ramble on about this shit anymore.

The point is that you only need to test the important stuff first. The headline is the most important part. I wrote about the importance of headlines here.

You don’t have to TEST everything. Just TRACK everything so you’re collecting the data. TEST the most important stuff first. Look at data you’ve TRACKED later on to optimize your campaign (keywords, time of day, etc)

Anyway, back to CPVLab.

Ultra Fast Stats

Looking at your Stats, Reports, and Trends in CPVLab is lighting quick. I really don’t know how the software does it so fast.

If you used 202 for CPV, then you’re probably familiar with the delays in reporting. Because there are so many ‘clicks’ with CPV, 202 took quite a while to display your reports if you changed any criteria. For example, if you had reports showing for the past week, and now you wanted to show the past 2 months, 202 had to chug along to run that new query. I don’t know if it was just me this happened to, but sometimes any new query would take several seconds, if not longer. It has been spruced up in recent versions, but its always something I noticed.

CPVLab produces your reports almost instantly. Change your time frame and your new report is showing as soon as you hit Go. Database optimization ninjas.

Excellent Support

Initially I, along with other users, had some problems with CPVLab. Since the software was “in-house,” then released to the public, there were a bunch of things that the creators didn’t notice. If you’ve ever built yourself some software, then you know your program like the back of your hand. But if you show it to some fresh eyes, they might go ‘wtf?’

Not only that, I have a knack for testing and breaking software. If your shit has a bug, I will probably find it. If your shit could be easier to use, I will notice it. If something is just wrong, I’ll say it.

Robert of CPVLab has taken my critiques, along with critiques from other users, to make CPVLab better. During my first few days of use, I would not have recommended this software just yet. It had many minor bugs and glitches.

For example, there was no time-frame on your stats. If you were on the fence and CPVLab, then bought it because of my review, then you’d be like “Fuck You Barman I can’t even view stats by day?!”

A recent patch a few days ago solved that problem and many others. There is another update in the works that solves a Reporting SubID’s problem (just use a pixel to get around this), along with a shit ton of other features I can’t remember.

I’m comfortable now in recommending CPVLab. There are a few issues still being worked on by their team, but CPVLab is ready to go out of the box.

CPVLab – Affiliate Marketing Analytics for Advanced Users

A Foreword to a Long Blog Post

CPVLabIf you’re like any affiliate in this industry, chances are your tracking solution of choice is Prosper202.

Before I continue, I just gotta say that I love 202 and Wes for what they did (who doesn’t?) It’s a free piece of software, and for about 2-3 years it was the only solution out there besides rolling your own (and if people found something better, then they have been keeping their trap shut about it.)

Prosper202 is an easy to install and easy to use piece of software, and it gets the job done for many things. It’s also free, which means you can’t really complain (Like I am about to). It tracks a lot of shit, and tells you a lot of information that you would not have known without it.

I was going to title this post “The Prosper202 Killer” but I’m trying to be civil. I really can’t be bitching about free software.

So everyone loves Prosper202, but to me -there was always something …. missing.

No. Let’s be honest, there is a lot of shit that is missing. There is so much affiliates want, shit, need in a tracking solution, that 202 lacks. There is a need for seeing certain stats that don’t show up by default (something as simple as seeing CTR from a single keyword), rotating landers automatically, and proper distribution of offers in rotation, so on and so forth.

The main issue is, while 202 collects a lot of important data, it’s not displayed the way I want. The shit I want to know is hidden deep in the underbelly of Excel exports. Every affiliate does shit differently, so what I want may be different from what you want. Your yearning for delicious data nuggets may be different from mine.

So, you have to export Excel files, combine them, analyze the data, whether it’s by hand or Pivot Tables, and the you make some educated guesses. What to trim and what to keep. Group Overview helps with this, but even that is still lacking.

All of this data analysis takes a shit ton of time to do. It’s a fucking chore having all these data files around your desktop. And what if you paused some campaigns for a little while to re-do some landers or something. You come back and you’re like “Fuck me, where did I even leave off? Was it this campaign or that campaign? Which file did I combine all this data into? Mother of god, kill me.”

What is CPVLab? Have My Dreams Come True?

A few days ago David at PPV Playbook (which you should be a member of, by the way) told me about CPVLab. My initial response (common to any product I see) was “What the fuck is this gay ass shit? Get it out of my face!”

Then I watched the video on the sales page. Sweet Jesus, my pants!

Robert drones on for 30 minutes, highlighting feature after delicious feature. I mean drone in a good way too, like you’re some science lover listening to a Neil deGrasse Tyson lecture.

It’s like affiliate marketing porn. I had to pinch myself to make sure what I was seeing was true. When I realized I wasn’t dreaming, I quickly put on some pants.

What’s Going on Are You Selling Out?

The short answer is yes. I only had to watch the video once to be sold on buying the product. Then I talked to Robert, the man behind the action. Now, I’m sold on selling out for CPVLab.

Robert has been in direct response for 12 years and affiliate marketing for 7 years. While I’ve never met the guy, I like his jive. We discussed his future plans for the product, feedback so far, and other such nonsense, which I’ll get into later. All of it was music to my ears.

So to be clear, I am writing this post and I just bought the product. I got the download link while writing this post. I haven’t used CPVLab yet- but I will very soon. Everything you’re reading now is pure speculation. All future posts will be about actually using CPVLab. Raw testimonial son.

I will be posting more about how to use it, why you should use it, and whatever else I can come up with high. This is just the first post in a series about CPVLab. Stay tuned motherfuckers.

Stats Stats Stats Metrics Metrics Metrics

The thing that sold me on the video from CPVLab was “OK we’re not going to bullshit, let’s get right into it…”

What CPVLab lacks in looks, flashy 5-mile long sales page, and user testimonials, it more than makes up for in data. Raw fucking data at your fingertips. The kind of data you’ve always wanted but had to dig for. If you’re like me you’ve spent hours mining this data, and you’re sick of doing it. Tell me what keyword or target is working on what landing page now, goddamnit!

Who Should Use CPVLab?

From what I’ve been told and from what I’ve read, CPVLab is for experienced marketers. This means you know where to get traffic, you know which offers to run (or want to), you know how to optimize campaigns, you know where to get creatives, the whole nine yards. You don’t have to be a “thuper-affiliate,” you just need to understand the fundamentals of the game.

Basically – get it if you know how to do internet.

On the other hand, CPVLab is not for people who ask stupid fucking questions.

If I see another “My Prosper202 isn’t tracking! Help!” or “Prosper202 isn’t working on my 1and1 $5 a year hosting” or “How do I setup a direct linking campaign in Prosper202,” I’ll go fucking ape shit. I will start killing these people. How the 202 staff deals with these stupid fucking questions is beyond me. I give them props for not smashing their monitors in a fit of rage every time some stupid fuckjob asks some stupid fucking question that would take any computer literate person 12 seconds to figure out.

I swear to god some of you people are fucking retards. What the fuck is so hard about figuring out Prosper202? It takes 5 minutes to setup and 30 minutes to figure out. I hate you. Seriously. May god have mercy on your souls.

Don’t buy it if you’re a newbie. Users like me will get pissed if you’re wasting Robert and his teams’ time with stupid fucking questions, where they could be working on updates and fixes.

Is it Just for CPV?

That was one of the first questions I had when discovering this software. There is so much super sick shit for bros here, why would they market it as a PPV product? So I asked Robert “These features could apply to any traffic source. Why just CPV?” and he said:

It ties into the big picture. We’re going to be releasing more scripts which are basically modules in the big picture. These are all going to tie into one primary business dashboard basically that will allow you to pretty much cut and paste your most profitable campaigns and also pieces of campaigns to create new ones. Then run the campaign across multiple traffic sources and compare the performance of each side by side. Each of these will also have the alerts and optimization features built it. It’s actually going to be quite insane. I’ve been in direct response marketing for 12 years now and affiliate marketing around 7, most of these tools are things my team has developed over this time.

If I were you and did no CPV, I’d still buy this shit for PPC, Media, Email, so on and so forth.

Super Sick Shit – Alerts

Let’s get into some of this super sick shit for bros.

Alerts. Here’s how they work.
1. Setup Campaign
2. Set Alert Criteria (X number of views on X keyword before X conversion)
3. Receive Emails
4. ….
5. Profit?

I’ve been told that you can setup these alerts and hire a Virtual Assistant to optimize your campaigns for you. This is the essence of “throwing shit at the wall and seeing what sticks.” If you hired a VA to do it for you, you don’t even have to touch the shit on the wall.

This is some juicy shit already, and I can’t wait to dive into it. But wait, there’s more!

I’ve been told that alerts are going to be put into an AIR app with more super sick shit features. That sounds a lot more fun than a mess of email alerts (even though that’s money right there).

Super Sick Shit – Splitting Landing Pages and Offer

This was a function lacking in 202 for the longest time. So simple, yet so essential. There are definitely hacks out there for it, but really this needs to be built into any affiliate tracking software (Specifically PPV traffic). CPVLab does all that.

Currently the software splits 50/50. I recommended this number be editable. It is done. (not done as of writing this, but its been noted as an update)

Super Sick Shit – Email Follow-up

You can track your email follow-up campaigns. Let’s see you hack Aweber and Prosper202 to do that. (People have done it of course, but that’s not some hack you share with the world)

I’m basing this post off videos, reading, and talking. Once I get into the software, there will be many more posts to come. I’m going to end here before I put my foot in my mouth.

How Much? Coupon? Discount?

CPVLab sells for $297 and updates are $147 a year. If you scoff at this “high” price tag, then you are a cheap newbie bastard. That’s less than a $1 a day. They feed kids in Africa on less than that. If you’re serious about your affiliate marketing and you can’t spend that on your business, then I don’t know what to fucking tell you. Fuck off and leave my blog forever.

If you haven’t thought of just one way to implement CPVLab by watching the intro video and reading this post, then you probably shouldn’t buy it.

There are no coupons or discounts being issued. I asked. I was told when CPVLab releases more shit, the price is going up. Up, not down. Good. The higher the price, the less retards out there begging for help on free software.

So get it while the getting is good. If you’re not sold on the product, then go watch the video on the CPVLab homepage. In all honesty, it’s a shitty sales page. But who cares. You’re going to be using the product, not looking at the sales page. Time has been spent making the product awesome, not creating JV partnerships and other Warrior Forum guru nonsense.

Also you should buy it though my affiliate link cause this blog needs to make me some fucking money already. The things I’ve done for you people….

What Do I Hate About CPVLab So Far?

The only thing I hate about CPVLab so far is that it uses The thought of giving Mike Filsaime a fucking penny via commissions or fees makes me sick to my stomach. I’m vomiting right now.

That’s it so far though!

Ubot Tutorial – Blog Comment Seed List Scraper

Here we go again fools.

This Ubot Tutorial is fairly novice, but it can get you up to speed on scripting your own shit for Ubot. It’s a bit more advanced than the Quantcast tutorial, and surprisingly, this script took me less than an hour to make.

This tutorial is for the people that fuck with SEO.

Download the Source for the Ubot Blog Comment Seed List Scraper

Blog Comment Seed List Scraper from PPCBZ on Vimeo.

Eventually we’ll get into account creation, which is pretty key automated.

Ubot Tutorial – Quantcast Affinity Scraper continues selling out to Ubot. Don’t expect it to let up any time soon either, cause I get a reach-around every time there’s a post here about Ubot.

Download the Ubot Source file for this Tutorial

Oh shit a video!

Edit: I forgot to “ZOOM” in Camtasia the first time around, so below is a new video with zooming so you can actually see what is going on. I also messed with the sound to make it a little more bearable

Quancast Scraper Tutorial with Ubot from PPCBZ on Vimeo.

Ubot Coupon

Get your Ubots here! Fresh, hot, Ubots!

Unlike other coupons posted on this blog before (ecapsllud), this one is actually real. EXCLUSIVE Ubot Coupon: ppcbz199

buy has acquired the Exclusive on Ubot. You can get the software that is pretty much changing lives already. I don’t want to sound like a guru-queer but I swear to God this is the most intuitive and useful application you will ever buy. EVER. WHAT ELSE DO I NEED TO TELL YOU!

I don’t know how long the coupon will last, so get it while its HOT.

The shit is case sensitive, so you must use “ppcbz199” and you gotta use this link.

Ubot – The Ability to Automate for Idiots

Edit: See this post to get Ubot for $199

buy ubotA few weeks ago I was linked to a website for this program called Ubot. I looked at the page and did not understand what this shit did. Then there was a thread on Wickedfire, and the testimonials were gassing this product up. I bookmarked the page so I could check it out later, as my curiosity was piqued.

But today I got myself a review copy plz of Ubot. I don’t know why people give me free shit, but I guess it’s because I run a popular blog. I spent today just doing the Keyword Research tutorial to get the hang of it, and the following post is my review of Ubot.

Anyways, my background when it comes to programming is that I cannot, in fact, program. I can hack shit together but it takes me all day. I understand PHP and HTML but once you get into OOP and Classes and all that shit i get lost. If you put me on a scale of 1 to 10, I’d be about a 4. (Yet a 10 in the looks department)

What the Fuck is Ubot?

First things first. Out of the box, Ubot doesn’t do anything. If you are expecting some digital ATM machine then you are wrong (and you should hit yourself for ever falling for that guru buzzword).

Ubot is basically a tool to make tools.

“I’m an idiot barman. What does that mean?”

Shut up and listen. Imagine you have some tool to bookmark your latest blog post at some social bookmarking websites. You have this tool because it’s easier to automate the process then doing it site-by-site. Or your can hire your Indian brothers to do it for you. Either way, these kinds of tools or services already exist, and some examples would be Autopligg and SENuke, or the BST Section of Wickedfire.

And now Ubot comes along, which is basically a program that will let you build anything as long as it interacts with a website. So now you have the ability to create a programs that already exist but cost hundreds of dollars.

You can spend a day building a script that will save you an hour a day. Then you can spend a day next week building another script that saves you another hour a day. Eventually, you will have so many scripts that the only thing left to do is push F5 to refresh your stats (ironically, you can build a script to do that too)

The Learning Curve

There is a learning curve with Ubot, no doubt about it. But this is one of the best thing about it – retards need not apply. If you are some beggar always looking for the easy solution, it’s time for your to GTFO.

When you build a script with Ubot, you are basically creating something step-by-step: Open website. Select field. Enter data in field. Push enter. Process next page. Do this if that, do other if something else. Scrape, Export, etc.

This isn’t any different from programming something with PHP and CURL, but it makes the process a whole lot easier if you are a shitty programmer like me. You need a basic grasp of HTML and how websites work to make Ubot worthwhile.

Another part of the learning curve is you actually need something to automate. If you don’t have a fucking clue on how to build links with social bookmarking, submit ads to Facebook, spam gay black male dating sites, whatever the fuck makes you money, then you can’t really automate nothing, right?

Ubot is a Quality Tool for Innovators

If you come up with ideas all of the time (like I do when I’m baked on some fine chronic) but can’t program them for shit, then Ubot will probably change your life. Obviously, you can outsource anything, but finding reliable outsourcing is a pain in the balls, and racks up the expenses. ENGLISH MOTHERFUCKER, DO YOU SPEAK IT?

And if you’re paranoid about your outsourcers stealing your script or selling it elsewhere, you need not worry any more.

The limitations of Ubot are in your head. If you have any imagination whatsoever, there is a 99% chance you can build a tool no one else has with Ubot.

Ubot Ideas

The main problem I originally had with Ubot was “What the fuck does it do?” There is only one tutorial, but if you get through it the skills you pick up are all you really need to know (Adwords Keyword Scraper). Once you have the hang of it, then you can build a shit-ton of scripts.

The problem with buying software that already exists is that you cannot customize it. Maybe you wanted just one feature that wasn’t in the software you bought. Aside from bitching at the creator, you have to wait for the updates you want to be released (if they ever are). With Ubot, you can add and remove whatever you want, whenever you want.

But like I said there are a lack of scripts on the site. So here are some ideas that you can build with Ubot right now.

  • Stat Checker – Build a script to log into all of your affiliate accounts and export a CSV file for you to check out. No more F5’ing
  • SERP Rank Checker – Obviously a ton of these exist, but it’s just some more shit you could build.
  • Web 2.0 Creation – Build a script to post content to a bunch of Web 2.0 properties when you damn well please. Use said Web 2.0 properties to link back to your own domain. SENuke does something like this, but wouldn’t it be better if you a)paid for one license of Ubot that lasts for 3 years instead of only 2 months of SENuke and b) were not limited by the websites within SENuke (where with Ubot you could add and remove web properties as you please)
  • Ad Submitter – Build something to submit your ads automatically to your self-serve PPC engine of choice.
  • Targeted Spamming – Obviously not going to go into too much detail here, but imagine the Myspace friend adders from the days of yore. Lets say you found a site, were able to build a huge list of connections automatically, then pushed your wares on them whenever you wanted.
  • Ad Scraper – Once again, these tools exist. But you could create a customized scraper for only the data you want.

You can pretty much take ideas from any script or software you have ever used, and customize it for your own needs.

Compiling Scripts = Gay

The only thing I do not like is the ability for Ubot to compile your script into a stand-alone executable. I guess they added this if you wanted to sell your own software that did something. This is the only benefit I see.

Otherwise, this feature will ruin a lot of peoples days. You know some asshole is going to come up with, and freely release, a script that someone else has been banking with for months. You know, those assholes that don’t know how to make money online but sure as hell like ruining it for everybody else.

For example, you’re spamming some social website. Then some asshole comes along with the same spammer and releases it to Wickedfire. Now a couple hundred idiots are doing the same exact thing and your technique is squashed. Kapoot. Outed. Done. Dead.

There is always some asshole out there to ruin it for everybody else. I guarantee it will happen multiple times if this feature isn’t squashed (or at least limited to sharing EXE’s with other Ubot users.)

The Final Verdict on Ubot

buy ubotThis is legitimately the best tool ever released. If you are an fast, experienced programmer then you are probably pissed. If you are someone limited by programming ability, then your life will change.

You can take Ubot and build anything your little heart desires. If you use a tool that you always thought you could make better, now you can. You can buy one license of Ubot for $245 and in the long run it will be cheaper than paying for other peoples’ tools (especially if they are monthly subscriptions.)

I’ve only scratched the surface. I haven’t gotten high yet so I haven’t come up with any brilliant ideas to use Ubot for.

If you do not buy Ubot now you are a stupid, cheap piece of shit.

That is all. Expect some more Ubot posts in the future. Some tutorials and examples, maybe, to help you understand the program as I learn it.